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  1. My latest 7 Days to Die Character Blog entry is Hungry Beasts. https://atrumorbis.net/category/a-long-country-road-to-ruin/
  2. mosin nagant is not a revolver it's a russian military rifle.
  3. See Top post for a new 12K-Burnt and 16K-Burnt version of AtrumIsland-Burnt. I added in the Craters / Burnt forests.
  4. I might just have to hope on every ones maps and leave my signature somewhere.
  5. place it in Gameserver\Data\Worlds folder. Then in your server.xml set the world like this <!-- World --> <property name="GameWorld" value="AtrumIsland"/>
  6. @ZeroTwoLota Just so you know "RWG" in the GameWorld sets the game to random world generation using the core engine and the seed the first time you start the server. If the map is already generated with Nitrogen the name you named it in Nitrogen is what you use after you copy it to appropriate folder.
  7. Thank you, i have had a lot of fun playing it with Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles on my server. The addition of the raft in his pack should make water travel possible.
  8. Just tried to add the mod to my server today (which just updated to 19.3 (b6) but dosn't appear to work with 19.3 yet. Okay ... i got it working, i had to download the Snufkin-CommunityPack-ServerSideVehicles-A19-2020Dec19-master. This appears to indeed be working with A19.3 (b6). Thanks for your hard work guys !! This should work great with my Island map
  9. I didn't generate these with combo pack. I have updated the post to include a link to the Import_HM and Bioms files if you are interested in adding a combopack to it though. I know that in Alpha 20, TFP is are planning to do something new with water, I hope they add boats and fishing!!
  10. My goodness the Poem in the Black Bart's quest line is magnificent! Great work on that poem RichardPaul!
  11. It's great to see you back in action ShoudenKalferas. Thanks for the your work on this release. I cant wait to take a look at it.
  12. Today I adjust the height map, made the water a bit deeper, add a few more islands then flipped and rotated the map. It's has new towns and roads all regenerated after the adjustments. (please note, I did NOT generate with Combopack but provided a link to the import_HM and Biome file so that you can use Nitrogen to add any version of the combo pack you like.)
  13. @DoomRanger yea i have been running into that also. I know in my case i'm sure it has something to do with my using a lake as the target color in painting the water regions into the map.
  14. @JCL thanks, Damocles and the TFP have done an great job with all of this stuff. it's been a lot of fun playing it. I can see some good choke points that aught to make it interesting for PVP. I been playing the map for a couple of weeks and find the views along the water to be a lot of fun to cruse along on a mini bike. I love getting out to some of the remote places on the islands and watching the sun set. It's interesting how each of the islands is connected by a single road. The road and city placement can be reworked also by running the height map through the Nitrogen generator again
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