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  1. First of all I'm grateful about the feedback, this is the kind of stuff I need to have the default configuration enjoyable. Most of the simulation is parameterized so I can just tweak the values for what it needs adjusting for. Right now the default population density size is 125 per square km, this is a huge density. You can change this to to a lower number lets say 35, which is about what the United States has. To do so you need to copy the "WalkerSim.xml" into "%7DaysToDiePath%\Mods\WalkerSim\WalkerSim.xml", there you can change "<PopulationDensity>120</PopulationDensity>" to "<PopulationDensity>35</PopulationDensity>", this should create a new simulation when you change the parameters. Also clearing areas should be no problem for as long you dont shoot around, silenced weapons have a really small radius of who gets notified. Also with the reduced density this should feel way more natural, what you are playing against right now is probably something like Hong Kong where a lot of people are close to each other Also feel free to mess around with the other parameters and use the viewer to inspect whats going on.
  2. Screamers are still unaffected as far as I know, you might have not seen any sleepers wake up if you exhausted the maximum zombies that can be alive. I need to look into a potential issue here. I might need to reduce the maximum zombies that are outside by preserving a certain amount for sleepers or something. Regarding game stage, it might be a bit overwhelming when you are at a game stage like 300 and have about 4k zombies roaming, I need to experiment with this. Thanks, ill look into it.
  3. If you can provide a log for when it happens that would be great, I'm unable to reproduce this here.
  4. Make sure you use the latest DMT, I've been testing this with DMT 2.1.7533.22426
  5. Update 8/27/2020, Version: 0.2.1 - DMT support, you can now play this mod without a dedicated server. Download: https://github.com/ZehMatt/7dtd-WalkerSim/releases/tag/0.2.1
  6. At the moment yes. I was considering supporting this for clients only but I'm not sure how to approach it yet.
  7. Update 8/25/2020, Version: 0.2 - A19 support. - Fixed visibility zone not being calculated correctly. - Fixed exceptions being thrown when new players join. - Removed the need to disable enemy spawning via serverconfiguration.xml. - Removed sleepers from the simulation, uses the builtin system instead now. - Added audio events, offline zombies will be attracted towards gunshot sounds. Download: https://github.com/ZehMatt/7dtd-WalkerSim/releases/tag/0.2 NOTE: Now that the simulation will be aware of your gunfire you need to re-think on how you play the game, making a ruckus will just attract more zombies, so think carefully what weapons you will use now, its recommended to use silenced guns if you don't want to attract large quantities of zombies.
  8. Imagine the old Mario games had enemies suddenly pop into existence, I bet no one would have liked the game as much as it they did. Its a bit different just knowing they are "off-screen" vs "may or may not show up"
  9. No. Also it seems that the time I posted this A19 was updated to B180, I will probably update this today or the next coming days. I've also discovered some code that saves about 300 MiB memory, no idea why its done like that.
  10. I can assure everyone saying that this is hardware specific, it is not. You can open the console and find messages about sleepers spawning, this is unrelated to how powerful your PC is. POI's have different sleeper volumes that once you enter they will simply spawn. Having too small boxes or boxes placed infront of doors is exactly what the problem is, you can not expect every player to pick the same route. Also my PC is considered high-end by current means, so I would highly doubt that my hardware is the problem.
  11. This mod should improve some micro stuttering by using a R/W lock rather than the generic lock. I've modified the classes: ChunkManager, ChunkCluster, Chunk. I've also eliminated some redundant locking by moving the code around a bit, like in 'task_CalcChunkPositions' or in 'thread_Regenerating', it locks multiple times while it only needs to do it once. You may also notice a small improvement in FPS when you have a lot of zombies around as they also access the chunk data a lot, since the game has no builtin Benchmark its near impossible to get accurate numbers. I will maybe do more profiling and other smaller optimization where possible. Give it a try and let me know if it improves the stuttering for you. NOTE: Disable EAC when you want to use this. Assembly-CSharp.zip
  12. That is not what the code says, and I spent a fair amount in the Decompiled code. Zombies only spawn when you enter a certain volume, period.
