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  1. Phew.. I thought I was the only one who ate his water with a spoon irl.
  2. He's trying to hide the new belt fed rpg with explosive tipped explosives.
  3. Looking good https://youtu.be/hOetrAomDnM
  4. Never in all my years have I agreed more to what you just said. This and your spongebob quotes of course.
  5. Maybe it could be tied to a specific macro, like how holding shift + left click moves stuff automatically from one container to the other. Could be alt + right click to scrap. Then the hotkey (s) could be removed to prevent accidents. Just spitballing here.
  6. Imo scrapping should be instant for anything that incurs a resource penalty 🤷‍♂️
  7. That's why they all died, they didn't want to run and crease their sneakers.
  8. Idea for the sequel is to have it so vehicles leave trails in any soft ground. That way we can make organic trails on the map. Like turning top soil into gravel as you drive over it. Idk 🤷‍♂️
  9. And let's not forget the E.T. mod. Ya know what it does.
  10. https://www.skilledsurvival.com/clay-pot-candle-heater/#:~:text=Once constructed%2C the heater body,to heat the clay pots. Tldr if you don't want to read entire article. The pot acts as a heat battery basically keeping the warm air close to the floor and not the ceiling. Enough to warm your hands, etc. Meaning after the pot saves up enough heat you'll be able to feel it radiate off. Candles by themselves send the heat straight up where it gets stuck. They do work at making the heat of a candle more useful.
  11. Clay Pot Heater: grab a clay pot, make sure it has a hole on bottom. Place a lit candle down and cover it with the clay pot. Works with a tealight also. The pot is a great insulator and will act as a radiator. 360 degree heater.
  12. 1 second, then I would commit die by eating glass. Who would want to live in a world where you can't create dank memes?
  13. Second hand 980 Ti's used to be sub $100 at one point but all this GPU craziness has put an end to that. Check Offerup, Craigslist, Ebay. You'll occasionally get lucky and if you're fast enough; you can snag a really good deal.
  14. Am I crazy or can you not drink directly from a water source? I can't believe I haven't noticed this until now. No issues, just hard to imagine in thousands of hours that I've never found this out lol.
  15. I mean, does it really matter at this point? The forums are pretty much dead now and besides Faatal, none of the devs post here anymore. Well madmole once in a blue moon but ya, awfully quiet around here now days. Do what you feel is right though of course 😉
  16. @madmole Hello, will A20 include anymore books? All other weapons have a corresponding volume of books except Knives and Sledgehammers. I know Night Stalker has some knife related perks but they feel ancillary and situational for a stealth build. I know your a stickler for continuity so I just thought I'd mention it.
  17. In A20 if you max out the Strength tree you'll get a little Madmole companion. All he does is comment on how he'd own you at Quake and make fun of your little bird arms. Once in a while he'll tell you to "get to the choppa", it's a fine addition to the game.
  18. Role Play is nice, but having an in game Character generator with strengths and weaknesses would be epic. dlc? Examples: "Click to Generate" "Survivor Dixie Normas" Traits: + Shamburger Helper (starts knowing a random food recipe) + Good Looking (gets a 1% discount at traders) - Empty Headed (easily concussed) - Bed Wetter (lose hydration 30% faster at night) "Click to Confirm"
  19. I feel like it could be shifted over to the legendary tier list once that comes. Same with any other art asset that got the chop. That way you can give it special treatment and have some cool buffs, damage, etc tied to it. Since A19 is gonna have the DV, I can see more players thinking the .44 revolver as more of an outlier and not a worthwhile weapon. The regular pistol is better in every way practically. Might even out dps it. Especially when you get the bigger magazine mods.
  20. Might as well tell him not to post at all. Nobody from the Pimps ever look in/comment on that thread lol. As for A19 I have a good feeling it might break concurrent player records. With everything going on there's gonna be a lot of people at home and looking to decompress a little. For the turret thing I also noticed if I leave a game and load back in while I'm standing on sideways bars I end up below them. As if it's not a real block or something. I'm thinking some blocks, for whatever reason have trouble registering as a solid when things are placed inside their "shell".
  21. Damn, you're more progressive than I thought! 😆
  22. So I just started playing Terraria and to my surprise they have a Blood Moon event. Dozens of zombies trying to eat my pixels just like this game, sky even turns red. Is this where the idea came from for this game? I thought it was an original idea all this time. It's literally called a Blood Moon.
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