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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Everyone! Just wanted to give you an update that the tool I created is almost end to end modlet editing. It now handles the Modinfo.xml, localization.txt and xpath command generation. I have made quite a few modlets with it and for managing XML modlets it is a must have for me. Easily manage different mods, inspect them and even copy objects from them easily with the search tree or directly in an editing window. If you are creating modlets for 7d2d the application is worth learning. Link here: https://www.nexusmods.com/7daystodie/mods/754 I'd love your opinion, general feedback and thoughts on the app.
  2. Me and my friends have a question, when I play and use auto turrets I get xp. My friends don’t think that they can get xp from auto turrets. How do it work? And what do it takes to get xp from them?
  3. Hi, I LOVE this game and have allocated a nice refurbished Windows workstation to run a dedicated server for my gaming group with nothing else running on it. This may seem like a very odd request but I'd actually like to try consuming MORE RAM if it would help with loading new areas of the map. The workstation has SSD only storage and also has 16 GB of RAM on it but never goes above 6 GB of RAM usage in this role. This setup runs really smooth for us except when we are travelling in our vehicles and we hit a new area of the map where there is dramatic stutter and vehicle spasms (even with the SSD). I would gladly trade more RAM usage on the server for less of these incidents. This is just a nice to have type of discussion. The Fun Pimps ROCK and have made the best game ever in my opinion. Thanks so much for any thoughts on this topic.
  4. So when jumping and using the sledge turret at the same time (this one being a T4 w/out any mods) you suddenly spin around uncontrollably... Not even in the normal way you can use your mouse, but more as if your were in a snowglobe, being shaken from side to side. The only way to get out of this glitch is by reconnecting to the world. I have not tried this in a server with other players, so I'm unsure if the avatar moves along as well, but it's still quite annoying... Also, sometimes your mouse is locked in position and you can't look around anymore. I'm not sure however about the specific requirements for this to happen. When stuck in this so called "spinning mode" you don't need to hold the sledge turret, or even use it to trigger another spin, you just need to jump. I've been testing this glitch to tell as much as I can, but tbh it's making me kind of dizzy and giving me a headache, so I'm not gonna keep testing. 2020-10-18_21-02-58.mp4
  5. Hi, y'all. I just had a great idea for a new tool/furniture option: multipurpose ladders Step Ladder: 1x2 blocks. Used for giving yourself a bit more height to reach high dufflebags and hidden loot boxes. A-Frame Ladder: 2x4 blocks. Used for access to second story windows, the roofs of small buildings, etc. Painter's Ladder: Size depends on shape selected. This ladder has context options on the use button to change its shape and can be used to cross gaps in scaffolding, stairs, used as a step ladder, or an A-Frame ladder. These ladders can be picked up when no longer needed and carried in the inventory when you go on raids or trader jobs. Some background into why I thought of this: I love the dungeony POIs and follow the path indicated by the light sources as much as possible. My friend with ADHD doesn't think that way and often uses wood frames for access to things she doesn't see an immediate path to. I know she'd really dig having an object she could carry instead of crafting those blocks each time and I'd appreciate less clutter in POIs since the ladder would be returned to the backpack after use, unlike the frames she leaves scattered about. 😛😄 I'd use it mainly for reaching high boxes in warehouses.
  6. Recently there has been a lot of discussion of the new loot system, and although I agree game progression was way too fast before; I also agree that it is extremely disappointing and odd to find a bunch of stone tools in sealed end of dungeon crates. Locking the player out of progression from looting in the early game makes looting feel like more trouble than it ends up being worth. I think a better solution would be to have a few new tiers of loot progression to pad out the process of getting to the end of the tech tree without losing the feeling of finding better equipment during the early game. I'm sure this is planned but I thought I would give my 2 cents. Tier List: Stone: As it currently is. Cheap: Basically the dollar store brand of Iron Tools. They do 5-10% Less damage than Iron of the same level, but have 50% less durability. Scraps to Plastic or Iron. Would also include a 'Practice Bow' which would do less damage than the full bow but more than the starter bow. Would scrap to plastic or a single Bow Part. This tier would also include the planned pipe pistol and rifle. Maybe it shouldn't be craftable, due to iron being much better (With the exception of the weapons). Iron: As it currently Is. Professional Iron: (Maybe Hardened Iron as a name?) It would have a cleaner look (Less Rusty), would have 10-30% more durability and 5-10% more damage than regular Iron Tools of the same level. Steel: As it currently is. Professional Steel: (Maybe Blue-Steel as a name?) Cleaner Look, 15-30% more Durability and 10-15% more damage than regular steel tools of same level. Mechanized Tools: As it is currently.
  7. Love the cooking and farming aspect, wish there was a bit more. Was looking at my stash this evening and canned pears don't have a recipe. Maybe turn it into peaches and it make peach cobbler with a bit of a sugar rush sprint but there be a slight crash effect where you slow down a bit more then normal. Another cooking idea "toasted acorn boiled acorns" can have them partnered with water in the cooking fire to remove the tannins like irl. Fish or fishing? Pole fishing could add a danger element or trap fishing Nn and gg
  8. is it posible to code a weapon mod (Melee) that increases damage by X percent up to Y percent with each consecutive, not missed, hit,? (I.E a t6 stun baton does 15 damage, 1 hit does 5% extra so 16,, then x, etc until you get a damage of 25 on a single enemy, after you kill that enemy, it resets.
