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  1. Pille

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    @Cpt Krunch No no. It's a way to create one-time spawns in vanilla. You can spawn everything listed in the entityclasses.xml even vehicles.
  2. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    Depends on the length of the list and on the sizes of the POIs. Sometimes you have to several multiple maps until you find one that contains all prefabs. Adding the 'unique' tag to large POIs also helps. Where did you get the list from?
  3. There will be an Alpha 19 block atlas (a POI that contains all existing blocks). This should help you to find the new stuff.
  4. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    It's just a feature of my POI editor: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6qm4s4422dyspii/Zombie_%2864_bit%29.zip/file
  5. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    Make a new text file prefablist.txt (you can use another name if you want). Start the editor and click Extras -> Nitro List Creator... After that select the text file, the folder and the option 'overwrite prefablist.txt'. Click Create POI List. It's also possible to update an existing list.
  6. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    There's a function for this purpose in my editor. You still have to define the placement parameters (i.e. ANY;INDUSTRIAL;RESIDENTIAL,alone) manually. It will give you the right numbers though.
  7. Pille

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Yeah but not sure if it's worth the effort. It's still WIP and there are about two or three potential users.^^ Uhh and my instructions should already explain everything.
  8. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    I agree. The original has a jail in the basement as well as a 2nd chapel. So that's on my to-do list.
  9. Pille

    Pille's Prefabs

    Thank you Quagmire. @ArNaLdInHo It's quite stable according to the stability view (see pic. below). How do you insert it? Perhaps you have to press the button 'Recalc Stability' and restart the map after spawning the castle.
  10. Pille

