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  1. Twitch integration lets the viewers affect what’s happening in game, so they can mess with the streamer.
  2. I really doubt TFP are going to drastically diverge from how the stats are now, so i designed the taser so it lines up with their current conception of the perks. Especially since INT is one of 2 stats that has only 2 weapons associated with them. The other being Fortitude which has the best survival perks in the game, so it’d make sense that it would have fewer preferred weapons.
  3. Well, i wanted to keep it a bit narrower to keep it clean in its aesthetic and purpose. Fire is integrated via the perk bonus and thermite (or whatever it gets replaced with) handles armored zeds. While i was considering making a chemical-based weapon, i decided against it due to the difficulty in making the weapon having a unique function while not making it a must-have for everyone and a sprayer or a small-radius grenade launcher would be incredibly useful for any build. I didn’t want this to get too broad in scope and potentially dilute the INT stat’s aesthetic or become a larger endeavor t
  4. There are a couple things that i think could be improved but am not 100% sure how to go about it. I’m not completely sold on the thermite rounds, as they’re not as appropriate for a taser without a bit of explanation and work only with the “burn” half of the “electrical burn” theme. But the gun needs an AP equivalent and most of its damage ignores armor inherently, so it has to interact with armor in a way that’s actually useful to other damage sources, ergo the armor reduction in the vein of the spikes club mod. I made it weaker than the spikes mod because it was ranged as op
  5. I’m not sure how much you’d need to tweak for hordes, seems like it would use normal spawn ratios just more spawns and faster. as for gamestage, you just shift the weaker zeds into ferals/irradiated, maybe bumping up the % of specials vs regular zeds. Don’t forget, a lot of the specific numbers are based on balance and internal data that we as players don’t have access to, so what you should be focusing on is making sure that the concepts behind your new zeds and what you want fighting them to feel like are really clear. Ultimately you want your idea as easy to bring in as possible whil
  6. Numbers seem reasonable, looks like it would get a good mix of types in a horde. Seems solid.
  7. The reason i am suggesting adding an entire weapon line for the INT grand stat is because while the turrets are an excellent addition and make for a really interesting playstyle for INT, the player doesn’t have a lot to do while their turrets are blazing away. This weapon type would give the INT player a way to aid their turrets while not raising their damage to low earth orbit as well as giving players a tool to increase the effectiveness of traps and allies during horde nights, further playing into the INT tree’s role as team leader and its trap-focused horde night strategy. Tas
  8. They might not really care if your idea has support, just if it’s well thought out. i do think people want more variety and so i think you are in the ballpark. You might want to look at it from how l4d2 did their zeds, 90% of them were a single type with different clothes so they looked a bit different but had no gameplay changing characteristics, uncommons had 1 unique trait but either the trait was weak/situational (hazmats were immune to grenade effects) or they were rarer (riot cops were bulletproof from the front), and there were even fewer special infected which was where most of th
  9. Yeah, blowing stuff up in voxel is super fun! i’m just thinking about it from a minmax perspective because i play too many rpgs. Was concerned that gleefully blowing things up would burn out resources, but it doesn’t really seem like that is too much of a problem.
  10. I agree that having meaningful variety is really important, and i think adding some more unique characteristics would be good. That being said, adding separate loot tables and new abilities is a lot harder to do and more time consuming than new models alone would be as well as spreading the work to more than just the art and animation staff. I think the ideas you have are definitely worth considering and taking into account in terms of making zombies more engaging but I don’t think i’d put the entire amount you have listed here as it seems like it’d be kind of overwhelming both for TFP to make
  11. Nuke them from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure.
  12. Fair enough, i generally tend to prefer a game to be really story heavy if it’s going to go dark, otherwise it strikes me as doing it more for cool factor which i find dilutes the darker elements to being more window dressing, but splatterfests like NZA are loads of fun which could be very cool in 7D2D. it’d be more dependent on the execution for me, if they had some ideas they really wanted to run with using darker stuff i’d be 100% down for it.
  13. i was more referring to the tones and abstract aesthetics and themes, not that directly inspired. Probably want to go visually about 18 to be safe, as it’s pretty universally considered adult and wouldn’t get any problems with distribution while still having the younger designs for visual variety. i have played no more room in hell, and it’s a lot of fun, it’s getting a full sequel apparently. i do get what you’re getting at and people are getting more supportive of darker themes in general but most portrayal of kids being hurt, both 16-17 and younger is generally left to the realm
  14. I picked dawn of the dead over l4d2 for the emphasis on looting stocked buildings and holding out but i’m sure both were influences. Mad Max was because of the vehicles and the vaguely weird science elements, whereas metro is a touch more polished in its scrapped together items but it’s also a reasonable choice. I was thinking about what TFP was more likely to be drawing from given when 7D2D started development and that it’s an american company.
  15. Most of those seem fine, might want to be careful of bloating the zombie types too much. my issue with kid zombies is not how they would “realistically” fit in, it’s both that there are real world issues that adding them would cause and that there really isn’t a benefit to adding kid zombies into this game. at best, they’d just be another generic zombie type that wouldn’t add a lot of flavor or mechanical interest while keeping 7D2D from being sold in a number of countries and at worst, they’d be boring edge factor that would interfere with the tone of the game and might actually tur
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