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  1. Should be fixed now ... Like I said I'm still new to xml & coding in general so sorry about that But thanks for the helpful answers it helps me learn ♥
  2. Note: I'm new to modding and I'm learning as I go! So go easy on me I'm gonna add more Mods in the future hopefully ... Better Goggles Adjusting the stats of some Eyewear in the game that feels more fair. All Goggles have +10% Exp Gain & +4 Loot Bonus Aviator Goggles have +1 Fortitude Treasure Radius -1 still exclusive to Aviator Goggles Crafting Time -10% still exclusive to Nerdy Glasses Note: Might be adding Cold Resistance to Ski Goggles & Heat Resistance to Shades in the future so that they all have an additional exclusive Stat. Pictures https://imgur.com/a/bMfXnb3 Better Goggles.rar
  3. Actually I like the look where he has 2 different eyes one blank & the other hazed
  4. by disappear you mean they turn into empty bookshelf or the whole bookshelf disappears?
  5. Do we have and exact time when A19 is available for everyone tomorrow?
  6. Amazing! I love this Would be nice to see a secondary version of C4 that deals high block damage and only damages the block it is attached to is or atleast have a super tiny explosion radius for raiding doors or bust open safes Also question do the traps work with Advanced Engineering? for the Exp gain I mean
  7. GneX

    Telrics Story Time

    Some weirdness ... there is one: Zombies are having a Party! Thats really ... weird
  8. The problem is no one has really figured out a way to implement custom paint textures yet. So the only way might be mods that add some "pre-labeled" Storage boxes into the game. Example: https://7daystodiemods.com/alpha-18-mods/hd-supply-boxes/
  9. GneX

    Thumper System

    Any chance this gets updated for A18? Also this could be used like a "request Supply drop" kinda thing where you have to fend of the waves and get a supply crate as a reward. besides that its very nice to give some more options for quests.
  10. I need to stop browsing through old mod threads .... so many mods I'd love to see updated for A18 but most likely never will *sigh*
  11. open your configPrefablist.txt in the resources folder and add a line with your compopack 43 prefablist for it to show up as an option in Nitrogen
  12. Some suggestions: Start looting / wrenching late when you have high salvaging & lucky looter perks. Also with a bit of creativity you can wrench the cars around the tower you just cant let your woodframes touch the ground but you can go a couple of blocks out. I really enjoyed the challenge managed to complete it on my 2nd attempt on Survivalist/Jog/Nightmare(during Night). Yeah sometimes you can get unlucky but well thats just how it is. They say luck is also a kind of skill The only thing I dont really like about the challenge is that it kind of forces you to do a certain Intelligence/Perception Build to have a good chance of success.
  13. GneX

    Valmars A18

    Just an Idea: Is it possible to make a Mod to unlock doors with a lockpick? Ofc make the success rate alot higher than safes etc. and for Vault Doors making a modified Time Charge that doesnt damage but "unlocks" them. Lockpicks would be silent but for the bulky Vault Doors youre using loud explosives to bust the lock open.
  14. First of all: Looks Amazing! But can we all appreciate these amazing Screenshots for a moment ...
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