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    How-To for zombie editor v0.87 - Adding static spawns to POIs on a map This instructions will be updated soon when I update the editor. It's complicated at the moment but will soon be simplified.^^ 1. You need a map. Either generate one using Nitrogen or the ingame RWG or use an existing map 2. You need a valid nitrogen prefab list that contains all POIs used on the map. Make an empty text file prefablist.txt (its name doesn't matter) 3. Start the zombie editor 4. Click 'Extras' -> 'Nitro List Creator...' 5. Click at the checkbox 'Overwrite prefablist.txt' 6. Click 'Select Nitrogen POI List...' and select your empty textfile prefablist.txt. 7. Click 'Select Prefab directory...' and select the prefab directory of the game (default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs). Make sure that all POIs used for the map are present in the prefab directory. That should always be the case anyway, unless you use relative paths to store your prefabs in the mods folder. 8. Click 'Create POI List (this may take a while)' You don't have to generate the prefablist.txt everytime you're adding static spawn to a map. It's only necessary if the 'prefabs.xml' in the folder of the map contains new POIs that are not listed in prefablist.txt. 9. Open the prefab directory of the game (default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs) in the windows explorer (Linux guys should know what to do) 10. Now you have to decide to which prefabs the entities should be assigned to. Let say you want to add spawns to house_modern_01. 11. Make a copy of all files that belong to house_modern_01 (probably you only need a copy of the tts file, the blocks.nim file and the xml but I am not entirely sure atm.^^). 12. Rename the copy adding the string '_poi_map' to the names. So you should have the files house_modern_01_poi_map.tts, house_modern_01_poi_map.blocks.nim, house_modern_01_poi_map.xml etc. 13. Open the copy using the ingame editor or the zombie editor. 14. Now you should place 1-block small player-made signs (block name playerSignWood1x1). The signs represent the static spawns. So if you add a sign in front of the fridge, the original prefab (house_modern_01) will also get a spawn point in front of the fridge. 15. You can define the spawn by writing text on the sign. Example text of player sign: spawn,5,animalChicken That should spawn 5 chickens at the location of the sign. If you omit the number you'll get only 1 chicken: spawn,animalChicken You can use all entity names mentioned in the entityclasses.xml or in the corresponding modded xml. So it's 100% compatible with Mods if you use the correct names of the entities. Note upper and lower case! 16. The rotation of the statically spawned entities should be tied to the rotation of the signs (might be somewhat buggy but will be fixed soon). Only 90° rotations work at the moment. 17. When you have added all the signs you want and set their texts, save the POI. 18. The static spawns are stored in small 1x1x1 prefabs which have to be created first. Go to the tab 'System' in the zombie editor (you should see a black console with green text) and enter 'staticSpawnPOI animalChicken' in the text field below (without the ' ' ) and press the button 'Ok'. This will create the POI which holds the entity data for animalChicken. Either the prefab is be generated in the directory of the editor due to a bug or in the prefab directory of the game (default path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs). The console output should tell you where to find it. If it's in the editor directory, then you have to copy all files to the prefab directory of the game. The generated POI is name static_spawn_* (so for the animalChicken you have to copy the files static_spawn_animalChicken.blocks.nim, static_spawn_animalChicken.tts and static_spawn_animalChicken.xml). Note: This step (18) only needs to be executed once per entity name. It does not need to be executed every time you want to add entities to another map. 19. Next step is to insert the 1x1x1 prefabs to the map. Click 'Extras' -> 'Edit Map...' 20. Click 'Select map directory...' and select a map. Example: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/7 Days To Die/Data/Worlds/TopMinders Map 12k 21. Click 'Select Prefab directory...' and select the prefab directory of the game (see step 7) 22. Click 'Select Nitrogen list...' and select your previously created textfile 'prefablist.txt' 23. Click 'Add static entity spawns to prefabs' (might take a while) Now you're done. You can check the prefabs.xml of the map for the string 'static_spawn_'. In my example there should be some entries for static_spawn_animalChicken. BTW. if your map already had static spawns they will be deleted (in step 23). I am not quite sure if this instruction is complete and entirely correct, so feedback is welcome. Uhh and patchnotes will be ready soon. 😁
  11. Some indoor fighting tips * learn to use wood frames to block zombies on doorways * take a close look at the rooms from the outside before you enter them, especially at the ceiling * always secure rooms before looting (block unexplored ways and exits with wood frames; Examine the whole room, especially the closets and the ceiling) * have a repair tool (i.e. stone axe) on your belt to repair the frames and damaged blocks where zombie threaten to break through * have a lot of wood, small stones and plant fiber in the inventory to repair your tool and frames * always have a bandages on your belt (not only in the inventory ) If you get into a situation where there is no wood frame between you and the zombie, you are doing something wrong (slight exaggeration^^).
  12. @Laz Man Finishing TWD prison POIs is not on your plate? Can't say I am surprised.😛 Probably I'm gonna start with a classic hardcore survival playthrough followed by a photo safari to take some nice screenshots of the new lightning for my desktop background.^^
  13. Pille

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    An update has been released. I haven't added the new version to the auto-update yet but you can download it from the link in the OP or from here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/null/Zombie_(64_bit).zip/file It's the first version with official Linux support (there's a bash script 'start_linux' in the main folder of the editor). Unfortunately I lost some data, so I had to start the whole build again from scratch, that's why there are still some features missing on linux. Anyway, I'll write down the changelog later this weekend. In the next few days some minor updates will be released to improve the new features and make them easier to use. I also need to explain how to use the static spawn thing...
  14. Pille

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Hi, Some facts: * Static spawns require an old file format (for tts), so you can't have more recent features (textures, light settings and sleeper settings) and the spawns in one POI at the same time. * Solution is to split the data into two (or more) prefabs. That means the static spawn feature of the editor is based on manipulating the map (small 1x1x1 POIs that holds the spawn data are inserted into regular prefabs by changing the prefabs.xml of the map), so you can have all features in the same place and it will look like a single POI with the player's perspective. * There is an old read function for entities in the DLL file which seems to be present for backward compatibility reasons (That's what I am using). A corresponding write entity function doesn't exist and I wasn't able to find one in the older versions of the game. Probably there was one once but I only looked back to A15. Hope this helps.^^
  15. Pille

    Prefab Editor (Alpha)

    Haha nevermind. General info - the next update is scheduled for this week. Unfortunately, I deleted the Linux version and now I have to rebuild it from scratch.^^ This doesn't takes very, so still think I can release by the end of the week. The static entity spawn feature will also be ready. You shouldn't spawn to many of them the avoid performance impact.^^
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