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  1. Plus the shotgun’s short range is an important offset for its sheer stopping power, giving it range equivalent to a high end 9mm or low end AR would make it insanely powerful as well as mess up its multi-target. i very much agree about the spear though, as it stands the damage on the regular attack isn’t enough to properly keep pace with the other options, the reach and armor piercing aren’t quite enough to make it worth using.
  2. Just have it made entirely of metal and treat repairing it like the blade trap. Basically just metal spikes on pistons.
  3. Honestly you could do the wall-axe trap in 7D2D, just make it out of scrap metal and obvious mechanical parts. it’s basically the mixture of the blade trap and robo-sledge.
  4. As far as i can tell, the only real difference between the robo-sledge and the pusher trap in Orcs Must Die is area of effect and the fact the robo-sledge is easier to place and replace. So I don’t necessarily see more kinetic traps overburdening CPUs more so than what’s already been implemented. I’d love more variety in traps and defenses, maybe even more utility focused traps that do little or no damage but provide strong crowd control to help setup killzones for your damage traps. Leaning more into the Base defense/Tower defense aspects would be fantastic and i hope TFP is planning on doing that in a later alpha.
  5. While i can see what you mean in the context of yield/loot bonuses, I disagree but i do think they should have more of an offset. that last statement though is ridiculous. Impact is not a yes/no factor, that’s literally the core principle of the entire concept of game balance. We can argue about whether those bonuses should be there or not (i’d say that as is they shouldn’t be implemented but they likely look much different now than when announced) but everything an attain a healthy balance while having a noticeable impact.
  6. So because the stats are possibly over or under powered, they should be scrapped entirely? that’s a completely useless standard, all stats can be too high or too low. we don’t know whether or not the stat bonuses add anything of merit because we have no idea what they’ll look like outside of the very earliest concepting.
  7. Yeah, i’m thinking that people just haven’t asked that question yet under the assumption that the designation of T3 hasn’t changed.
  8. I’m still not actually certain this is still INT’s T3 robotic line, it’s very different from the rest of the line and arguably isn’t an actual weapon. It’s possible that the robotics perk get dramatically overhauled so it can apply useful bonuses to the drone but given that the drone’s base function is as a flying storage chest, the perk would have to have a wide array of bonuses to be able to be useful for both automated turrets and the Heli-Pack™️ I’m guessing it’s another tool/utility item that might not actually have a governing perk.
  9. What kind of changes do you think would make it more fun to use for you to use Xbows do have unique ammo types and the T3 Xbow has good stats especially when perked out, but the T1 probably could use a bit of a range/velocity kick to make it a more compelling alternative to the pistol. I have the sneaking suspicion that a larger issue is that the bow/Xbow line lacks a T2 option at the moment which creates a major deadzone in the progression. Thankfully that should be fixed in A20. Yeah, that likely should be turned down so you only bust through blocks that you’re trying to destroy, probably should require at least 4 pellets to land for a block to be destroyed since you’re likely not going to do that accidentally.
  10. I’m interested in what the new armor sets are going to bring to the table and it looks like the intent for the set bonuses is to help support playstyles the player had already chosen, not force a player into one. That being said, i’m not entirely certain that set bonuses are the right direction to take the armor system, at least as they being conceived as of the last time we heard about it. But i also doubt the system looks the same as it did in the announcement, i think we’d have heard more about it at this point if it was going to be exactly like the announcement. Regardless i trust TFP to make the new armor system a blast to use and give players interesting options.
  11. Could have the locked doors lead to side loot rooms, toss in a few extra zeds in a cramped space and it’d give the player an option to make the POI a bit harder for more loot. Basically just storage closets but a bit bigger. It’d require a bit of rebalancing of the POIs and would likely be a non-choice for clear em out quests, but it might be fun and could give more of a decision in how a player wants to approach doing the POI than just “finish it or bail out early”. Also would be a decent anti-nerd poleing measure.
  12. I’m curious what everyone’s thoughts are on how the weapons (including their associated perks and perk books) are balanced. my personal thoughts are that the club, knuckles, and AR all could use nerfing and the spear and knife could use a buff, but i’m really interested in hearing which you all think need tweaking and in which direction. thanks in advance!
  13. I’m glad to hear the new gear progression is going well, i’m really looking forward to it! Also curious what other system changes might come with it, like if the perks and weapon stats are getting tweaked or something.
  14. Oh, absolutely. There are lots of good combinations available. My position was always about making sure the power allocation for the Baton and Turrets was within a reasonable margin of other options, which was why i was focused on the idea on-perk INT builds. If you want to go hard into direct combat while also being specced into INT, you absolutely are going to go off-perk with weapons, but INT’s weapons are designed for indirect combat and i just want to be certain they are as powerful at their specialization as other perks weapons are at theirs.
  15. I agree and you can’t completely design around all skill levels, which is why you try to look at it from both a relative balance perspective and a skill floor/ceiling perspective. Exactly, not every trait a weapon has can be modified by difficulty. Take your stun baton example, because more of its power is in its stun rather than its raw statistics (damage, stamina cost, etc) the baton is less directly affected by difficulty level but the stun becomes more necessary to survive as enemy damage increases and player damage decreases, making it more useful on higher difficulties and as the gamestage increases. Same with the spear’s long range and armor penetration, less useful when enemies are weaker and have little or no armor but more useful when they do more damage and have higher armor rating. Since armor rating isn’t a part of difficulty modifiers, the spear also isn’t as affected by difficulty. So difficulty isn’t overly useful a metric for weapon balance but can be useful to reveal where weapons power allocations are distributed and whether or not those allocations are within a reasonable margin of each other.
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