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  1. Hey all, been gone a while but started a new game a couple weeks ago using a Nitrogen + Combopack 47 and I'm having a bit o difficulty. Still running a very old GPU (missed out buying a 1650 Super ) and there's one POI that's simply killing my frame rates; xcostum_Sky-Twintowers(by_TopMinder) Is there any way to remove or replace it _without_ starting over? (I'd remove it from the prefablist_CompoPack_47.txt prior to gen'ing a new world) prefabs.xml shows there are 12 in the world, and I've run across 4 of them so far. Used the Admin MP5 to destroy 1, but dropping that @%$# took a looooong time, so hoping there's another way..? a) was considering copying over it's files with another POIs. Use same names, just spoof in a small house or something. b) or maybe removing lines with it from the ..\Worlds\abc\prefabs.xml file. Doubt that would work alone? But might for the un-discovered ones? Fwiw the POI is very cool, and just guessing here but maybe all the glass or the shiny tile texture is the culprit, more than the shear size? I say that as there is a very distinct difference between this one poi and any other skyscraper. And weirdly, even if my pov is far enough away that I can't really even see it (hundreds of meters), it still kills frames scanning in it's direction. Any advice appreciated, and happy Friday!
  2. Just a suggestion @Sarakatunga but you might get some help posting this over in the General Support section; https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/17-general-support/ And possibly Title your post something like, Can anyone help with Server console message: "Very high penalty applied. Are you sure negative values haven't overflowed?" Good luck.
  3. My favorite bit about a19 (haven't played yet) is that it dropped, and the forums came alive! It was getting really boring around here lol
  4. wait aaa second... @Boidster ? is that _you_ Neebs??? And Simon killed the motion sensor right? Luv ur vids man!!
  5. Yeah @Bubbahotetp , I get what you and @Feycat are saying. I'm definately pro chaos aka freedom in games. And it'll never be any skin off my nose if someone wants to bunker way deep down and not have zombies dig to them. Hell, if I could snap my fingers I'd add in really ornery zombie chickens and zombie chimps & apes. Chickens could get in past poles/half/quarter-blocks, simians could climb and rip up wiring or exposed turrets, that kinda thing. And that'd be a building challenge that I'd relish! Edit: ohh, and add in little purse dogs, the really annoying ones. but only if they added in a 'kick' attack so we could boot the little monsters 20 yards
  6. @Bubbahotetp , there's a part of this I definately agree with. I too had more 'fun' on horde nights in A16 than since. Though that could well be that I challenged myself to minimize Trap kills, but that was only doable, imo, because it was possible for a player to somewhat match zombie block damage with repairs. Just my .02 cents but I think the multiplying damage boost of multiple zeds hitting the same block is at the core of things. That resulted in straight up melee defended bases, the old simple square 'pole' defense, using clubs or machetes, just not being viable anymore. So we are where we are, and as I've posted before, to me the big issue is that there's such a narrow distance between a base failing or being OP'd. Without some 'give' or room for error in a base then it seems lots of folks wind up with just a couple metas, and that does limit creativity. Someone suggested (sry, can't recall who it was) in another similar thread to lower zombie block damage. And that's a good suggestion. Sadly, some part of me is very resisitant to that idea, so I haven't tried it. But I should, I really should.. I hope this isn't offensive as it's not intended to be: maybe try some new base design things in a creative world, wire things up so you have fine grained control over the traps. Like in the base I posted pics on, I have gross On/Off for all the Dart Traps, all the fences & the shotgun turrets. I could re-wire things to control individual rows of traps, so zeds could readily get to the poles between me and them. Then I could swing away!, for however long & then fire some traps up to catch up on repairs. Just a thought, and like I said, I do think I get what you're saying :) heh :) to your last bit, "FREEDOM!" indeed!
