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  1. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    You would need to make sure the one you dragged into your mod folder is Ana_Vehicle_Respawner folder. Github puts the mod inside a folder called 7D2D-Vehicle-Respawner-master which you don't need and would mess up stuff.
  2. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    Thank you. Glad to know you are enjoying the mod.
  3. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I tested and it is working just fine for me. I get a complete new car. Are you still having trouble? Have you tested to see if the mod works by itself without any other mods added? I don't see any change to the car blocks. - - - Updated - - - I am getting a complete car. Are you still getting a wreck?
  4. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I have checked the mod and it is working fine for me. Please make sure you are using the one I did that is linked on the first post. I know some other people posted their mods under this thread. I had those moved to a separate thread by a while ago because of the confusion it was causing.
  5. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I will check the mod and see if it still works okay. They might have changed something that has broke the mod.
  6. So after reading some people saying they didn't get wandering hordes much I did some testing. I haven't been seeing them as often either. Use to be every day but now maybe twice a week. So I used the spawnwanderinghorde command 15 times in a row (single player from my client and out in the middle of a forest so I could see around me well) and this is what I got. In the middle of testing and killing out the hordes I must have got to "wolf stage". They seemed to work better but maybe because they move fast and change directions some. Just wondering if this might be why we aren't seeing them much. Wonder what @faatal thinks. 1 - far off not coming my direction 2 - wait 1 hr message 3 -wait 12 hr mesage 4 -little ways off heading toward me 5 -a little ways off but no coming my direction 6 wait 12 hr msg 7 wait 12 hr msg 8 near and coming toward me 9 wait 12 hr msg 10 wait 12 msg 11 wolf horde came right to me 12 wait 1 hour msg 13 wolf horde not headed to me 14 wolf horde came to me 15 wolf horde came near
  7. If you go the 7 Days to Die steam store page you nominate the game for the "The Labor of Love Award". I would love to see them win this. Spread the word if you would. Thanks.
  8. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    I am glad it is working for you. And yes you can place vehicles from creative menu and once they get destroyed have ones come back in their place. You will know it is working as you will get the tire on the ground.
  9. Anabella

    Car Respawning

    [Modlet] Ana_Car_Respawning This is the link the 18.1 b8 version of the mod. Same as the one on the beginning of the post. https://github.com/Anabella00geek/7D2D-Vehicle-Respawner
  10. Even though that might be helpful in the snow biome I think I will pass on the hairy chest.
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