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  1. it will fail if you upgrade and already searched/empty vehicle.... it only works if it hasnt been searched. (I am currently looking at finding a way to allow searched/empty vehicles to be upgraded!)
  2. Some people have found simply lowering the from ultra to High will do it or setting texture quality to half. it is odd that most fixes usually involve lowering graphic settings. (kind of opposite of what you expect.
  3. thanks,,..yes that is a known bug right now! Known error...already fixed but I still have to put out a patch for it! Thanks
  4. Thanks, I will get right on that! yup! gonna be really good!
  5. and for the hell of it this was the exchange you were referring to with the "Don't Drop it" See the smiley face? Usually a good indicator that is it is just kidding. Also Shortly After I posted that I had just fixed it for the next release! I was advising you to save it because later in the game there are weapon that use it and it is not craftable...you only get it from loot.
  6. And you say you were Banned? When you actually left on your own at 8:50pm today? those can be ignored.... yellow errors are not an issue.
  7. you were never banned so I don't know why you would claim that and if anyone is concerned about me being rude they can come to the discord and judge for themselves. this is the extent of your messages on discord with regards to the server load:
  8. It should be......it wont have the Integration with the Quest Table...but It should work. Just wait for the new Survivors/NPC's! You will be able to hire them and they will be able to carry things for you and follow you around!
  9. fixed in update pushed out last night removed... not compatibile. but there is a NPC core being worked on by other modders that will be available soon that will make them much much better.
  10. Lower your settings ..its resource intensive mod. no
  11. it is easy if you know unity well. but it is not a simple process when it comes to zombies. there is a lot of work to do to make the asset compatible for the game.
  12. It should actually work with any map they may start off without the animation...but then the animation should start.
  13. Nope...its not. Been installed and used by many so far! Make sure you install fresh and not just overwirte existing files. Files have been removed from previous version. Also make sure it is a new game! you cannot use previous save games.
  14. Alpha 3 is out! same download location! IMPORTANT! New game will be required!
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