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  1. I haven't seen anyone saying that being stronger shouldn't result in being better at things that obviously take strength. Yet the Bow, which would require the most strength of any in-game ranged weapon gains nothing from upping strength. Breaking things out of these clumsy pseudo 'archetype' templates would allow a true, pure Strength Attribute to benefit Bows, and Clubs, etc. Would also allow for Crossbows to not benefit as much from Str, so a "stealth" player who wasn't also miner, or club user, could decide to go with crossbows over bows. Edit: extrapolate from there. No suprise a more open system would support more choices.
  2. No idea how many read my 'pizza with onions' post a couple days back. Was a failed attempt to spark discussion about the difference between the current 'include weapons in the trees', aka 'order off the menu, no substitutions' versus an open buffet, or 'what would you like on your pizza'. I haven't said that there aren't good reasons for the 'menu', 'commonly ordered' combos like a the Hawaiian or Meat Lovers or Vegetarian. Just seems like it'd be in the best business interests of 7dtd, like a pizzeria, to allow their customers to 'have it their way'. Consider trying to look at the data the current tree system provides. Is there a readily apparent, fool proof, way to tell why a player goes x deep into a tree? Say a players data shows them with lvl 3 in Miner69er and lvl 3 in Clubs. Did they go clubs because they liked them? Or did they go clubs because it was the cheaper option, even though they might have preferred to go with the stun baton for a melee weapon? And the real reason they went Str was to buy M69 to be able to bash in safes quicker? Sure if everything was an open, free to choose whatever, system, then the min-maxers would settle on that 'One Build To Rule Them All'. But that's a -good- thing. Now TFPs would have clear data on what's OP'd, and can then address/balance it as they see fit. M60? as discussed previously a rational movement penalty, can't swing to target as quick as a pistol, could make it _not_ the best in poi clearing. Or Greasemonkey. If nobodys buying it it'd be easier to tell that maybe the vehicle schematics drop too early/readily. To be clear, I'm not advocating for a pistol build to be equal with an M60 build when it comes to horde night. Nor that every perk should be equal. Clearly even with a full freedom open buffet system players who take on multiple 'specialties' will have to decide what to lvl up first, making sacrifices in their progression compared to a build with fewer specialties. But it could be set up so that two players picking the exact same build, except for their weapon/s, would be at par with each other, perk wise. ---- @Roland , when I used 'noob traps' it wasn't intended as a, "damn these suck" kinda thing, more as what you posted. There are multiple ways to gets x, which is great. And tweaking some things about/around a few perks could make them less or not at all a 'trap'. Really depends on what the design goals are. Could be that the idea is to have a number of 'early game must have' perks that are intentionally devalued later on, so that the Respec becomes commonly used to regain those early game points. Not saying that's the goal of course. And yes, I clearly recall the early debates about even adding in the possiblility to respec. Doesn't rule out the pedulam swinging far to the other side
  3. Imo Crafting should be at _least_ on par with loot/trader, for all the reasons mentioned. Plus a biggie for me, I do not like the trader system. Nor do I ever want to be dependent on it. ----- I'd be ok with item degradation with a couple caveats; 1) Empyrion did at first, (not sure if still like this) allow only a few repairs for their top tier, loot only weapons, Caused enough angry feedback that they changed it so top tier was player craftable if they had the skill and a special part. -- so I'd say no to degradation if top tier only came from loot or trader rewards. 2) Some items would need a -serious- increase in durability. I've easily gone through a Steel Pickaxes full durability several times in a single mining session. 3) Instead of each repair lowering durability, simply have a max number of repairs. Reason being, that last "health" would be awfully small on some items, especially lower Tier ones.
  4. Yes indeed. That's pretty much one of the points I was trying to make. Without defining "miner" it leaves things very open to interpretation. If I'd written something like, "to me a miner is someone who spents most nights, and sometimes entire days, just mining non-stop." then my saying Miner69er/Motherlode are must haves would've better defined. Certainly doesn't mean anyone has to agree, but it would set the definition so a reply like, "no they're not, you can just buy mats from traders" is clearly not addressing the claim in a fair manner. The stated definition makes no mention of mats, just that a player mines quite a bit. They could be tossing the mats because all they want to do is build a cave system. And hopefully the above doesn't come across as 'coming at you', that isn't my intention at all. Your post is very fair and you're clearly stating a number of limiters that clarify areas of uncertainty. Which gracefully opens the door for responsive clarifications and further discussion.
  5. Last few pages about perks has been interesting. Hard to argue against tagging a few perks as 'noob traps'. Would be interesting to see what the analytics show about their use. Also fair to describe some perks as, 'must haves', with the caveat about a player not intentionally gimping themselves, and dependent on what the player chooses to do in that game. Miner69er/Motherlode as example. Of course those are must haves for a miner, unless they're choosing to gimp their mining. With the assumption that they are aware of the benefits they provide. I'm sure there are some players who don't really read the descriptions, don't buy them and are either fine or wind up wondering why mining is so hard. Yet I haven't defined what I mean by "miner". If someones definition of miner is collectiing the surface ore blocks as they explore then they might well disagree with the above about 'must haves'.
  6. hehehhe cough hack ha! Wasn't that a sub section of Backpage? 🤣
  7. Ha! (used up my 'reaction' allowance for the day )
  8. Haven't tried this in 18.4 but didn't shooting an explosive arrow/bolt use to wake up a lot of sleepers in an earlier alpha, or I'm misremembering?
  9. Pics with 1 and a 1/2 half block high blade traps. 2nd shows damage of 1 demolisher going off; he wasn't triggered by the trap, I set him off. Edit: this setup hits all the tall zeds, demo/soldier/wight/etc
  10. Interesting. Those distinct levels are definately new compared to earlier alphas. Wonder if they're working on something new? Maybe different ways/mats to repair? ... ... ok.. you do you buddy.. ()
  11. You handled it like it was nothing, not even one 'run in a circle' panic moments. I was suprised just how many 'bats in the bellfry' you had at the end ☺️ ...would be kinda evil~cool if there was a chance that one or two would choose to roost and lay in waitfor the morning after. that'd get the heart pumping. Ah, gotcha. Yep, being open to new ideas & re-evaluating strategies is the key
  12. Great question @demontex , -awesome- answer @n2n1 something I've run into a couple times in the past and it was very frustrating to not know how to ID the block to find the darn thing in the creative menu. Thanks a bunch!
  13. First, damn your base is -really- nice! Gotta say the way you & your design have handled the blood moon hordes has been impressive. The little bit of cardio you managed (heh) to squeeze in, footage made it look like a planned thing, but was there maybe just a wee little 'eep!' when it happened? Also caught your vid on early stamina. Since your similar post I've thought about it a couple times. It is intriguing & I might give it a go whenever I get around to exp19. Question; is that what you did in the game your horde night vids are in? Or basically, how did you go about getting all the mats you've used?
  14. +1 would be great, and seems quite doable. They've already worked out most of the throwing bits (still need to somehow allow for downward throws/drops over railings), so some artwork and new item code bits and good to go, item wise. Unfortunately I not sure there's anything already in-game that would mimic the disorientation/blindness/deafness that a flash bang is designed to produce. Zeds who live through a grenade blast basically act like they've been hit by something, some ragdoll which wouldn't really fit, and the 'stun' doesn't last anywhere near long enough to reflect a flashbang. Not saying it couldn't be done, just bringing up that it might be more ai work than faatal has time for. But it'd be really nice :)
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