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  1. Whoever said they didn't believe you is obviously an idiot. You don't have to prove anything to them. But seriously, you need to get out more.
  2. I'd like to see a screenshot of that. Not saying I don't believe him, but I don't believe him.
  3. There is an easy fix for that. Turn all your graphic options down until the screen is blurry, then just pretend it's because you were drinking.
  4. Have the same issue on my son's new PC. Ryzen 5 3600, m.2 drive, rx580 8gig gpu, 16 gigs of ram. Lowered textures and turned off graphic options, but still stutters almost to an unplayable point. My own pc, i7-8700k, ssd, 1080ti, 16 gigs ram, I don't notice it much and haven't changed my graphic settings at all. But I do notice a little stutter once in a while. I have benchmarked both pc's and they are pretty even except for the fact that my gpu has 11 gigs of vram and his 8. But he has a much better HD, cpu's are about equal. There were no problems at all running on high set
  5. So there is no way to remove that temptation? Can it be modded out in the xml files? Or change the command from 'cm' to something horrible like 'CM&DSFBKE F4JHSDGYRIUB(*$BIUGRFUSRT*(" so that I'll never be able to use it?
  6. I play solo or with my kids, and having the option to just type cm, then hit u and grab anything I need is too tempting sometimes. I get into a situation where I can't seem to find a crucible or schematic for one, it's just too easy to grab one from the creative menu. I want that to not be an option and to force me to work harder. I have no self control. I need help. Is there a hotline or something? Maybe meetings I can attend? A 12 step program? Or easier, just changing something in the xml files.
  7. I maxed out the skill so I can have 2 hammer turrets at once. I place them both at about a 45 degree angle facing my door up close, so they will both point at the door and then turn away along the sides where there are spikes. On my day 28 horde not one zombie was able to touch my door. The turrets would keep knocking them back into spikes or just until they died. They seem OP if anything. Even though I have a vault door, I could have survived with a wood door because of them. And we are talking ferals, irradiated, etc, and they did their job very well.
  8. When you were growing up? At your age, that would have been before the invention of sidewalks, paper, and I think corn as well.
  9. Very noticeable animal increase, which is nice. But my lan game, my son can only stay connected for about 2 minutes until it kicks him back to the start screen. We played yesterday before the update for many hours without any issues. I've done windows updates on both pc's. Ran the 7d2d file test, no problems. Checked the event viewer on both pc's, no errors. I'm at a loss.
  10. So I started out not very happy about the gamestage determining the loot of items, but I've learned to live with it. It's actually kinda nice that the weapons and items scale with the difficulty of the zombies. The new graphics and zombie models are very nice, the RWG seems much better, more poi's and different poi's are great. I like the fact that you don't see the same buildings in every town, or multiples of the same house down every street. Having traders in or on the outskirts of town is also a great improvement. When out looting or on the endless quest for
  11. I figured out farming. lol, probably works the same as it did in a18, but food was never an issue there so i didn't farm. Yes, it takes like 5 corn to make a seed, but the seed grows the plant, you chop it down and it grows again. So that's pretty awesome actually. Had my day 14 horde, I was able to get up some spikes and electric fences, it seemed to work really well. I did notice the birds were MUCH stronger than on day 7. On day 7, one pistol shot and they were down. On day 14, big difference.
  12. I've been able to spend a bit more time playing, up to day 12 now. Was down in a poi, I think it was some type of ore refinery. I kept hearing a dog growl, but couldn't find it. I finished looting the poi and headed out to find myself face to face with 3 dogs and 2 bears. OMG the bears are bullet sponges now. I emptied a clip of 9mm into one's face and it ate me. Surprisingly my 7 year old son was playing with me and out of no where he sniper shot them from so far away I couldn't see him (he had an 8x scope on his hunting rifle) and took them down. That was a lot of meat. On
  13. Graphics are much better. Even at night with the brightness up, it still feels like night. The textures are sharper, trees look better, new HD zombies look great. Overall a wonderful overhaul to the graphics. The game is more difficult so far. Using a blunderbuss, primitive tools, etc. Makes it more difficult. However this is also a negative. You have no chance of finding something good at early levels. in A18 it was way too easy to get quality 5 and 6 ak's in the first couple days. But now there is 0 chance of finding something nice because everything is lock
  14. I was thinking more for a new player, zombie bears are not worth the risk most of the time.
  15. Some people have been mentioning in other threads about tips and info for new players that might not be very obvious when you start. So here is a thread we can post some of that info. Falling from high places hurts, land on something soft and it doesn't. Drinking dirty water or eating rotten food can make you sick. Pretty flowers make tea. Snow is cold. Desert is hot. Pigs are unfriendly if you attack one. Roland will never get ziplines. Make 2 bases, one for storage and crafting, one for fighting off hordes. Always have bandages, bleeding s
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