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  1. Can we get coffee mugs shaped like a voxel?
  2. If you guys ever decide to bring back zip lines just think how cool it would be for your POI designers. Zip lining from one skyscraper to the next, over a pit of sleeping irradiated zombos. Or zip lining from a timed explosion that's about to bring the POI down.
  3. I'd really love tiny maps too. Like only a little island or city. For custom games.
  4. Over 10 new candies but only 3 listed. Are they still WIP or you want to keep some secret? Any art?
  5. I just saw, it's coming to steam this year! Here is a more up to date version video. World seems more fleshed out too. [video=youtube_share;YyEKgvF3PwU]
  6. I'm pretty sure you have seen this already but it's crazy how far people are pushing voxels now. I have high hopes for the 7d2d sequels . [video=youtube_share;aAgVSTrqNOc] You mentioned that you'd like to be able to choose quest tiers at the trader. Like if you maxed him out but you're still able to take tier 1 quests if you want. Did that make it for A19?
  7. I have all the packs downloaded and up to date via mod luncher and Iv'e noticed an oddity. 8 out of 10 zombies are guppy variants with his soliders and medical zombies being most frequent. Even roaming hordes are all guppy zombies sometimes. Does anyone else have this happen too?
  8. Exactly why I avoided using it for the longest time in the past. Man was I missing out. Opens up a whole new section of base design too.
  9. What vehicle do you prefer? I'm really liking the gyro copter; so rewarding when you learn to fly it well. It's also way faster than any vehicle because you can travel in a straight line while also avoiding difficult obstacles and terrain. It's funny it only looks slow because you're so far off the ground, good ol' parallax.
  10. You guys can save that for the Undead Mafia dlc.
  11. Madmole, You think by gold or after you can open up biomes restrictions so we can add as many custom biomes as we like? You got me excited with the whole sub biome talk and improved rwg biome placement for A19.
  12. Or the virus/bacteria produces it's own oxygen from the decaying gasses around it.
  13. Do you guys not have vultures in your hordes. The water exploit stops being a thing after the first horde if you're lucky. Water is already a pain in the ass, now you essentially want to make it the new rad zone. Having zombies being able to "climb" up and down in water is much more interesting. Especially for water bases.
  14. I'd just like to be able to place Poi's super simply on a hand crafted map. Like seeing a list with little thumbnails that I click then plot down. Think RollerCoaster Tycoon building placement. Same with adding roads and water. It could be a rudimentary 3d editor too, nothing fancy looking.
  15. How did you do the chroma buff screen effects? I've been wanting to make a mod that does that when you eat something.
  16. I didn't even know Bonobos were a thing. Reading up on them they seem rather randy lol.
  17. I'm surprised you haven't added any chimpanzee entities =)
  18. Ok so unholyjoe made a video about the dead zone issue. It confirmed my suspicion that it is indeed the rally marker. The solution I proposed was upon setting down a land claim or bedroll, the rally marker would delete/go away. The poi becomes unquest-able anyway when set down a land claim so this would seem the best solution. If you decide to move then the quest marker would return (deleting whatever was there) as per the one land claim/bedroll rule. This would prevent abuse and grief-ing. Probably too late for A19 but hopefully we can get an answer soon regarding this. *Unholyjoe's video for reference:
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