  13. The spawning situation is also not specific to POIs, during Horde/Blood-Night or whatever you wanna call it you can actually see them spawn. Or when you do a buried chest quest, zombies will immediately spawn around the area the moment you clear the chest, come on. Also given this is a "sandbox" game, when I decide to use frames to go up high buildings and not hitting the supposed trigger volumes this leads exactly to this problem I have. I don't see why they cant be already spawned but being in-active/dormant like a lot of other games do it, when getting close to enemies it should turn them active, having an entity that doesn't update because its dormant should have the same effect as spawning them in later resource/performance wise, culling should also prevent rendering things that are simply not visible, I'm absolutely not seeing why its done like that, but developers often don't care to respond to those questions. So when I make a ruckus outside a building I will not get the zombies to come out as they simply don't exist yet, which is disappointing. The situation is just overall sad, sleepers don't make a lot of sense in my eyes, zombies can wander around for weeks without getting tired but some of them decided to rather stay where they are and simply fall asleep? I would much rather have the sleepers entirely wiped from the game and have zombies trapped inside buildings which is more coherent to the world we are thrown in. That's why I also probably find every version before A17 more fun, it was a bit more believable that zombies are just everywhere and that being a result of some @%$*#! that happened years ago in the game. Also yes I'm aware that I can disable sleepers but then every house would become boring knowing no zombie can exist in there.
  14. The best I ever got was about 20 zombies or so on the i9-10900k before the FPS started to drop significantly which is still nothing. There are games from 2004 which could handle way more enemies on your screen, so this is not a CPU problem. Our modern CPUs can even easily handle fluid simulations without having to rely on GPUs anymore, there is definitely a problem with how the zombies are handled in the game and not how our current hardware is unable to keep up, thats just nonsense. I also applied a few years back, I never heard back, literally nothing, currently I also have a job as a software engineer, not looking to change jobs right now. I'm just trying to put in some feedback from what I've gathered from my current A19 play. The game has certainly improved a bit performance wise but whenever I switch back to lets say A16 then the current version is rather a downgrade performance wise and not better. Too much focus went on graphics rather than mechanics which for me got worse every iteration, I've quit my run at day 15 as it felt like I don't need to achieve anything anymore, I can't quite explain why, the first few in-game days were pretty fun but then it just got a bit annoying with the leveling and having to read books where a "probably" grown up man would already know those things just growing up. Edit: I also might look into updating my WalkerSim mod, which does exactly what I mentioned in my first post, it was built for A18 so its probably not gonna work as it is. I had quite a few plans before I got busy with life again.
  15. I had a small base for the blood nights setup on my first in-game week and on day 7 I had the most ridiculous moment with zombies. Around 10 or so spawned around a corner of a building and started to line up and just ran towards a some direction totally ignoring me, too bad I didn't record it, it looked like a zombie train not knowing where to go. The second blood night was a bit different, they just spawned wherever they could be placed nearby me (The In-Game God at play again) The game is still plenty fun, but as some others mentioned the POI's also have a very linear progression/fixed path that you are supposed to take, not taking the intended path leads often to awkward moments where you just have zombies spawn where you just walked by, not fun. I'm also not saying to just take my approach as is, but the general idea is to have roaming zombies populated all over the map which would bring a better scenario in general to the game, we all know that the world is a pretty big place meaning a lot of zombies everywhere. And if you wonder why should they ever walk towards you? Lets just say you fired a gun, any gun, they are brutally loud and you can hear gunshots from miles away usually which should attract more zombies to walk towards this direction. I've worked with Source Engine, Unity, Unreal Engine and I can think of so many ways to compensate the fact that you can only spawn so many zombies before the CPU is starting to cry. I can not comment on what the current performance bottleneck is but if you look around on articles that simulate hundreds of zombies it should be pretty clear that the issue is certainly NOT a technical limit. Just have a look at this game: Thats how it should be
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