  7. Thanks for the info @Boidster , was kinda afraid that would be the answer, but hey fixable in the future! Ha! Sounds like fun though
  8. Posted some pics of my current 18.4 base here; https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19658-a184-fairly-basic-no-exploit-base-before-after-2-demos-explode/ Just a basic no exploit 2-wide corridor base with 4 rows of doubled electric fences and dart traps in ceiling. Might give some ideas to minimize repair costs as after it had two demolishers explode in basically the same place, repairs consisted of replacing a dozen destroyed r-conc blocks and 5 trigger plates, plus ~300? concrete mix repairing other blocks (less than a thousand total).
  9. That's an interesting idea @Grolbu , I haven't used the motion sensors much. Wonder if their 'view' can be restricted by a tunnel of blocks? If so then maybe I could rig something where only a couple dart traps would fire, instead of all 14 in the corridor.. hmm... Posted more pics of my base here if anyones curious: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/19658-a184-fairly-basic-no-exploit-base-before-after-2-demos-explode/ Morning after day 63 horde. Went very well.
  10. Interesting @blugold1 wondering, does it have to be pyramids or would other blocks that bump the zeds into the hole work too? I can see the advantages of the pyramids, more open to shoot, angled sides. Just curious :)
  11. Just a visual of what a couple demolishers going off do. Built a newish horde base. Just a 2-wide corridor with 4 rows of doubled electric fencing and 7 rows of dart traps firing down from ceiling. Main corridor has 2 shotgun turrets mounted up high to shoot zeds in the back but positioned so they can't hit me at the end of corridor. No falls or exploits. If zeds make it to corridors end there's doubled r-concrete poles then me. Had it built for Day 49. Had a couple demolishers. Switched to different Marksman rifle w AP rounds. No issues. Didn't use shotgun turrets. Pics are the aftermath from Day 56 horde after 2 demos blew up near beginning of corridor. Not sure what triggered the first one. There was a big mama in front of him and I didn't have an angle to shoot him before he blew. I think I triggered the second one when he jumped up out of the hole the first one had made in the floor. (which I'd thankfully had the foresight to double up so two layers of r-conc) While I'd tested the shotgun turrets earlier in the horde, they weren't on during either demo explosion. Explosions took out all but one of the trigger plates for the first 3 rows of dart traps. E-fences were far enough away to not get destroyed. (the hatches protect e-fences on the outlying, not-connected pylon bases. On main corridor part hatches prevent cops from puking at me in end cage when they're still at ground level) Even with those dart traps 'down' (they were high enough to not get destroyed) rest of the horde went fine (only 8 alive, old pc). Debating switching to trip wires instead of trigger plates. Issue is that the trigger plates work better. Larger area? compared to the trip wires, where it seems like even when zeds get zapped, they often move far enough forward to be out of the activation zone for the trip wires.. would be nice if there were a way to use both. don't think it'd work to use a relay or switch in between the activation signals and the dart traps?
  12. While it can seem that way, there are ways to 'safely' use Blade Traps & Turrets. By 'safely' mean that there is a very low possibility of the traps themselves setting off the Demolishers. Set Turrets to shoot them in the back. Use Half blocks to raise Demo/Cop/Soldier/'Tall-zeds' so only their heads get hit by Blade Traps. See earlier in this thread. And not saying that I personally 'like' the Demos & just, "git gud". Fully agree that Demos wind up accounting for too much effort/time/skill(?) and they dominate base design more than I'd prefer, But conversly as a long time player the demos have encouraged/forced base redesigns (depending on what kind of bases you build) and that's not a bad thing by itself.
