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  1. Updated to Snufkin_CustomZombies_A19.2b3_test_2020Oct08 with stability in mind. Here is a link for the update. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CustomZombies-A19.2-b3-2020Oct08 This has also been added to the thread post linked to from the opening post by Snufkin. This update has 3 changes for issues and a potential issue. 1. items.xml - Scorcher name="ammoProjectileScorcher" Changed the following property to a comment and updated it to an alternative particle effect to avoid looping audio at the point of origin when the first insta
  2. @BubbaJoe You went far and beyond with your methodical checking and put a lot into clarity. It looks like this type of change is a known issue and Slawa has implemented in using a preferred method. I also know Roboloto uses the alternative fire particle as he suggested it for another zombie which has flames railing behind him. The small electric particle has lost some zap but still applies shock and it will work as a temporary fix until otherwise. Archon is very special in that the particle doesn’t cause the same issue and no need to change what isn’t hurting. I’ll add a patch and
  3. @h0tr0d @BubbaJoe @Bisawen Attempting to isolate the issue with Scorcher and Geist's looping particle sound at their initial projectile activation point has been a real test... The first approach was to compare Geist, Scorcher, and Archon, as Scorcher and Archon share the same fire particle, whereas Geist has the electrics. Archon was working just fine, in my case, and I couldn't spot any anomalies. However, changing Geist and Scorcher's particle effect has worked for me. For Geist, changing from: items.xml <item name="ammoProjectileGeist
  4. Of course, you are welcome to have these files right now. No need to wait He is still built into the larger mod with all the other characters at the moment. For the future he can be separated as a single entity and renamed so he doesn't conflict with other mods. The only changes I made are as mentioned above. Are you good to: - Separate him as a standalone. - Rename all the relevant areas. - Apply all of StompyNZ's previous assets? Maybe giving him a totally new name would work.
  5. arramus

    Bomber Zombie

    Just attempting to resurrect the buff as per @xxx73's request. You never gave up on this one and I look forward to seeing and playing your own build. The flame buff is instant on spawning but @mdf25's comment about needing to hit the zombie to stimulate a trigger for the chase and possible explosion is still valid. On occasion the bomb discharges before any explosion and nothing happens. It just fizzles out like an overexerted attempt at releasing flatulence to only be 'rewarded' with a feeble pop...at which point the bomber falls dead, possibly at your feet. Funny moment of suspense though.
  6. Once again, thank you for the tip. This particle fits the concept very well and is closer to the original. With a few tweaks, the flame has been rotated to trail the bomber and has also been moved down to match that starfish exhaust region. It is ever so slightly away from the body as well to give it that licking effect. However, all this is purely experimental as @xxx73 will have the final say. Here is the code and explanation. buffs.xml <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachParticleEffectToEntity" target="self" particle="p_fire_
  7. Great tip Robeloto and thank you. This may be exactly what the effect needs and will make @xxx73's day as this has been a long process to restore. I can't speak for Snufkin's opinion of course, but Slawa has compiled some of your characters, Snufkin's characters, and some self created characters into a Custom compilation mod with full approval.
  8. I tested scaling the Cowhead and while he does scale up, so does his floating distance from the ground and he looks odd as he walking on air. The alternative is to scale down the Cowhead skull if it's hard to get that looking right. I looked for an attachment scaling command for buffs and can't find one in default files or online. I also looked in the block files for the Cowhead to see if it can take a broad scaling property which would impact every instance though. <block name="decoCowSkull"> <property name="Extends" value="decoEntityPolymerMaster" param
  9. This has been applied to Snufkin's Bomber which is utilising the same exploding cop principle as the suicide bomber. Applying the original archetype values from the original creator gets the cosmetic look about him. Replacing the buffs.xml barrel entry with this entry from the game default files and a body placement value from Snufkin's settings gets something, but it may not be as pretty as you hoped because that particle looks like it changed over time. <triggered_effect trigger="onSelfBuffStart" action="AttachParticleEffectToEntity" target="self" parti
  10. Such awesomeness being shared. I wonder if you could utilise the default commented out code for the blimp or built it up from scratch. Either way, this is absolutely delightful.
  11. @h0tr0d@ShoudenKalferas Well, here are some playtesting results. For both fun and serious consideration. Value 1 has a thermite fizzle and spits up pinky purple globules of untextured space slime. Value 2 offers the frag rocket effect with shrapnel tracing. It is very effective. Value 3 is identical to value 1; more slime. Value 4 is our 'beloved' vehicles. Value 5 offer the High Explosive rocket effect with all the subtlety of Duke Nukem. It quickly fades though and is very effective. V
  12. Thank you. Changing just for the sake of changing can create divisions, but changing for the purpose of restoring stability is just good sense. If objects are pushing through walls without context or creating anomalous game physics while in play then this can send the server into a stream of warnings which can ultimately cause instability. It's good to hear this feedback from multiple sources as well to ensure it's not an isolated concern.
