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  1. Then they need to find ones that don't do that. I make sure that all my modded games are that way. I don't want them running an auto update for two reasons. One the mod might not be ready (or I have to make special changes to config files) and two it might be a change that has issues/bugs that would stop me from playing. Sure have had enough of the latter happen with games like Ark.
  2. Someone installing a mod should have it in another directory. If they are smart enough to manual install they should install in that way themselves. If the use the mod launcher that sphereii made it will do that for them. That way they don't get a download that breaks their game. So this is not an issue if they do it the correct way. Does not sound like these servers are modding friendly if they auto update and should be avoided for this reason. For the client side of it (as I said to another post) if a mod is installed right it should be done in a different directory. Then it would not get an update automatically and they could update once the modder has released a tested update. We don't have steam workshop yet so there is not reason for them to install mods directly to their steam installed 7 days.
  3. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    It works on both of those versions.
  4. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    About this. How much is 7 Days using when you look at the Processes tab? Mine is less than 5 GB.
  5. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    Every game is going to run different. 7 Days is well known to take a bit of resources as it has pushed the limits on voxel gaming to give us the masterpiece that it is. So do you have issues with crops growing? It is the same code that I use to do the car respawn. Are you doing a bunch of cars at once? Does it happen if you only do 1 car?
  6. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    Do you have any other mods installed? If so which ones? Are you using the a19.1 version? Not the dropbox one above as I don't have a dropbox link to my mod. I have tested the mod and can't find any issues with it so I do need more information. Thanks. Please remove the link you put to where you edited my mod. I am fine with people making edits to use in their own games even to the point of sharing with friends playing on their servers. But I don't want them linked in this forum since I try and troubleshoot problems. Btw the version you are using does not have my latest changes to add the new vehicles.
  7. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    Thanks. Love to hear when it is helpful. It lets me know it is still worth me taking the time to keep it updated and available. Curious about the accidents, is it when someone runs it over with a jeep or something? That is cool though if it works for you. I have it set at the amount of what I do because I hated beating on that wheel forever to clear them off the road or for removing them for building purposes.
  8. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    Added a link to the 19.1 Car Respawning on the first page of this post. The Fun Pimps have added in 3 new vehicles and the updated file will also respawn those.
  9. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    You would need to make sure the one you dragged into your mod folder is Ana_Vehicle_Respawner folder. Github puts the mod inside a folder called 7D2D-Vehicle-Respawner-master which you don't need and would mess up stuff.
  10. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    Thank you. Glad to know you are enjoying the mod.
  11. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I tested and it is working just fine for me. I get a complete new car. Are you still having trouble? Have you tested to see if the mod works by itself without any other mods added? I don't see any change to the car blocks. - - - Updated - - - I am getting a complete car. Are you still getting a wreck?
  12. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I have checked the mod and it is working fine for me. Please make sure you are using the one I did that is linked on the first post. I know some other people posted their mods under this thread. I had those moved to a separate thread by a while ago because of the confusion it was causing.
  13. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I will check the mod and see if it still works okay. They might have changed something that has broke the mod.
  14. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I am glad it is working for you. And yes you can place vehicles from creative menu and once they get destroyed have ones come back in their place. You will know it is working as you will get the tire on the ground.
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