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  1. Resurrection table now availalbe as a standalone mod! (Will still be part of Farm life) Zombie Resurrection at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)
  2. thanks...I will fix that! And What I think will be the Final Resurrection Process!
  3. Btw.... Next version is looking like it will have signicant updates, new cloning Workstation and Alchemy station that are upgradeabl, overhaul with the way cloning stations get crafted. Basic chamber don't get destroyed but are emptied, you need to upgrade to a workable chamber using cloning ingredients. I have someone working on new recipes that should also be ready. Perks/skills added. New quests. Gonna be significant!
  4. Thanks, ya I have changed the stack to 30k
  5. Yes I am aware and have fixed for the next version. Thanks
  6. Did you place a ready one from Creative? if so that will not work...you have to place the first one and let it upgrade. Heh! Looks like there isnt! I will fix that...in the meantime use Creative to get some.
  7. I see what you are saying..... It was testing a zombie guard mod I am Making, the wight and stripper are guards so they attack only zombies... So yes they were spawned in... But the result was pure fluke! 😁😁
  8. How would this be staged? I guarantee that it is not.
  9. Very confident nothing with the mod is doing anything the save file. It's a reletively common problem especially when the game crashes.
  10. It's still alpha.... More perk levels are coming.... The seed packs I will look into asap. I think I may know why. It may be because you invested in the non existent perks. I figured it out....when I fixed a previous problem with the actual seeds it broke the Seed Packs. Download this file and replace the one in the mod with it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jR7frh1uyKNmbgMJEB-vhdUEOzrQbu5/view?usp=sharing
  11. in case you are wondering they are Zombie Guards, thus why they are attacking another Zombie.
  12. check these out by the Master.......they may not show exactly what you need to do but should be close enough to help you figure it out. These I what I have used to learn (723) (723) Character Creation - TFP Style - YouTube
  13. did you just get an asset or did you create the asset and the unity file?
  14. Your actually asking a lot! As I have been working with Models and assets recently (With Much help from Xyth) I can honestly say that it is not a simple answer! It can be as simple as referencing the new model in the xml but most likely not. The model would have to have the identical bone structure and animations as the one it is replacing. If you have that then you are good ...other wise you have work to do in unity.
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