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  1. Any new info to share before the weekend? ?
  2. Hey Madmole, I made a video showing the dead zone bug here: I reported to the bugs section also. Also for the perk revisions; I'm curious on what you ended up doing with the Furry of Blows and the Yeah Science perks. Can you share some info on that or is it still WIP?
  3. When I used it I didn't know that you could shoot the demolisher and kill him without setting his bomb off
  4. Madmole, Some feedback for turrets. What do you think of a "target flyers only" in the interface?
  5. Are your modlets on the mod luncher?
  6. Ya, that's why when madmole said it's the first he's heard of it I was confused. I've seen others mention it in the dev diaries as well. Maybe it's not reported to be a bug and more of a limitation. I just really hope they get it sorted. Most frustrating thing in the game for me at least.
  7. It sucks big time when you start getting demolishers. Really sucks...
  8. Nope, they finally add the slider back and it's capped at 85. Don't know why they would do that, but they did. The command as far as I know doesn't do anything anymore, which sucks. Sometimes the Fun Pimps use gorilla logic when they do something. No rhyme nor reason.
  9. This has been brought up since A17 exp. I might be miss remembering but I think it was said it was not a bug but a effect of the new questing system. What do you use to record and edit your play sessions. I can make a video and send to the Bugs section.
  10. Do you guys have a solution to the problem on not being able to place blocks in certain areas (POIs). I think it make have something to do with quest markers but it's beyond frustrating taking over a poi and trying to build there and there being spaces you cant build on/in. Even if you go into dm mode you still can't place blocks there. It's always red.
  11. From the new Exp build thread: Holy crap! One of the best additions to A18 so far.
  12. Love this mod, adds such a challenge and variety. Keep it up.
  13. Madmole, did you make any art for the new books yet? If you did, care to share some?
  14. Is A19 on feature lockdown or are you guys still adding stuff in?
  15. Or even perhapsier... Also I just realized "pistols" has 4 weapon tiers (smg). Madmole is this intended? Maybe the revolver can be a legendary weapon in the future or...
  16. Would be cool if there was a mod to make tools almost useless as a gathering instrument, but made them viable weapons. And once you put the mod on you can never take it off.
  17. Looks too good! I don't know why with all the new art and lighting the UI; although functional, seems really outdated in terms of looks. It almost looks cartoony. Really I'm not trying to bust your balls but the art is starting to way outpace the UI look. Just the look of it though, not the functionality. And of course this is just my opinion on it. - - - Updated - - - Those are tiny shadows I think.
  18. Madmole, Are you happy with the stun baton (mechanic wise)?
  19. Did you ever think about themed event cities or towns? I was trying to make a theme as if the circus came to town. Would be cool to add like a car show theme, or block party theme. Just to add some spice to cities/towns. They could be really small too like just a few houses on the block or in the middle of a biome. Like different masks for POIs, just the outside would be different but the inside would be the same so minimal work. Too many ideas swimming around my noggin. Example:
  20. So no new arts to share just yet? Don't make us cry =(
  21. Does it really count as a "fast food burger" if there is no drive-thru? My vote (drive-thru requirement) is In N' Out; specifically the 4x4 animal style. I hope Roland gives this eventual thread a good name...
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