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  1. That's an intriguing idea. Speed bumps being we currently can't craft lower than we've spec'd. MM kind of responded to this but as I recall he didn't definatedly state it would be changed, could be wrong. Another likely big one would be the large overlaps in stats. If they simply added a bit of scripting so that there was no way that a newly crafted higher quality item could wind up being worse than it's ingrediant then that'd work. --- On the Cowboy Tech bit, I was thinking of them as found items. Rational being that with so few normals left, and with all the firearms (don't forget
  2. STyK_ pic reminded me I keep thinking, "No Hugs! No Hugs!!" when the zeds come for me. So finally found a possible profile pic, heh.
  3. One irreplaceable use for Lockpicks is opening up the Trader Safes. Other than that, and along with the loot changes for early game where there isn't as much point to opening safes, I save the ones I loot when there's room, but don't fret if there isn't. On Candies in general.. can kinda see them. guessing they were really 'cheap' to add in, just an icon some text and a bit of xml.. so "new" content that in total might have taken a day to put in. Maybe it mimics something similar in other games? As to their relative usefulness vs. cost, some seem about right?
  4. @Solomon indeed. And unfortunately it gets worse the more you consider things. Taking just the visual clues, number of basically intact buildings, abandoned cars, what was barricaded, etc. The 'scene' isn't crystal clear but it does appear that a significant percentage of the populace evacuated. Caveat: though this could simply be due to limitations. TFPs might not have been able to represent that 95% of the people were eaten or turned (if that's even what happened). Doesn't matter to this point though; consider just all kinds of modern knives. If the troubles have been
  5. My general take on "realistic" and "immersion" is basically this. Totally ok for game to be completely "un-realistic", but whatever they are doing, it -must- be self-consistent. If it isn't then it will break "immersion". In the particular case of 7dtd, TFPs chose to model the base world on the real world. With the obvious exception of 'zombies'. Almost -everything- in game is a direct copy of a real world item. Ford Crown Vics, SWAT helmet, prior to a19s Steel Club and placeable turrets, every player weapon modeled a real world weapon. The 'Stone Age' never fit well. F
  6. Likely already on the list; an anaconda sized, venom spitting rattlesnake. And I'd imagine with the designers super-camo-skill (I'd swear 1/3 of the zeds designs -begin- with a trashpile and they work from there) these monster snakes will blend in so well with the desert terrain that most of us will wind up climbing 'a small mound' and getting eaten.. Good excuse for a mad sound bite of the rattle. Harvest the venom sacks. Now decide if you use them to make anti-venom or make special ammo that's particularly effective against another new special. For fun: Sn
  7. Hey, does anybody know offhand what the minimum gamestage &/or secret stash need to be in order to possibly buy or loot an Auger? Edit: Might be reading the xmls wrong but I think, Augers aren't limited to just traders secrect stash (like turrets, solar cells & crucibles are) but also looks like they're only offered for sale as Qual 1, 2 & 3. --- for Quests I think you can get the schematic for T2s and the tool itself for T3s. Take this more as a guess though. --- no idea on looting v gamestage
  8. sad thing is, I'm not making errors to be funny, this is the best I can do...
  9. Everybodys a comedian!! 🤣 No question "to" vs. "too" is krytonite to me! (and that's probably incorect too? or this... damnit!) Mega....! 'FileMachete' actually came from a discussion on these boards a long time ago (this is my second acct, first one went away when old email provider did bad things). Machetes aren't hardened to the level say a hunting knife is, they should be soft enough that you can (and should) sharpen them using a Mill @%$*#! file. Edit: that'll be a 'Mill Illegitimate file" then... I know you were just joshing though
  10. @Kam R. I'm one of those that constantly struggles with spelling & grammar. Have my whole life. I was lucky and had a 5th grade teacher who could relate. He himself wasn't a natural born speller and one day recognized that a big part of the problem was that I was trying to force everything to be consistent and logical. Because that's the way my brain works. I hate simple memorization. Things only really make sense if I fully understand the fundamental underlying reasons and logic. So Math, Physics, Chemistry, Computers, things that are consistent, those give me no trouble.
