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  1. @oakraven bring us the Hell Car as the first 'standard' car vehicle to Snufkin's Community Pack Server Side Vehicles. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov2 This vehicle has zero collision issues and is server stable. It was tested in the following sequence; SP > Dedicated Local > Dedicated Standalone Public and caused no immediate issues. What an offering it is, quirks and all. Bring your dog food!!! Apologies to the Admin at 7DAYSTODIEMODS for this recent flurry of activity and your need
  2. @BubbaJoe Thank you. You are very kind to share this as it can be a helpful workaround until a buff closer to the original can be explored. And if that isn’t possible, a best alternative like this as is or built upon gives the Parasite a fighting chance again. I never noticed her hits were only causing 1 damage with each hit because the flashing skull and other zombies around her at the time were distractions and getting in their own hits as well.
  3. @oakraven adds to the Magic Bus with the Battle Bus. The Battle Bus is a 6 seater combat vehicle sporting internal/external lighting, decent decorations, and its special weapon; zombies get set alight upon impact. The ideal vehicle security system. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov1 This vehicle has the same background collision feature as the Army Truck and Magic Bus but is server stable. It was tested in the following sequence; SP > Dedicated Local > Dedicated Standalone Public and c
  4. Just an update with the addition of the Magic Bus. This is a 6 seater road vehicle that takes the school bus and gives it a more dynamic existence. It carries the same type of collision as the Army Truck but can be placed as easily as any other vehicle. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Oct31 The process for release is typically a 3 step process to make sure things are running smoothly and cause no conflicts or major warnings. An SP run through is followed by a Dedicated Local Server run through with a last
  5. The 'Magic Bus' is just going through some server stress testing to make sure it doesn't break anything before it's released. It is comparable to the Army Truck in terms of collision properties but only requires 4 wheels instead of 11 for constructing.
  6. Thanks for sharing the feedback about stability on Linux servers because it’s an ideal environment for mods that might need a little extra resource. We have been careful to remember Linux needs ModInfo capitalization and may appreciate strings without breaks. Snufkin has certainly been good to us.
  7. Add some extra bosses to the: <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombiesNight']"> and <append xpath="/entitygroups/entitygroup[@name='ZombiesAll']"> as the game will use these groups for regular wandering hordes and other groups as well. Consider changing the prob= setting from somewhere between prob="0.3" which is the same as zombieBiker and zombieNurse all the way up to prob="0.8" which will make them more of the rule than the exception. As the game sets a limit of only spawning a certain amount from the abo
  8. It looks like the HealthMaxModifierOT settings were possibly replaced with the new variety of woundings which also offer their own version of the health max modifier but with an instant damage effect on a countdown timer. To retain her unique trait I wonder if it's possible to: - Integrate her gimmick into the wounds max health modifier with a smaller but cumulative effect on each hit that will require the countdown timer or vitamins or something else to remove it. - Consider integrating her gimmick into the starvation system whereby the fullness meter decreases wi
  9. @BubbaJoe Can you share the code you used to decrease the overall max health and max stamina drain settings? I was considering to replace the HealthMaxModifierOT setting to the stamina equivelant StaminaMaxModifierOT but they have both been commented out of the official default buffs.xml and are no longer valid effects.
  10. Hello Snufkin, 1.The Mischief Maker developer didn't contact me directly. Alternatively, I just contacted the developer to explain that, in regards to any input I have offered, you have full rights on giving permission with this mod or any other mod you have created for now and the future. This removes any complication as it will be one person. 2. The Parasite character needs a revisit for damage, thank you. --------------------------- Sent to the Mischief Maker Hello, my name is ############### and I go by the gaming user name arramus.
  11. Hi KiaKore and welcome to Snufkin Land. Here are some instructions as clearly as I can make them. If they are confusing at any point, just say and I can elaborate. Step 1. Install the latest Snufkin's Custom Zombies mod into your server Mods folder. (Make sure it has not created an extra folder if you unzip it to a new location. The top folder should contain the ModInfo file. If the unzip tool has created a folder within a folder followed by the ModInfo file it will not work) Step 2. Launch your server and Snufkin's Custom Zombies will become part of the envir
  12. Background and Introduction In March 2020 Snufkin presented us with 'Snufkin's Server Side vehicleS' which is now A19 Stable. The concept was simple, incorporate customised vehicles into 7D2D by utilising existing in game assets to create some unique and delightful additions to the current set of vehicles. These vehicles are admittedly temperamental and buggy at times, which Snufkin warned us about. For example, it is sometimes necessary to put the vehicle back on the toolbelt and set it down again if the customised effect has been removed for the vehicle owner or third parties. More impo
  13. Thank you sneakpeak. That was actually my error for not correcting that typo. Snufkin had the typo in the original and I changed it for the updated version with the correct spelling. However, the mark of Snufkin's genius in things was to carry that typo into some other areas but not all. It meant it worked functionally even with the typos in certain parts. My corrections brought errors to the ADD ON and now I shall correct it. Corrected to: <property name="HandItem" value="meleeHandGeist"/> and amended in the same release as Github is good about things like that.
