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  1. Very nice! Wouldn't expect anything less from you MM no kidding I hope you have time to build a 'Castle Mole' as an in-game POI for Gold! Tier 5s, similar to @Marinxar, even if not Stealth build, sneak head shots really work well once you have a can. And using a Junk Turret in the areas where you get a dozen incoming really helps to momentarily stun them for head shots. (and I'm biting my tongue to _not_ beg for a quieter, mid-damage, rifle [aka 300 Blackout] for late game sneaky fun... )
  2. Thanks a bunch @HeliumPhoenix ... I would've sworn that icon wasn't there earlier, even after "allowing all" in FF/NoScript, but I see it now... that's two, at least, I've shanked today... sheesh! ...
  3. Are there any alternative download sites? Doesn't appear to be any way to download this from Dropbox unless you have an account with them...
  4. doh!! my bad... sorry MM! (& thanks @Dethar )
  5. Edit: nothing to see here! Move along, move along now... just some poor homeless guy saying the world's gonna end... ( ) So is there any chance that we could have multiple Blunderbusses on the toolbar and rapidly switch between them, without an automatic reload?
  6. @Hollowprime, I think it was Vedui, or JaWoodle (both?) who did a good youtube vid exploring various Shotgun Turret placements vs setting off demolishers. And I'd bet one of them has experimented with how to set up Blade Traps to work against demolishers. My experiance from earlier alphas led me to try elevating the path zeds walk on by half a block so blade traps only hit taller zeds, demos/cops/wights/etc, in the head. Which so far has worked well against demolishers. Though I think if zeds start stacking up on top of each other, then it would be possible for the blade trap to set off a demolisher. Just my .02 cents: horde nights have become more Win/Fail, with a narrower gap between the two than previously. Which can/has resulted in bases becoming 'overpowered', so they're less likely to Fail, so there's less drama or excitement. Something seemingly not worth noticing is impactful; the Nailgun firing slower than previously, making keeping up w repairs more challenging. So bases get designed/built that don't even expect to be repaired during horde night. Wasn't & isn't a huge deal to design for Cop puke & gut bombs; protect switches/traps, be able to back up, etc. Yet while cop damage is non-trivial, and needs to be respected, having a couple few get through & go Boom! doesn't generally mean your base will fail. Demolishers take Boom! to a whole new level, and, maybe, it's a rung or two too far. While the design adjustments due to cop puke were mainly location tweaks, designing to endure multiple demolishers going off can be radical. Of course, there are lots of very basic base designs that can easily endure demolishers (just a number of 5x5x4 r-concrete pillars will do) but where's the fun? If there's very little chance of a base failing then, to me, there's less fun to be had, and less satisfaction in surviving the horde. --- Was looking through old ss's & came across this. One of the largest bases I ever built in 7dtd. If someone is motivated enough they could build something like the perimeter of this 16.2 base & soften up demos before they reached the chewy center
  7. @Roland, excellent write-up & appreciated. But could you clarify this bit ^ It can be read as every single hit taken by player will increase their chance to 'win' a debuff; even if they only take say 1 hit per day... is that right? ohh lordy! we're doooommed!!
  8. Thanks for the info @Synvastian, appreciated :) Thinking there's still quite a bit of balancing to do related to horde nights, and who knows if there are more twists being added? Things like ammo availability. Compared to earlier Alphas it's not even a minor concern now. Yet where once using a Bow/Crossbow, with just regular arrows, for horde night was pretty okay, now I'm guessing it'd take a pretty specific base design to allow that. (but as I haven't specc'd into Bows in a18, or used them except a wee bit in experimental, I've no real idea how good or bad they are <shrug>) To Demolishers, maybe something like "Acid Arrows/Bolts", which could have a several hundred point dot; hit a demo in the face with one and melt his brain in 2 seconds. (saying this but have never tried to shoot a demo w an explosive/fire bolt/arrow, maybe those already work really well against demos) --I do hope though that the TFPs aren't tilting at windmills & trying to make Horde Nights _almost_ un-survivable... --there'll always be some who won't be bothered, no matter what, heh.
  9. The couple main horde bases I've recently made have dart traps firing either Up or Down, and have e-fencing through them to stun zeds in place. Fwiw those haven't set off any demolishers... so far :) The one demolisher I have set off was due to my poor shooting. But this last horde night I got really paranoid about them as I'd spec'd into Penetrator... Haven't tested if you can set off a Demo by shooting through a zed in front of him, but it kinda stands to reason that you could..?
  10. @Gazz, you've kind of taken on the mantle of, "Evil meany coder!" so I'm curious... Just _how_ many new, "special" things have you managed to sneak into A19 that us poor players are going to fall victim to?
