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  1. I also think that it might be a bit too drastic to tell every zombie in that zone to immediately attack the player, instead they can just wake up and be in an aggressive state which would still keep stealth intact. Probably time to make a new mod!
  2. I have to agree with some aspects of what the Op says. I generally disagree with the spawn system for a couple of reasons. 1. The spawn distance is way too short, I suspect this is the limit of how many chunks are loaded, you can see them usually snap into existence especially during horde nights. 2. Zombies in biomes spawn randomly, there is no logic or weight or anything to it, the game should focus on simulating an actual zombie population so when I clear areas they stay clear unless new ones wander in which could be a constant stream from the map border or have the horde night respawn all around the player which gives it also a natural cycle to it. As for the POI zombies, one thing I always had my gripe with in this game has been the Zombies spawning in absurd locations such as the Closets or maybe even in the Ceiling, its somewhat hard to sell that they just willingly hang around in there forever. I also know its planned to have them wandering in POIs which would change everything, then I would however try to avoid static ones.
  3. Been playing with this mod and on the hardest difficulty, this makes all the difference now.
  4. I do sometimes wish all the things that can be found are without a level and rather have a bigger variety of what can be found. Example I can think of would be a Rusty AK 47 that can potentially jam every few bullets or an ordinary one you could get of a trader, perhaps even have a complete failure where the weapon just explodes to pieces and that is the end of it, this would probably make exploration a bit more fun too.
  5. I corrected the initial post, but yes it will actually work for all piercing damage.
  6. Since A20 client mods are now officially supported without the need of DMT, thanks a lot for that! This mod aims to increase the headshot damage to be able to kill ordinary zombies with one bullet if shot in the head. This works for any damage that is considered piercing damage, bullets, arrows, (probably) spears, excluded are enemies that have armor. Why? There are a couple of reasons to why I wanted it this way. 1. Bullets and brains do not like each other, so when I shoot something that has a head that holds the brain in it and there is no magic involved and also has no protection then the bullet should be the last thing the enemy will see. So for me this is usually an immersion breaking thing when bullets seem to be as weak as throwing stones at them. 2. The pacing of the game is a bit too slow. If you go with a silenced pistol and are a capable shooter this will change the entire pacing of the game, you can now pretend to be John Wick with precise shots. Why not XML? I actually looked at doing it with XML but the damage system in this game is quite complex and I didn't feel comfortable messing with those, I'm a coder and this was straight forward for me. Download https://github.com/ZehMatt/7dtd-HeadshotTime/releases/tag/v1.0.0 Source Code https://github.com/ZehMatt/7dtd-HeadshotTime Installation (Client) 1. Download the release 2. Unpack the archive into "%STEAM_PATH%\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die\Mods" folder. 3. Disable EAC, the mod will not load otherwise. 4. Done Installation (Server) 1. Download the release 2. Unpack the archive into "%STEAM_PATH%\steamapps\common\7 Days to Die Dedicated Server\Mods" folder. 3. Done NOTE: If you install this on the server the clients will NOT need the mod.
  7. What about the Zombies? What about the blood moon event? What about the zombies being able to tell material strength? By now you should have realized this game does not aim to be realistic.
  8. For me this game runs butter smooth. Intel i7-8700K, GTX 1070 8GB, 32GB RAM. The only noticeable drop is still when there is a lot of zombies around, but I still stay above 60 usually, not the best on 144hz screen but its not the worst either, otherwise I usually maintain 140+ at 1080p High/Ultra/Medium range, I'm not using a preset. There is still a very minor spike when I stumble into POIs that have a few zombies that need spawning which is an unfortunate thing as that usually gives away that there is some form danger around the corner.
  9. I think some sort of higher level simulation would solve this issue. Spawning them in randomly can feel strange at times, especially in a scenario where you cleared the area just to return with a bunch of more zombies waiting. I've sort of circumvented this issue with I'll have to look into getting this to work for A20 also. Now with much better C# mod support this shouldn't be too difficult anymore.
  10. Well that was me assuming no one would actually work at the weekend, looks like I'm wrong 😄 Glad to see that however
  11. Usually they don't fix the bug the same day someone reports it, it would hardly make a difference. But I'm not really complaining, its just "unfortunate".
  12. A bit unfortunate to release it after the weekend and not prior
  13. The animal spawning should be unaffected by this mod in general. Screamers should be still triggered by the heat map, I don't recall them being part of wandering hordes, I might be wrong here, so in theory the Mod should not influence it either. And for the dedicated setup only the server requires the mod, clients can play with vanilla client.
  14. I've been thinking on how to add the game stage into the mix, the issue remains primarily on having multiple players in the same area. I want to keep the system more natural with less rules, if you clear an area you should be fine but there is always the chance more of them stumble upon that area and gun sounds have a way of attracting them all in all pretty simple rules. I have however different roaming models planned for the future, one example being actual waves spawning at the border and just crossing through the map from one random map border to another random map border of the opposite direction, this just being one example. Another thing I definitely want to look into is terrain elevations, there are so many things I wanna try out eventually but I have only so much time sadly. There is also always the option to simply fork the source code, the code is under MIT license so you can pretty much do whatever you want.
  15. Update 1/24/2021, Version: 0.3.0 - A19.3 support. - Fixed potentially locking up the server. - Fixed initial population not using 'POITravellerChance'. - Added option to make sound distance configurable. - Added sound event vizualization support to the viewer. - Added option 'PauseDuringBloodmoon'. - Added option 'ReservedSpawnSlots'. - Added option 'WalkSpeedScale'. - Improved offline walking behavior. - Improved zombie spawning to avoid lag. - Improved despawn when backtracking, they have a minimum lifetime of 1 in-game minute. - Reduced network bandwidth for viewer. - Reduced default server update rate from 60 to 40 Hz. - Reduced 'PopulationDensity' from 120 to 60. - Increased 'POITravellerChance' from 0.25 to 0.65. Download: https://github.com/ZehMatt/7dtd-WalkerSim/releases/tag/0.3.0 This is what the new sound visualization looks like: For demonstration purposes all zombies not inflicted by the sound are standing still in this gif.
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