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  1. i'd like to see more story-mode advances in the game at this point. some SP improvements like better npc/dialogue, missions, unique POIs with unique items (places and items that generate only once on a map, and are guaranteed to generate). i'd aslo like to see stone items removed from sealed containers. rather find nothing at all rather than stone items in those things. it doesn't make sense that working stiffs would seal up a stone axe and shovel in a shipping container. lol.
  2. how often do people actually play to level 300? a more realistic point distribution should be balanced for level 200 (at 1x exp rate). another question to ask would be how many hours do people typically spend on a map? on sp map, with average 90 min days, one might play to day 100 and have 150 hours in a map. i don't think people typically spend much more time than that on a map. this will likely translate to how long a typical player spends on an mp map. if my assumptions are accurate, a progression system should be balanced for level 200/150 hours. a player should be able to max out 2 main skills and get 5 other skills to medium level. and if they play longer than the 'expected' time/levels, they'll just have an opportunity to improve more skills. to get more accurate data to work with, one would have to conduct surveys on the player base to get their input on how long they spend on a map.
  3. i thought about that. with this 2x multiplier implementation, it is actually 1 point more expensive to max out a combat skill than the current attribute system, even more expensive if you include the fact that the user can wear magic glasses to shave off some more points from the requirement. having a bigger multiplier, like 3x (which was my original plan) would discourage anyone from accepting this system over the vanilla implementation. actually coming up with a new system and playtesting it might be a fun diversion until next alpha comes along.
  4. you could disassociate perks from attributes, but then you would need to gate them under something else. either character levels or increased cost for perks. eg: level 1 = 1 point level 2 = 2 points level 3 = 6 points level 4 = 8 points level 5 = 10 points this way, even if you rush dump all your points into one weapon perk, you will only be able to max it out at level 23 and you would do so at a great cost of having all your other skills gimped. i think the above is balanced, since you could still max out a weapon relatively early, but playing with a more balanced spread of perks, it will take around level 60 to 80 to max it out, which is reasonable.
  5. i don't mind the way it is now. it forces you to make some decisions early game onto mid game. doesn't matter much late game since you'll have enough perk points to buy every perk. and there is really no need to rush maxing out a combat skill. i've played level 150+ without maxing out a single combat skill, and it hasn't made much difference. you can raise a lot of skills to level 4 without a huge investment in perks.
  6. i would go with a classic amphibious beaver, and something i know how to fly. this can also take me to remote areas in northern canada where i can survive off the land for years.
  7. chill and build settings: survivalist 64 max alive 90 min days horde every 5 days (because i can't math) no air drops (i mean really, who is out there flying a plane, dropping random crates in the wasteland? any government is history, bro) loot 25%, no respawn delete inventory on death zombie jog during day 2 x XP mult (for faster progression, bigger early hordes, and earlier high value loot. i'm not getting much from POIs) most of my loot mid+ game will be delivered by my zombie loot express base and screamer farm. if i survive the day 2ish dog horde, i win. (oh and i don't try to "save" my stuff if i know i'm about to die everything stays on to the bitter end).
  8. ah, so you've seen the secret sham recipe have you?
  9. imagine having challenges to overcome in a survival game. the nerve!
  10. melee is the main culprit, but ranged is pretty bad as well, though not as bad. the zombie ranged attackers can see you behind hatches and barf at you from the back of their heads while facing the opposite direction with 360 no-scope accuracy from maximum range. when bandits armed with firearms are introduced, it's probably going to get worse. and it will never be at the same level of quality as a dedicated FPS. melee is just bland... step in swing, step out. run in swing hard, run out. no dodges, no blocks, no counters, no slides, no grapples etc. and even though this is less of a problem than it used to be, you do still get multiple zombie bodies squeezed into a space that should only fit 1. and i get it, that kind of combat is not the focus of this game and that's why i mentioned that it will always be crap and if that's an important factor for you, then you shouldn't buy this game.
  11. can anyone fix the general lee model to a more authentic color and flag? i know the woke culture will cry about it, but it's not the general lee without the proper flag.
  12. every alpha 19.4 map i've played (about 4 so far), the game didn't spawn a single deer that i could see until i was way past level 30 and way past needing the damn things.
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