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  1. That's good but you definitely need this sound for the nightmares. [video=youtube_share;FbemVRN03OI]
  2. You make yours too. You can never have enough Siren Head.
  3. You mean like this? This is from Madmole's A17 diary. Not sure what happened concerning the scopes but these are much, much better than what we have now. [video=youtube_share;cfyD20MOsDs]
  4. You know. It'd be the perfect time to make those fireside chat videos Madmole. "The Story of Joel Huenink: My Life as a Real World Voxel" ?
  5. The players hand model looks upgraded as well.
  6. Ever heard of siren head? I think he'd be scary as hell to encounter, especially if he was huge like in this video. [video=youtube_share;sEpmzpbKd9U]
  7. Lmao, I love Chinese mistranslated words This list had me dying! ? https://www.boredpanda.com/funny-chi...mpaign=organic
  8. Saw you in game and you weren't packing, what gives?
  9. That's weird they must have disabled it recently because just last week I reported spam.
  10. Hmm, maybe. Can't quite remember. It was in A17 days.
  11. Awesome. Do you know if we have to level each one up individually (preferred) or if it's like now where you level up one trader and they all are. It used to be you level a trader individually which led to more things to do late game. It was also incentive for making sub bases close to this trader so you didn't have to travel so much. It was kind of awesome. Now they all level up at the same time which is convenient but boring.
  12. Yes, once you have momentum in something the worse thing you could do is stop. Better to see somthing through to the end. Great news for a change with all this crap going on.
  13. I wonder if 7d2d production has slowed down a bit. I mean most of them work from home so maybe not. News just seems sparse atm.
  14. The best was being able to heal zombies lol
  15. I like the cut of your jib sonny. Im a challenge whore so can't wait to try this. Ps. Get this on the mod luncher asap!
  16. I know it has, but you have to use that mod (DF) to have it. I'd like to have it no matter what mod/vanilla game I play.
  17. Will there ever be an option to turn trader protection off/on. I want to be responsible for their safety; building defenses, making sure they don't get eaten. If they do die then I have to wait a week before their heir comes and takes over. Something like that.
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