  13. Great suggestions, and now that the shark has been mentioned publicly, I'll add to it 1. I also took a tentative peek at the Shark and played with a few file edits and tried to add one more. It's definitely going to need some work. Reducing the scaling back to 1.0 allowed it to be more present but there is an asset which may have been totally removed or received a name change that needs restoring. One thing I learned from Snufkin' code was how to add ambient sound: Adding: <AudioSource name="Sounds/AudioSource_Underwater_LP"/> as a trigger for its idle
  14. The creator of the Quick Hween costume is here with good news. Please bundle up absolutely everything you have done and I'll add a link to the post that Snufkin has linked to in the initial post which contains all the download links for what we have done so far. And if you make a separate post in this thread with an introduction and pictures I can link to it as well. 2 weeks is far too much coding to let it go to waste and server hosts are always crying out for variety. At the moment, the post has: 1. The restoration of Snufkin's Custom Zombies to as close to the origin
  15. I really like The Wrestler and added a little comment in the release post for how server/client hosts can add it to their group file. I tried The Wrestler in the desert at night and it felt really good. The orange glow and the lack of silhouette as well as the almost camouflage effect make it a very ominous encounter. It's also coincidental that The Undertaker is a professional wrestler and The Wrestler and The Undertaker make a wonderful tag team for this nighttime biome appearance. I think this may be a good place for him and will see if anyone adds it to this biome and collect feedback to s
  16. I took a look at the original thread for StompyNZ's original and also the efforts you made to restore it. Based on original code and the current default code, it looks like a lot of the syntax in the Buffs.xml has changed from an ID: to naming format and I don't know if the buff effects still exist at all. The UMAController also seems to be an issue if that was implemented based on StompyNZ's additional suggestions. It seems that IDs are specific to certain items and this has caused conflict on recent updates. I saw you were interested in maintaining the speeding lunge towards the
  17. Thanks for running it under such an eclectic mix of other mods. If anyone ever asks about compatibility with other zombie mods, this is a great post to direct them to.
  18. If you want to experience as close to Snufkin’s original mod as possible, the arramus version is the one for you. If you want to experience an enhanced compilation containing Snufkin’s original mod, Robeloto’s characters, and Slawa’s own characters all built into one, then Slawa’s mod is the one for you. Best not to run both at the same time as they share identical assets for Snufkin’s mod and things could get very messy. It’s great that they’re only server side and can be switched without causing the clients any pain. All the best with your choices.
  19. Hi FranticDan. I took a good look at Spencer Mansion in the editor and it has plenty of polish in it and will be a superb Prefab for the CP if you allow it to head that way. However, I wanted to do a good run through. I just have a question about initiating a quest. Did you add any rally quest markers? I joined the map and went straight to the trader to start a fetch and clear. The quest began but the rally point was set on the far SW corner and about 30 meters underground. I wasn't around in A16 if that is when the mansion began its construction and am not familiar if the process
  20. After extended testing by our community server administrators and client hosts as well as much support from community modders here is a link for Snufkin's Custom Server Side Z(S)ombies - A19 Stable. https://github.com/arramus/Snufkin-CustomZombies-A19-Stable-2020Nov03 This additional download is just a one layered zip without the github additional folder for server hosts having trouble with that. I added the above one so as not to leach too much from the forum. Snufkin_CustomZombies_A19-Stable_2020Nov03.zip A full Revisions and Readme text file for all
  21. @Slawa Now that's an interesting assortment. Character 1 and 4 look like they could be in their own spawn group and face you like a tag team, 'The gruesome twosome'. Character 3 , the 'Funk Freak' looks like he was infected while giving a performance on the stage and is using his instruments for a different kind of music. And character 2, is just plain scarey. He looks like a cattle rancher with cattle prods in each hand, 'Sparky McGee'.
  22. Just testing out the A19.1 (b8) build on A19.2 (b3) for compatibility. In addition, this will be running on a new World using the new CP46 Prefab pack with Bdub's Vehicle and a host of server side mods to stress test. It will also be a good chance to add back the appropriate mesh ragdolls that are being taken from another character they were not originally intended to be taken from. Once these mesh ragdolls are returned, this will put Snufkin's Custom Zombies back to 99.9%+ (give or take) of what was originally intended. I'm barely into Day 1 and we had our
  23. Putting CP46 through its paces on Alpha 19.2 (b3) of all things for players on low-mid end gaming rigs who want to experience enhanced gameplay with custom features. World settings: 8K with CP46 supporting vanilla built in Nitro. PC setup (Quite dated) i7 4770 / 24gb ddr3 / SSD for primary apps but running 7D2D on HDD / rx 5600 xt (6gb) At first there was a spike of 10-11gb while loading out. This continued for a while as regions unlocked and things settled down. After checking again 30 minutes later things looked very decent at a low 3gb.
  24. Thanks a lot. I shall match those settings to reflect the settings you successfully use. And an update and bug patching is always a great thing to see.
  25. Thanks for the release, rapid patch, and the overall very noticeable increase in performance. My first fetch trader quest was to Magoli's xcostum_timbershop. I couldn't find a quest marker anywhere as I neared the Prefab and didn't receive a proximity update either. I opened up the Prefab in the Editor, and there are certainly satchels in the Prefab but no sign of a quest rally marker. Just one for the list. Sorry to bring it up so soon after release.
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