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  1. Here is an update to the Snufkins Weapons Xpansion - A19 Stable. It introduces a new weapon called the Dre X3. Download: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-Stable-Test2020Nov10 As always, please back up your World and Players as a precaution. Dre X3 We have thoroughly tested this weapon and made essential modifications to ensure the best level of stability and fun. This weapon is craftable and exhibits some interesting features. The X3 is designed for all player levels and grows with you as you unlock
  2. Thank you for sharing. It is because other members can see your setup and understand the limitations or share advice. @Dre and @magejosh are well versed in changing IDs for lootboxes/containers and other assets to help make this mod become compatible in overhauls like War of the Walkers.
  3. The animal fix did just what is says, and more. It seems the overall invisible animal count may have taken away slots away from other solo spawning zombies as well. The more days that passed, the more barren it became. Restarting the server with this mod was an instant change and felt like Day 1 all over again in that regard. 😜
  4. As Dre suggests, there is always the possibility of a mod conflict. One further consideration is that the vending machine directly interacts with images stored externally by Snufkin on a file sharing website that allows users to connect to them from websites, forums, and software applications which integrate such functionality, such as 7D2D. Depending on Firewalls, image host stability (in this case imgur.com), and any other factor relating to being able to access the images, this is one additional possibility for seeing some but not all of the pictures. Unfortunately,
  5. Just a small update to the mod to allow the Shark Blimp to become a 2 seater. Thank you to @Dre for testing the seating and finding the best balance as shown in the image. The rear passenger will sit just in front of the Blimp fins with hands on the surface skin. Sure, the feet are poking through a little, but such is the nature of balancing to fit the tools we have. Download - https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Community-Pack-Server-Side-Vehicles-A19-Stable-2020Nov09
  6. Hi leotopk. Sad to hear you're getting this issue as there's a lot to like and a lot of fun to be had with this bundle. I'll refer you to a post from a little earlier in the thread from magejosh who has helped with bringing things to everyone's attention. He had a similar issue and tracked it down to another mod he's running. Even in Alpha, 7D2D is a veritable eclectic bundle of joy. However, unforgiving duplication issues are not very friendly and mods can conflict if they are both trying to fight for the same space slots in such a static environment. The day a dynamic fall
  7. The Juggernaut is modelled on standard 'ZombieTemplateMale' and will use that characters hitbox. It looks like players are using another mod to access the Juggernaut/other zombies as a player profile. It has no special hitboxes as it uses in game assets and not external assets. The Juggernaut is scaled up a little and will be an easier target. Does EAC stop this profile mod or feature being used? Snufkin's Zombies can work with EAC.
  8. If you've had the mod installed for a few days with the Loot Box Add On the chances are you have amassed a collection of tickets to spend at a Loot Box Machine. It's easy enough to figure it out, but here is the process anyways. Craft and install your own Loot Box Machine. Step up to the machine and interact with it just like a normal vending machine. In this image, I had 4 tickets of each color and this allows me to select any of the loot boxes. I selected a yellow loot box because I want to try one from this range. There are also 2 more weapons on th
  9. Here is an update for a new addition, stability, and recipe features: https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-Stable-Test2020Nov06 1. This update brings a new weapon, the Arramus Fire. It offers a craftable weapon/craftable ammo that fires an individual incendiary projectile which will hit the ground and explode much like a molotov. Arramus Fire holds 20 projectiles in its magazine and will serve players best as a suppression weapon. Direct hits will cause hit damage while a spread of flames with cause additional over time damage. It is a highly inaccura
  10. No worries. It's all connected together somewhere in that long string of ids..... I hope for an alternative to this system which can assign new ids in real time when such conflicts occur.
  11. Wise move. I was unfamiliar with id sequencing for Unity or maybe just 7D2D as it wasn't really an issue with other games I played and modded as they used unique naming based on a chosen name and not a next in line id. An id may have been applied automatically for these names somewhere while rendering but this has been one of the major upsets I've seen in this forum for modded content and compatibility.
  12. The current build was updated to remove a new weapon which caused a negative deficit for ammo. Apologies on that. Servers were not responding well to it at all. This mod is still in Test mode as the file name presents and please back up all World and Player data before trying anything. It was thoroughly tested but slipped through as the weapon was never fully depleted while testing. It was a burst fire weapon with multiple rounds at once but didn't know when to stop.... We tested a Roll Back without using a backup World on the chance that the next in line ID would come into effect.
