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  1. Hello everyone, I would like to start this discussion about the class system to see what the players think about it. TLDR I like the class system, it's fun and the skills are interesting, however I am restricted to the 5 classes designed by TFP and I cannot, for example, use spears and machine guns together. Let me explain further. In the current system players are heavily encouraged to develop mostly 1 class. If they spread across multiple classes they will be weaker (at the beginning). As a matter of fact you need 23 levels to max out spears and snipers, but you need 42 levels to max out spears and machine guns. Sometimes a player might like to try a different combination, than the ones offered by the class system. Let me give you some examples. If I like shotguns and clubs, well, i am in luck because there a class exactly for me. That class is Strength and I can just develop all my skills there. Now let's say that I like spears and machine guns. Ha! This time there is no class for me because spears are under Perception and machine guns are in Fortitude. My choices are to develop the skills in both classes, but it would be slower and I would be weaker, or to abandon the idea to develop a character with these 2 skills This is true for many other combinations. Sometimes I would like to get lucky looter and barterer in the same game, but they are under Perception and Intellect Maybe there is some way you can come up to minimize this issue. Perhaps the skills and perks could be slightly reorganized. I would like to know what the players think about it. Kind regards, Shijune.
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