  11. One thing I've noticed that's likely an unintended consequence of Demolishers is turrets not being as common in base defense, due to setting them off. That's kind of a big thing when it comes to resource exhaustion. Used to be shotgun ammo was always an urgent need. Now I've got tons of shotgun rounds & paper cluttering up storage and nothing to do with them, heh. Maybe it would be possible to config damages so that normal Shotgun Shells (pellets/buckshot) wouldn't activate demolishers? But also did little damage to them. But if you stocked shotgun turrets w Slugs, they'd do serious damage to demolishers but had a fair chance to set them off? Possibly similar w SMG Turrets? Normal 9mm do med damage w med chance to detonate, HP ammo almost no chance of detonation but little damage, etc. Not very 'realistic', but could possibly revive turret usage in base defense? Devils Advocate/arm-chair dev mode: I wonder if the demolishers explosion is too much of a good thing? Demos are now #1 on everyone's 'Must Kill!' list due to that massive damage. I wonder if demo explosion damage were nerfed down to like a third, would players get complacent and demo might wind up, over time, doing more damage? Thinking of the Cop Puke. It does quite a bit of damage to traps in the line of fire. If the cops explosion wasn't so powerful, would they get less immediate attention? --- I've been mulling over a kind of King of The Hill, pyramid type base w multiple incoming lanes & turrets over top of the central fighting cage. Pyramid would be full block steps, so zeds are slowed to jump up, and hopefully delay any triggered demos so they don't reach top before detonating. If the incoming lanes use half-height blocks & have a blade trap at correct height then bt's will hit heads of tall zeds but not set off demolishers. By not hitting all the short zeds the bt's should last longer, and if mounted onto 'wall' (vertical-3-tall) then central hub wouldn't get punched by zeds. Right now there's the blade traps + half-height, electric fencing and dart traps that basically won't set off demolishers. Combo them up and it's possible to design a base that, even without cheese or turrets, can put out a lot of damage.
  12. sounds like Z damage to vehicles is getting ramped up maybe the vehicles will get 'damage' skins? Showing broken femurs jutting out of tires, skulls buried in radiators...
  13. @quyxkh, based on your forum date you've been playing 7dtd since at least A14 right? If so then you'll likely recall what I was trying to point out; that in earlier Alphas 'newbies' had a significantly higher chance of muddling through their first couple of horde nights. Still easy to fail them, but, at least in my memories, a much better chance to live long enough to see _what_ wasn't working, so they could improve for night 14-21. Again, my .02 cents, but A17 onward seriously changed that so only pretty experianced players stood an honest chance of either surviving or lasting long enough to learn something useful. No question that any total noob can watch a JaWoodle vid and skate through their first horde night. But that doesn't seem to be what MM wants for the 'new player experiance', at least as I read his posts. Just in the last couple days MM made it clear, again, that those of us with many hundreds or thousands of hours in-game are not the target audience. And I was attempting to keep that in mind when writing my posts. As to general difficulty, for a vet, I'd like things to be much tougher (and adjust/mod to make them so) but that's not what the OP was speaking to.
  14. @Gazz, just my read on OP, & personal exp in A17/18, but 'normal' wandering/looting/etc is quite a bit different than Horde Nights. Prior to A17 I really enjoyed the first week, lots of anticipation & pressure to be ready for that first Blood Moon. That first tiny cobblestone base with a basement crafting area, defending it frantically with just a club and some arrows. It was great. A17 brought the group additive block damage & zeds flocking to weak points so there's little or no chance of kiting them away from a damaged section. Magnifying that is the balance between how much DPS the player/s can put out, early on, vs how fast the zeds can tear through blocks. Just my .02 cents, and I know MM doesn't agree, but if what a mythical, pretty good but newish player can put together in half the first week, base wise (without cheese like fall paths), has little chance of surviving that first horde, then the game isn't providing as good an experiance as it could. Current early horde night balance -discourages- taking part. It's a far better player strategy to minimize early blood moon participation, and that's a sad thing imo. Early non-BM play can be tough, but it's not unfair, as OP said & I agree. Yet it's easy for vets to forget that there are far fewer zeds wandering the world, resulting in a new players first experiances seldom exposing them to significant numbers of zs. So while that first BM & the, "Holy sh*t! Look at all them f'ing zombies!", would be a kick in the pants win, game-play/experiance wise, the resulting, very rapid, base destruction I can see leaving a bad taste in the mouth. Like how the h3ll were we supposed to have any idea of how to prepare for -that-!? I'm trying to think way back to when I first started playing 7dtd, and what kind of starter bases I used to make... I recall trying to use doors and windows. How hilarious is -that-?? Yet for newer players, where in the game is there _any_ indication of just how quickly zeds can chew through reinforced -concrete-? Or that even attempting to build a "base" out of starter strength blocks is simply laughable? I'm a big fan of Horde Nights, and really enjoy base building & coming up w new designs, yet I've adapted to early BMs in A17+ by simply saying, "nah, not worth the time. I'll just cheese the first couple and save the resources for something that's fun & stands a chance."
  15. Personally I can see how @Dabeeto likey has a valid point, at least related to the first couple Horde nights. I handle the first two blood moons (SP) by using one of the partially collapsed buildings. Just remove a few access stairs/rubble, make a couple jumpable gaps to other portions of the building and let the zeds tear things up. I basically don't bother trying to kill them all, just the slower easier targets if I get bored. Point is I'd say early game blood moon hordes are quite a bit too op'd. Looked at from a total new-persons pov. And they'll likely try to build/reinforce something, and try to kill all incoming, resulting in a lot of wasted resources & frustration. A15 & A16 had it right for early hordes (and mostly for later hordes too imo). Decent design w Cobblestone was enough & a players damage output was enough to actively defend without it being hopeless. For those who didn't start playing 7dtd till A17/18, you might be entertained by watching some old A15/16 youtube playthroughs.
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