  13. Wonder if they did something new for the junk-hammer-turret? Maybe you'll be able to leverage that if they did... Hope so as something like your pic shows could be a lot of fun. Like make a zombie Shotgun Trap Range. "Pull!" <zed flying> "Boom" 'nailed it!' :)
  14. Hey Gup I'm guessing you don't have access to the new junk-Hammer turret yet, and MM didn't respond to my, of course, -seriously-awesome-suggestion-!!- to allow that thing to be mounted facing upwards for that, ooooO! That's Gotta Hurt! Nut Buster punch lol moment... Any chance you'll be able to magic something like that into being at some point? (and huge bonus points for multiple meter launching!) Edit: just kidding around ; saw you're earlier post on being bored & this came to mind
  15. @Hollowprime, I think it was Vedui, or JaWoodle (both?) who did a good youtube vid exploring various Shotgun Turret placements vs setting off demolishers. And I'd bet one of them has experimented with how to set up Blade Traps to work against demolishers. My experiance from earlier alphas led me to try elevating the path zeds walk on by half a block so blade traps only hit taller zeds, demos/cops/wights/etc, in the head. Which so far has worked well against demolishers. Though I think if zeds start stacking up on top of each other, then it would be possible for the blade trap to set off a demolisher. Just my .02 cents: horde nights have become more Win/Fail, with a narrower gap between the two than previously. Which can/has resulted in bases becoming 'overpowered', so they're less likely to Fail, so there's less drama or excitement. Something seemingly not worth noticing is impactful; the Nailgun firing slower than previously, making keeping up w repairs more challenging. So bases get designed/built that don't even expect to be repaired during horde night. Wasn't & isn't a huge deal to design for Cop puke & gut bombs; protect switches/traps, be able to back up, etc. Yet while cop damage is non-trivial, and needs to be respected, having a couple few get through & go Boom! doesn't generally mean your base will fail. Demolishers take Boom! to a whole new level, and, maybe, it's a rung or two too far. While the design adjustments due to cop puke were mainly location tweaks, designing to endure multiple demolishers going off can be radical. Of course, there are lots of very basic base designs that can easily endure demolishers (just a number of 5x5x4 r-concrete pillars will do) but where's the fun? If there's very little chance of a base failing then, to me, there's less fun to be had, and less satisfaction in surviving the horde. --- Was looking through old ss's & came across this. One of the largest bases I ever built in 7dtd. If someone is motivated enough they could build something like the perimeter of this 16.2 base & soften up demos before they reached the chewy center
  16. Thanks for the info @Synvastian, appreciated :) Thinking there's still quite a bit of balancing to do related to horde nights, and who knows if there are more twists being added? Things like ammo availability. Compared to earlier Alphas it's not even a minor concern now. Yet where once using a Bow/Crossbow, with just regular arrows, for horde night was pretty okay, now I'm guessing it'd take a pretty specific base design to allow that. (but as I haven't specc'd into Bows in a18, or used them except a wee bit in experimental, I've no real idea how good or bad they are <shrug>) To Demolishers, maybe something like "Acid Arrows/Bolts", which could have a several hundred point dot; hit a demo in the face with one and melt his brain in 2 seconds. (saying this but have never tried to shoot a demo w an explosive/fire bolt/arrow, maybe those already work really well against demos) --I do hope though that the TFPs aren't tilting at windmills & trying to make Horde Nights _almost_ un-survivable... --there'll always be some who won't be bothered, no matter what, heh.
  17. The couple main horde bases I've recently made have dart traps firing either Up or Down, and have e-fencing through them to stun zeds in place. Fwiw those haven't set off any demolishers... so far :) The one demolisher I have set off was due to my poor shooting. But this last horde night I got really paranoid about them as I'd spec'd into Penetrator... Haven't tested if you can set off a Demo by shooting through a zed in front of him, but it kinda stands to reason that you could..?
