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  1. i would go with a classic amphibious beaver, and something i know how to fly. this can also take me to remote areas in northern canada where i can survive off the land for years.
  2. chill and build settings: survivalist 64 max alive 90 min days horde every 5 days (because i can't math) no air drops (i mean really, who is out there flying a plane, dropping random crates in the wasteland? any government is history, bro) loot 25%, no respawn delete inventory on death zombie jog during day 2 x XP mult (for faster progression, bigger early hordes, and earlier high value loot. i'm not getting much from POIs) most of my loot mid+ game will be delivered by my zombie loot express base and screamer farm. if i survive th
  3. ah, so you've seen the secret sham recipe have you?
  4. imagine having challenges to overcome in a survival game. the nerve!
  5. melee is the main culprit, but ranged is pretty bad as well, though not as bad. the zombie ranged attackers can see you behind hatches and barf at you from the back of their heads while facing the opposite direction with 360 no-scope accuracy from maximum range. when bandits armed with firearms are introduced, it's probably going to get worse. and it will never be at the same level of quality as a dedicated FPS. melee is just bland... step in swing, step out. run in swing hard, run out. no dodges, no blocks, no counters, no slides, no grapples etc. and even though this is less of a
  6. can anyone fix the general lee model to a more authentic color and flag? i know the woke culture will cry about it, but it's not the general lee without the proper flag.
  7. every alpha 19.4 map i've played (about 4 so far), the game didn't spawn a single deer that i could see until i was way past level 30 and way past needing the damn things.
  8. have you planed and enjoyed similar games? empyreon, ark, subnautica... 7d2d is imo the best of the bunch. but that's also because i'm into zimbie themed games. the graphics are good but not great. they will never be great. the combat is... crap. and it will always be ... crap. the building aspect is probably the best you'll find in any game. the customization and modding capability is great. it may get even better. the rp aspect is weak, it's not an rp game. it might get a bit better. the sound quality is ok. there is room for improvement. the de
  9. how do you all spend your starter perks? i always go with sexy t. and save the rest to spend organically.
  10. and then after a week, there wouldn't be any zombies left. i'm referring specifically to the aesthetic of the zombies. it can be anything, but the aesthetic rules out some things. if they were going with a parasite or a 28 days later rabies -like infected, the zombie design would look different.
  11. that does it then. necromantic magic is now canon.
  12. can't put it into a single picture. it's just a motion sensor on a 5/10s power delay (or different delay based on your particular setup), activated on zombie sighting. the sensor activates a powered hatch which blocks off the "short" path to where you are for however many seconds you want. any zombie that does a "where are you" update calculation while the hatch is up will choose the longer path. thus, splitting the waves down separate paths. it's not an even split, but works well enough in some setups, and you can employ multiple sensors/paths with whatever devious trap rooms you can co
  13. because infected people still need to be biologically alive in a functional body in order to run around. 7d2d designers have gone with the 'risen dead' aesthetic with the zombies looking like they are walking corpses rather than living people with an infection.
  14. grandpa is a secret necromancer, isn't he? that would explain his magic elixirs.
  15. yeah, i know it's all in fun, but i like to immerse myself into the game world.
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