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  1. Alpha 2.52 has been released . Fixes Null Ref errors when around new creatures.
  2. Sorry I haven't replied sooner! yes works with any map! not sure if it works with Sorcery or not...you can always try and let everyone know!
  3. I have a new test build available on Discord...it fixes the sounds. https://discord.gg/4UX3HZ7gka
  4. not required...these prefabs are generated dynamically are are not required to be added to map generation. I know car respawning is possible. I will look into that.
  5. I have a test build of Alpha 2.0. If you would like to test in out right now please send me a private message.. This is what is in the new build: Vehicle Overhaul! Crafting vehicles are still done on the workbench but now there are more parts required! (Vehicle specific Workbenchs are coming!) Get the new parts by salvaging vehicles. Rocket Toilet can only be obtained by salvaging Toilets Bat Cars can not be crafted. If you find a Bat Car in the World you can try to unlock it with Car keys. IF you manage to unlock it you will have a working Bat Car! (More vehicles will be able to be obtained like this in future) Color Changing Vehicles! You can now Change the color of some vehicles. you need to craft Color Wands to change the colors The wands are numbered and the Vehicle description will let you know which color the wand will change! New Vehicles! Motorcycle, Pickup Truck, Battle Buggy, Buggy, Muscle Car, Sports cars! Broken Down versions of vehicles no appear in world and can be salvaged for parts. 3 new Models of Dumpsters Water Wells can be found thoughout the world. Come back in a couple days and they will have more Water ATM Machines! A great resource for Cash, come back in a few days for more! Buried Treasure - There is treasure buried around the world, you may be lucky enough to find some! Working Ovens found in the world. Adjusted some recipes. eg. Oblivion bench is easier to craft. Skull Chambers!!!!! Throughout the world you will find these chambers, you will need a key to get in and a key to get out so make sure you have enough keys! Good luck trying ot get out without a key...the walls are indestructable!) Each Chamber will have 3 Totems that will unlock a Boss Challenge, you will need keys to unlock these challenges. Keys can be found in Zombie loot! Beware these Chambers are poisonous and will suck your life away (Dont even think of setting up base in one of these!) (Rewards for Bosses are in preliminary stages, Eventually there will be more specific Boss Loot that can only be found from bosses. One is the Electric Guitar! Which can be found from Tier 2 Bosses) (One Skull chamber model currently available but plans are to have multiple models)
  6. Thanks I will check about the smoker.. And yes the crates are reduced in next update..... Well kind of.... In next update there are a lot of buried crates..... The only way to find them via Random digging..... Not something you can find reliably.
  7. ya...the Grill bug has been around since before I started on the Mod. It is part of the unity Asset. I have to create a new asset and replace it to get rid of the problem. More descriptions are coming.....there are actually a lot more description then there originally was when I took over. I try to add at least a few new descriptions with each update. Thanks for any feedback! Feedback of all kind is essentially to get this done. Mod had a bug that Crops were growing almost instantly but no one said anything, I didn't know until I decided to actually play a game with the mod myself from the beginning.
  8. When its completed...possibley but I would need to find someone to be able to do it. so not anytime soon unfortunately.
  9. Download 1.7 and then the 1.7 patch. The 1.71 full was broken. I will be releasing a 1.72 soon.
  10. All Work Benches including vanilla are crafted on the "Oblivion Bench" And those skills do not exist yet..henc "To be determined" and "Coming Soon"
  11. I would remove what looks like SMX mod and see if you still have a problem.
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