  18. One thing I've noticed that's likely an unintended consequence of Demolishers is turrets not being as common in base defense, due to setting them off. That's kind of a big thing when it comes to resource exhaustion. Used to be shotgun ammo was always an urgent need. Now I've got tons of shotgun rounds & paper cluttering up storage and nothing to do with them, heh. Maybe it would be possible to config damages so that normal Shotgun Shells (pellets/buckshot) wouldn't activate demolishers? But also did little damage to them. But if you stocked shotgun turrets w Slugs, they'd do serious damage to demolishers but had a fair chance to set them off? Possibly similar w SMG Turrets? Normal 9mm do med damage w med chance to detonate, HP ammo almost no chance of detonation but little damage, etc. Not very 'realistic', but could possibly revive turret usage in base defense? Devils Advocate/arm-chair dev mode: I wonder if the demolishers explosion is too much of a good thing? Demos are now #1 on everyone's 'Must Kill!' list due to that massive damage. I wonder if demo explosion damage were nerfed down to like a third, would players get complacent and demo might wind up, over time, doing more damage? Thinking of the Cop Puke. It does quite a bit of damage to traps in the line of fire. If the cops explosion wasn't so powerful, would they get less immediate attention? --- I've been mulling over a kind of King of The Hill, pyramid type base w multiple incoming lanes & turrets over top of the central fighting cage. Pyramid would be full block steps, so zeds are slowed to jump up, and hopefully delay any triggered demos so they don't reach top before detonating. If the incoming lanes use half-height blocks & have a blade trap at correct height then bt's will hit heads of tall zeds but not set off demolishers. By not hitting all the short zeds the bt's should last longer, and if mounted onto 'wall' (vertical-3-tall) then central hub wouldn't get punched by zeds. Right now there's the blade traps + half-height, electric fencing and dart traps that basically won't set off demolishers. Combo them up and it's possible to design a base that, even without cheese or turrets, can put out a lot of damage.
  19. @bobrpggamer I can't see a 'full' link; like h t t p s : / / y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = 4 o T l v O B M C S Q even when I Quote the post. Nor is video itself shown in forum page. In the old forums Quoting a post revealed the html/link bits so I could just r-click on a link & open in a new window. While I _can_ see what should be the unique yt video id in this bit, " [video=youtube_share;n6XzyWVGss4] " searching for " n6XzyWVGss4 " in yt doesn't find the vid. I used a fun pimps vid in the full link example above. Searching for " 4oTlvOBMCSQ " on yt finds that video. This when running Firefox 75.0 with NoScript 11.0.3 & Adblock Plus active, this forum site set to trusted & YouTube set to temp trusted. No other google sites are trusted, which may be the cause, though no sites other than " 7daystodie.com " are shown in NoScript. Anyway. It's almost certain that my particular setup is blocking something of some kind, and that's goofing things up. Not a big deal, I'm used to it, and willing to put up with it to surf safe, so to speak.
  20. Like the general look of things. Agree w @mr.devolver that the Private Messages icon doesn't seem right... I think the two thought 'balloons' should be side-by-side... Question, is there a way to -delete- your own, recently posted, post? The lack of a Cancel button in a Reply/Quote is really annoying. I often have to use the Quote option in order to view hyperlinks to content folks post (some pic sources & youtube vids, etc) since I use FF w NoScript. Example, was trying to find the YT vid from this thread; link wise all I can see is "" [video=youtube_share;n6XzyWVGss4] "" (the n6XzyWVGss4 portion isn't found via youtube search) even with youtube.com allowed in NoScript. And trying to see the full link by Quoting doesn't work w new forums. There's just a large empty box.
