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  1. No but my opinion aside, the realism of rotting food will likely be a necessity eventually. As it stands now, To much grinding to worry about food spoilage of anykind on top of possible food posioning.
  2. Agreed. One of the reasons I like ARK: SE is the world to explore and creatures to discover and eventually tame. Another plus it has is its not mercilessly punishing people for having less then 4 members, which with this alpha TFP seem to have done. I dont SP on 7days because it quickly becomes a snooze fest. This really is a MP game at its core, pulling together all the stuff you find at the beginning, gathering resources to give to the architect, making a small base that evolves into an impenetrable fortess (thanks to the new block design) and ultimately thriving in the apocalypse together. Now it would seem you need to invest in all 5 trees to make every weapon, essentially eliminating a role the engineer/science tree gave. I've come to the conclusion that TFP needs to decide if common sense is going to be apart of the game or not. Ited make sense in ARK if I didn't know a damn thing because I was just born, but in 7 days, I survived the first or second stage of the apocalypse which would mean I previously had plenty of opportunity to learn just about anything. If this is the way you intend the game to be, then at least set the story around you got hit in the head or something and now have amnesia. My second and much, MUCH more popular option is a selectable role, for example, that gives you a boost to the skills you had before the apokilisk (duck dynasty reference) like an engineer would have boosts to electrical or building skills and a neurosurgeon to use someones comment to improve medical and medicinal skills. You guys should play a game for 21 days between 4 peeps and see what most of us are dealing with. The graphics are great, time for gameplay tuning.
  3. Hmmm guess I've been spoiled by common sense and knowledge. I apologize for my rant, but come on this is ridiculous. How about working on satisfying gameplay so all the new stuff thats now locked seems worth getting to. 7 days originally seemed like a Macgyver's paradise apocalypse, and now it seems like you gave macgyver stage 4 dementia. Maybe your trying to make this game with 5 players in mind but most of us are smaller groups. In the mean time RAFT just added rudders because people complained "I can build a forge and not a rudder?" P.S. if your a college graduate and can accumulate your knowledge to build a simple forge, what did you take, liberal arts?
  4. Well I at first I was enjoying alpha 18's new graphics and lack of lag, my group and I began to notice all the unrealistic new aspects. For instance, I now need to read a book to build something that was previously common sense in a realistic situation. I understand your attempting to make the game longer, and this seems like a step in some aspects in the right direction, but I dont need a book to tell me how to duck tape a flash light to a helmet. Everything is basically locked now and some you have to find multipile books to get. World of warcraft did the same thing. Altering ♥♥♥♥ till its unrecognizable. 15 million to a couple million speaks volumes. Summary: take a look at your current build and see what makes you say "people dont need a book to know this"
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