  14. Hi Catman, oakraven and Slawa have helped to make the A18 version compatible with A19 as Snufkin is taking a sabbatical at the moment. In another thread Snufkin kindly gave Slawa permission to update and support the Snufkin range of mods and shared this permission with the community. Slawa has been working hard on this mod in the background and made some functional changes to bring it to A19. oakraven has also given immeasurable support and feel free to use the mod on your server with any edits you like based on Snufkin's previous comments to the community. Snufkin also allowed me to support t
  15. As a small update, here is an A19 Stable version of the Custom Zombies Research Camera ADD ON. This requires the base mod to function. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Custom-Zombies-Research-Camera-A19-Stable-2020Oct28 The changes were practically identical to the changes needed in the base mod although Snufkin made a small edit to tone down the aggressive nature of the Juggernaut to allow you to get a photograph of him from a distance. As there are some external links for images within the code for locations that only Snufkin has access to, s
  16. @Sunbursts A small update to the quests.xml to bring it up to date with current quest reward groups and developer comments. To keep with Snufkin's original wish for the Juggernaut completion rewards, the order has been left the same with only one edit for compatibility. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CustomZombies-A19-Stable-2020Oct28 Thank you to Sunbursts for noticing this. You often share issues on the mods/tools you run and it keeps them working well and functional. Thank you to BubbaJoe for further testing. If this hasn't fixed it, I don't know what will.
  17. Sunbursts. The Juggernaut quest is still the original and has not changed at all since the very first release. This is the first issue we've heard about it and I don't think the quest is given/completed so often and not the most popular part of the mod. My tests so far: I went into debug mode 'dm' and used 'givequest killjuggernaut' to activate the quest. 1. I tested the quest 20 times in SP as a level 1 player with no quest reward skills. I was offered 2 rewards each time with no problems and accepted 1. 2. I tested the quest 10 times on a
  18. Toasty. A few of these strategically placed on a BM shouldn't take too much fuel to last the whole event and act like a non stop molotov. Very interesting opportunities ahead and server side only which is even better. Nice concept and application.
  19. @oakraven kindly shared a replacement mesh fix for the Army Truck to offer a stable collision. Here is a link for an updated version of Snufkin's Server Side Vehicles for A19 - Stable. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Custom-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Oct27 The mesh change is as follows: From (Commented out): <!--property name="Meshfile" value="#Entities/Vehicles?Truck/armyTruckPrefab.prefab"/--> To: <property name="Meshfile" value="#Entities/Vehicles?jeep_Prefab.prefab"/>
  20. Thank you Sunbursts. Looks like completion of the Juggernaut quest. I have yet to receive the Juggernaut quest from the trader and appreciate the feedback to check on the reward settings.
  21. @Dre I just tested out the Darkness falls mod and it's a menagerie of characters in there. I couldn't help but go into CM and see what's on offer. I can really see the appeal. I always wondered about preassigned loot numbers and if they could be provided on the next available slot basis or if they had some deeper purpose. I'm just looking at the loot container settings in Darkness Falls and it suggests 950 & 951 are taken by ZombieCheerleader demon and ZombieSoldier demon respectively. Looks like a 952 potential conflict as well with zombie utility demon. I was wondering if the
  22. I had done a full purge and reinstall recently to switch from HDD to SDD in an attempt to reduce imposter prefabs (which saw a 95% improvement) and deleted all logs. My first issue probably began on Oct 23 for your timezone so any where prior to that should be just fine. Thank you.
  23. I saw the dilemma you faced/are still facing with NIC's and other routing issues so just for when you have peace with that. My character in Zed Rising appears to have corrupted again as the null reference has reappeared. I wonder if there is a player back up of a previous save available.
  24. @Dre Yes, that is the most updated version for A19. The Truck is unstable as it has a collision which is no longer supported by the Unity Engine since 2015........ A request in the 'bug' area has been posted about that though. However, as an 'official' tester for the Snufkin Zombies, I shall send you the version that is not ready for public release until Snufkin gives the OK that includes the Whirligig as well. If you've already installed the other one, it's no problem to just replace it with the new one I'll send as it simply adds that new Whirligig set of assets on top of th
  25. Let's check what's happening here. Using the <entitygroup name="ZombiesScouts"> in the same format as the lower section possibly attempts to commit the request as a totally new group as it's not getting @ tagged to an existing group. But then again, I have not moved away from the original variables and am interested to see how it will effect the original ZombieScouts group; such as overwriting it or appending it. There are typically multiple ways to perform the same action with some working better than others. It'll either add, replace, or be ignored. I am interested to see.
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