  21. Hey guys, wanted to expand on a bit I just figured out, apologies if this has already been covered. Was trying to increase the yield of resourceCrushedSand from terrDesertGround blocks, but didn't want to bump up the return of resourceClayLump. Issue was that both resources share much of their path & I was struggling with the syntax needed to isolate one from the other; <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceCrushedSand" count="11" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceClayLump" count="2" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> Original from blocks.xml <block name="terrDesertGround"> <property name="Material" value="MDesertGround"/> <property name="Shape" value="Terrain"/> <property name="Mesh" value="terrain"/> <property name="Texture" value="185,184,184,184,184,184"/> <property name="ImposterExclude" value="true"/> <property name="Map.Color" value="255,221,153"/> <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceCrushedSand" count="11" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceClayLump" count="2" tag="oreWoodHarvest"/> <drop event="Destroy" count="0"/> <property class="RepairItems"> <property name="resourceCrushedSand" value="8"/> <property name="resourceClayLump" value="1"/> </property> <drop event="Fall" name="resourceCrushedSand" count="11" prob="0.5" stick_chance="0"/> <property name="Group" value="Decor/Miscellaneous"/> <property name="CanMobsSpawnOn" value="true"/> <property name="EconomicValue" value="5"/> <property name="EconomicBundleSize" value="1"/> <property name="SellableToTrader" value="false"/> <property name="FilterTags" value="fterrain"/> <property name="SortOrder1" value="d0k0"/> <property name="SortOrder2" value="0050"/> <property name="DisplayType" value="blockTerrainFertile" /> </block> Found the clue I needed in your first posts spereii; use of "and". This line now ups sand but leaves clay at default; <set xpath="/blocks/block[@name='terrDesertGround']/drop[@event='Harvest' and @name='resourceCrushedSand']/@count">20</set> Don't know what you'd call/describe this as? "Isolating a specific value when multiple attributes are shared"? Good luck searching for that right? 0_o Anyway, thought this might be helpful so figured I'd post it. Thanks a bunch for this thread sphereii, -very- useful!
  22. Appreciate the offer @mikey33rs but honestly I doubt I'll start another WoW playthrough before A17 (hit lvl 150 last night). Does sound like a fun seed so others might be interested (fwiw it sounds like A17s random world gen is getting overhauled) Related to Class Stores: Noticed that Skill books from class vending machines sell for 60% more than they cost? (think I have that right) Haven't checked high value items like military armor but their prices in vending machines seem lower than what they'd sell for at Traders? Note this is with all secret stash/trader skills/perks maxed. Doubt the class vending machines could be used to make money until all those are maxed but thought it was worth mentioning for any future balancing. Comment on rifles: personally I'd suggest that the M25 be allowed to add a can (suppressor). That, to me, would then make it the 'ideal' rifle. Full disclosure, I always change the mag size for the Sniper to hold 20 so that it mimics 'rl'. If I didn't do that then the AK or M25 would be a clear winner for horde night due to mag capacity, but even with only 5-round mags I'd still carry the suppressed Sniper for everything else.
  23. Yowsa that's fast progression! Hit lvl 140 last night & I still have only a single Survivalist Class fragment. Finally got the fifth Marksman fragment about lvl 120, at the -7th- Trader. After earlier post I opened the editor map and combed through it. Couldn't find a single Class Store within the size 1 map. At least not the 'old' style no-windows ones. Admit I cheated by noting Trader locs, heh. Wondered if I was bugged for Class Stores so tried another seed. First try random seed, two no-window Class Stores within 1500 of 0-0. Started that game for a minute just to see what was in those stores. Wow. Definately handicapped without a Class Store! So I "added" one in to my game by adding in class vending machines to a Nepa base POI about 2 clicks from the Nepa base I've used as my base since I first found it day 3 or so. The Nepa POI was a hell of a find, and not a single z has spawned inside. Felt pretty cheaty but with the much slower access to concrete I really wasn't sure how I'd survive the first horde night other than hiding underground, which I really didn't want to do. It's roof top garden is great. Never tried that on a base before, but it's a great idea and adds another useful thing to do at night. To your tips; I do loot trash since I'm used to that being a good place to find brass & lead. 3500+ kills and all looted. Have 2000+ bones for glue but not enough Cloth for duct tape. Seems that campsites aren't in WoW? Planning to hit a couple military POIs, mostly for their tents, heh. Really appreciate the reply @Buddha18 Random thought on the map tool. Would be awesome if it could scrape/capture the text above POIs and dump it into a file. That way you could quickly check if certain buildings were on the map, without having to visually search for them. Would also allow those who don't really want to 'know' where something is, 'know' that it -is- there to be found.
  24. Thanks @mpking , much appreciated! I'd pretty much given up hope, but I'll press on searching for a Class Store now
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