  9. EvilIsland


    someone can ask me a question how we get a return command on our server Hallo zusammen ich weiß die meisten schreiben englisch aber ich weiß nicht wie ich das auf englisch erklären könnte. Nun wir haben Server Tools auf unserem Server installiert klappt auch alles soweit bis auf der Befehl return. Es wäre super nett wenn mir jemand sagen könnte wie man ein return befehl in das Spiel bekommt. LG Devilisland
  10. Hi folks, I'm a long time fan of the game and I'm interested in starting to play around with creating mods but I don't really know where to start. What tools and skills do I need, is there a "beginners guide" or anything? I'd heard that A19 had increased the support for modding so I'm interested in giving it a whirl. All I'm really after is what is the first step? I've had a look at some of Xynth's mods in Github and I understand to a large part what's going on with the XML but I can see Unity3d assets in there and I'm not sure where they fit into the picture. Where do I look for help? Youtube, a wiki or in here? I have a basic grasp of Unity and I know .Net and XML well enough but are they the right tools? Just wondering how to take that first step really so I can start mucking about Edit: For starters it looks like I started one level too far down in the forum navigation.
  11. Couple of ideas for TFP to consider First off would be simple fishing.(it would be much like mine crafts fishing) wait for a bobber to go into water hit the action key and a fish goes into your inventory. I would like to also touch on how I think this could be balanced. Early game you would be able to make a wooden rod that has a high chance of breaking upon catching a fish or junk. Around 50 or 70% as it is early game you can't give easy food out. Next would be an iron rod that has a higher chance for fish and a 40 or less % chance at breaking . Lastly would be fiberglass rod made from military fiber and glass in the forge or something . High chance of fish low chance of breaking. Now my other way might be a lot more work and TFP have a lot of there plate but it would require fish AI and spawns...you would have a fish AI that had hit points so you could use a spear or bow hunt from a dock or shore line. Once dead you harvest it or possible just pick up and scrap it for meat and bones. Witch every way is easiest to code in. Now for the main reason I think fishing would be a great content update later on...The canner it's either a replacement for the beaker in the fire place or it's own work station it makes canned food, this would be late game like the crucible for the forge. You could craft canned salmon and sham for high tier food options. This crafting would require empty can,paper,meat,glue. Meat could be changed for water and veggies for miso and other canned goods. As we all know canned food is really good and other then quest and buried treasure its kinda hard to find so late game crafting would be a nice touch.
  12. This tool I made is a web based tool that simple will convert your game time to real time conversion. This is just a very simple PHP script that I threw together, that just requires you to enter your servers day time cycle and it will tell you the conversion to real time. Visit Conversion site I figured this might be useful for others to use.
  13. I'm sad that there is no paint brush or paint on Ps4. I want my house to look different then the upgraded block. Are there paintbrushes on Ps4, I looked and it wasn't on creative mode. And if there's not will we be getting them any time soon?
  14. Hey All, I’m having some issues with NitroGEN and was wondering if someone could help me troubleshoot the issue. I’m not sure if it’s an issue with the downloads or not, but every time I went away from the spawn point, POI’s would disappear and I would fall through the world. I watched Farket’s tutorial on downloading it as well as the COMPO pack. I’d love to be able to play on these maps, but it’s frustrating trying to troubleshoot this for hours with no guidance. Any help is greatly appreciated! I know I probably sound like a moron, but I’m just trying to get my game to work. Thanks!
  15. I'm Want To Ask About Unity Assets Bundle Extractor . How To Import .OBJ File To Assets ? There Just Export .OBJ , No Import . So I'm Want To Ask, Hehe, Sorry For My Bad English😂
  16. Howdy Survivalists, since Random Gen I always wanted a tool to export the explored world. Although I really like cumu's tool Export-discovered-map-to-png, it simply doesn't fit my needs. Personally I don't like python very much and I don't want to run a web server and browser just to see my map. So, I made my own version based on cumu's tool. It's a small .net application and exports only one player map to one png file. The only option so far is the size of the exported map: FullSize means one pixel equals one ingame block HalfSize means one pixel equals four ingame blocks (two in x and two in y) and so on Download and source code is available at: https://github.com/DorHans/7DTD-SMR/releases Old address provided, in case you need an older version: https://7dtdsinglemaprenderer.codeplex.com A big thanks to cumu for sharing his great work! Also a big thanks to Karlovsky120 for writing the 7DaysProfileEditor. Changelog: 2020-02-06 version 1.11.2020.206 added missing symbol for gyrocopter 2019-12-31 version 1.11.2019.1231 added rendering of biome map and prefabs for Alpha 18 added TileSizes double, triple and quadruple (maximum pixel size of png file is about 20k by 20k, enough for double size with 8k maps or quadruple size with 4k maps) added setting for game directory (needed for prefabs) -> please check "Settings" window! 2019-12-22 version 1.10.2019.1222 new method for reading waypoints from ttp files spawnpoint (bed), backpack and quickmarker are no longer rendered 2017-11-12 version 1.9.2017.1112 new experimental tool RegionViewer (maybe useful for RegionEditor) ImageFilePath is saved for each SaveGame individually Old versions:
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