  11. Did I forget to mention it was Iced Texas Tea? Silly me 😇 --- Just did day 21 bloodmoon. When did Loot Bag drops get increased? It was nice to hear the 'jingle jingle' more frequently. Looted two nice items, a Q6 Pistol and a Q6 Swat Helmet. The Pistol was because I'd just crafted a Q3 one the night before. (I know this is why. It's just like washing your car. Really.) And the Heavy Armor Helmet is because I'd earlier asked Devs if Heavy Armor was supposed to be more frequent than Light. My PC, the Game and now The Cat are out to get me and have join
  12. Posting about Poles will be Pulled. ... ya just cain't help yerself can yu? thankfully we can still Post about Kittys and Pulled Pork. oh, and Iced Tea.. though that has nothing to do with others.. until you're done with them that is... (not a comment about the topic ban, it was definately needed!)(I'm making words play together, or attempting to..)(because I'm bored, thought that part was obvious, ;o;)
  13. (sitting on the porch, watching the clouds drift by) "Jugg, I swear you ain't got a lick o sense when it comes to looks." "Remember that stray dog you took in?" "Part Pug, part weiner and part Possum, 100% fugly." "Used to scare all the kids in the neighborhood!" "did I tell you I overhead Snowdog and another feller on the CB, might a been DaVega or maybe that ole hoot Guppycur, anyways, they were going on and on about sometin down at Aunt Sallys Apoc-A-Go-Go.." "I dint have anything else going on, so I decided to head over and see fer myself." "When I got t
  14. "cute" and "vulture" in the same sentence @Jugginator ? I worry about you sometimes, I really do... Teas done, come n get it! (handing glasses to Mechanicallens and Pegasus) I actually had a bit on vultures as well Pregnable 😀 --- Running the Shotgun Factory I got infected by vultures twice. I started off with 1 jar of Honey, so first time I waited to take the honey till infection was about 3.7%. So of course shortly after the honey timer expired I got infected again. So I had to run quick like back to base for another jar, just made it too.
  15. hold yer horses there, it ain't done yet Mr Sticky Fingers ()
  16. sooo... how ya'll doing? Nice day here... might make some iced tea.. wanna talk about Vultures?
  17. Sure hope I don't get Covid and die cause I'll be going straight down... For I have Sinned! I spent day 18 and 19 running a Shotgun Factory. (really liked that even though I spent the night at home and returned, the cleared areas were still zed free) Made it to the Rewards with 1 empty backpack slot. Thought about running back through the maze, while I looked down at my minibike in the parking lot... Said, F that. and took various dros to get down, emptied what I could into minibike and then nerdpoled back up to the top to get the good dtuff. It's
  18. Figured, but to lazy to check, heh. (actually I close browser prior to loading since my old pc needs every advantage to run 7dtd) Was more thinking that, across the board, might be nice, for Polishing time, to tweak the armors a bit so thing #1 is a bit better protecting against Crit #1, etc. But yeah, definately agree with you @unholyjoe, better left till polish, if at all.
  19. I've been politely staying out of the 'how hard can you make it' thingy... (partially because of that exact sentence) But I'm really starting to wonder about you good folk. 'Mericans used to be tough! What's all this nonsense about using your own hands and feet?? I trained my kitty cat to play 7dtd on the hardest settings, but I also modded it so only Demolishers, rad Soldiers, zom-Bears & Dire Wolves spawn. Was a bit of work to simulate Kittys Claws for weapons, but that I did, and that's all he gets. I'm not cruel, I don't whip him if he di
  20. no idea really, but I do find it verrrry suspicious that this was only added when the new Jen model happened... 0_o (not that I'm complaining! lol)
  21. Not sure how TFPs imagine the 'Trader Discovery Quests' (or if these are already in; I'm not questing in a19 yet) but maybe 'Delivery Quests' would make more sense? Also forgot to mention the huge fugly fly in the ointment; the distant Traders are in distant chunks, so they'd have to figure out how to simulate loading those chunks for the trader/s to update. (dim lightbulb lighting) wonder if there's any way to leverage those Player Vending Machines for 'Buy' orders in SP, and somehow tie them to discovered distant Traders? So put in a 'Buy Auger Qual5 or be
  22. No answer for how to make it work in MP, but for SP I'd actually like something achievable for later game that would reduce the "making the trader rounds" thing. Taking the Skyrim approach, chews up the clock, ok. Not great, but late game when I might just be looking for that one item, I might use it. But would prefer something like; 'Distant Trader Accounts' You travel to a distant trader and open an Account. Deposit Dukes in that Traders vault. Now at any other trader you can open any distant traders menu that you have an account with and buy items fr
  23. Just guessing but I know a few of the fequent fliers here are also good bug hunters, and you can't submit bugs for stable if you continue a game from an experimental build (other than the last exp becoming stable). Also from what Faatal posted it seems possible that there will be some AI changes added, so another small build before stable. Or could be waiting for stable because they play on public servers, majority of which I'd guess will restart once stable lands. Or, for some of these sick puppys (), it's the anticipation of the opening of the 'Alpha 20 Dev Diary' that's got thei
  24. Would make sense. And pretty sure it'd just take a text edit for the gui info tab and an xml add. Plus would seperate it a bit from other light armor head gear. Getting into the weeds a bit here but TFPs could conceivably also have it offer some additional Concussion protection.
  25. @faatal, when you were talking about playing I flashed way back to a vid MM posted where he was playing w pocketninja and he kept getting distracted by visual things. (I think he was actually taking notes) So I pictured you playing after you'd merged some AI tweaks (no worries, you were fully clothed and the lights were on. ha!), Faatal sees a zed headed his way, watches to see if said zed is zig-zagging or pathing straight. Sees a car in the path, where going one was will be shorter, waits to see if zed takes best path. Zed jumps over car & bonks Faatal on the n
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