  13. A little bird whispered in my ear that WhiteRiverToC_Spirit_of_Vengence mod has the same loot 950 951 951.
  14. No problem. I expect Darkness Falls has some very unique features and things like this will only become apparent when you actually attempt to call on them while in game. I hope it hasn't destroyed your player status. It was fortunate the warning appeared as these can be game breaking if they are allowed to go through. I searched and searched and searched and can see approximately 75 mods in your folder as well as an archive folder which may contain even more that aren't being used at present. The only causes for concern were the raft mod and Snufkin's vehicles as that contains a raft whi
  15. I watched your videos and could see mods are a big part of your gamestyle, and having an id 950 confirms that. The final loot container id value in the default files appears to be 145. This mod has added the weapons to loot container id 41 which is the hardened reinforced chest. In addition, the loot box Add On appends loot boxes 41, 61, 70, 71, and 73. which is again the hardened reinforced chest, and buried loot, zombie bag loot, strong zombie bag loot, and boss bag loot respectively. I don't see any new additions. I can't find any other instances of id for loot containers. I wonder if there
  16. Here is an update to the Snufkin Weapons Xpansion. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-Weapons-Xpansion-A19-Stable-Test2020Nov05 This update contains the following: 1. Recipe for the 'Zeus' ammo. The Zeus uses the same expenditure as the Rail Gun to maintain balance. 4 iron darts and 4 forged steel. Expensive for sure but on full charge this weapon is something special. 2. Update to loot. As recipes are not fully implemented for each weapon as of yet because this will take time to consider what skill needs to be achieved and
  17. Hi Burdog, I tested the Thor Hammer on the crafting table and got the following result. I was able to construct the Thor Hammer and this image shows it is counting down on the production table. The thing we need to do now is understand why it is not constructing for you. Please share all of the mods you currently have in your mods folder so we can consider if there are any conflicts with other mods. As a further test on top of the above SP check, here is the result from a dedicated server just to make sure. Creation
  18. Thank you. Just logging off for the night in my time zone and will be back in the morning to check it out and attempt to duplicate it. Thank you. We can add them all into the loot list in the next update and then consider recipes as well. It'll take a bit of time but we'll get there. First off was to ensure the weapon test went well and as you are considering this stage of the mod, it seems so.
  19. Good question. Here is Snufkin's comment on the crafting capability of these weapons using recipes. The base version includes the weapons, just a few of them with recipes and obtainable in normal gameplay. With the lootbox addon you get the machine and the lootbox system. You may find tickets on the enemy drops and hardened chests. Only a few have recipes, as they are prizes for a lootbox system we have on our server. I will add the missing recipes in the future. I take it that 'obtainable in normal gameplay' refers to looting but I am not 100% sure. Looking
  20. Hi xxx73. First I need to check the original Snufkin build to see if it was added. I don’t remember ever seeing it but need to check. Then I need to check some similar ones for other mods to see formatting. And then it’s always possible to localize even further to support more players. I’m away for a while with other responsibilities and you are welcome to make a start on checking the original versions or sharing a concept you feel works well.
  21. Thank you for testing so much because it is very valuable quality control data and helps to consider settings. This adds to the post just before your post where Sunbursts reports a similar issue. On Sunburst’s server there is a spawn rate of 14 per player for Blood Moon events. The suggested solution was to lower this closer to default or reduce the probability for the Geist to spawn. A further solution offers an alternative entity groups file which allows all 15 Snufkin zombies to appear in a BM event and thereby reduce Geist’s chances to appear so often. Geist is a f
  22. Thank you PeNa. We always really value your feedback because it gives a clear message. We hope for 95%+ function because it was coded and tested and recoded and tested again until it became as close to highly stable as possible. Wishing you well with the Linux.
  23. Ya, this was a novice's attempt, not that I'm still not far off that label, to get to grips with xml. My mistake was to make a whole new group when I should have just added him directly to specific wasteland groups as a single additional entity. This kind of doubled up on the stock zombies as well... Live and learn. I'll release it again soon with that in mind once I have a few days to play some new community mods.
  24. Hi PeNa. Here is an expansion version which is in test phase and gives Snufkin's weapons stability as well as adding additional weapons. As it is still in testing phase, you may experience some issues with models. However, I think you will be surprised that this is quite rare. Some of the issues appear to be inherent to the game and there is not a great deal that can be done to stabilise it at the mod level.
  25. I wish. I needed to make a place marker so I could add the link to the readme files. It's all uploaded now though Slawa and I'm really glad you are here for that because you supported Snufkin from the very beginning with the base mod and continue to do so. Naturally you are credited as being part of the founding group because of timely bug finds, suggestions, and further development. Snufkin recognised that as do we all.
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