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  1. I am on my knees) Hunting rifle has laggy animation and i dont feel anything when i reload ak and top sniper rifle (no power or enything i wanna see ) Blunderbuss- is like a meme. Lets hope, that new weapon wont be like any 3 of this. If someone think that i am a picky or a new player -the answer is no. I have been playing this game almost from the beginning and it became much bigger and complex. So if they wanna be a completed game - there have to be a plesure from using a weapon too . I am happy to hear a good news from Laz Man. I hope that they will do it only better with updates. L U ❤️
  2. Most of the reload animations look insanely cheap and were done without efforts( for example, zombie physics looks pretty cool). Shooting feels clunky, and the sound is not great (not the most important part). I really hope, that shooting from new weapons and their reload animations will be enjoyable for everyone who use it. I want to get pleasure from using weapon. Not to use it because i dont have a choice P.S. I am not a native english speaker
  3. Make shooting more comfortable with really good animations for new "hadnmade" and old weapons (which have big problems in this) for first person view. This is the one of most important things in gameplay. I really hope that you will do good work on this part of a game (╥﹏╥)
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