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  1. This might be possible but would require the POIs to have similar sizes. I'll think about your suggestion but first I've to finish the map editor which is still highly work in progress. The development is one month behind schedule.^^
  2. Right. It's not supported by the vanilla RWG or Nitrogen. So, no not possible to use when generating, unfortunately.
  3. Yes, you even reacted to the post where I've explained the feature^^: It is a bit complicated to use when you try it for the first time... I might make a video if necessary.
  4. I hope that I can make you and myself happy. lol
  5. There is no such restriction. Prefabs won't alter blocks outside their boundary. So you can put POIs under a cliff and this won't remove it (of course unless you've added some air layers as part of your prefab and the 'copy air blocks' property is enabled). The structures in the canyon are regular prefabs but the Pimps have placed them manually. You can even place two or more POIs in the same spot and configure them in a way that they get exchanged when activating a quest (e.g. from a damaged version to a repaired version).
  6. Yes, and of course you can also move already placed POI or remove them.
  7. I am fairly sure that it is possible. POI stacking requires manual placement though and you have to take into account the stability...
  8. The first update (scheduled for Halloween) will primarily include a world editor allowing you edit every feature of a map. It comes with additional functions for automatic prefab placement. So you can take an existing map and the editor will be able to automatically add water POIs like Ships or underground content like sewers beneath streets or caves (I'll provide a set of underground and water POIs to demonstrate how this feature works). Prefab stacking will probably also be possible (you can let the editor place a prefab depending on the position of another POI). I don't know yet
  9. Another preview shot:
  10. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    Probably. I somehow missed the A19 release due to professional duties. That's why the updates are not yet available. I'll upload some updates soon© though.
  11. Some random preview stuff. I am trying to teach the editor the file formats of the map
  12. Preview - version 0.9 Implemented: * Added hint to ALT info box. * 5000% - 10000% percent faster global block search + support for searching for block names instead of block IDs + new global block search won't close your currently loaded POI * more soon... Planned: Map post-processing feature allowing to add ships and other water related POIs to the coast + underground tunnel systems/dungeons below towns.
  13. That's now possible since we have the 'exclude quest' tag for sleeper volumes (Otherwise you would run into trouble when trying to eliminate the zombies in the air vents). So adding it requires some additional effort. I'll consider to add this type of quest. Being just a bit tired at the moment...
  14. Thanks you Stalli for replying.... I did what I could (see changelog below) without having gotten an answer to my question. My question was 'What is path and color/texture name path?'... "* added console command 'save block data' to save block information the a file (block_data.txt in the directory of the editor). Type help in the console for more information"
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