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  1. This sounds like an installation issue, and not related to King Gen. Are you using the Mod Launcher? If not, I would recommend using the Mod Launcher. Make a separate install just for Compo Pack version.
  2. Can be done, but its a wee bit trick. Download War3zuks mod, and pull out all the custom prefabs. Then using KingGen, make entries for those prefabs, remembering to remove the vanilla traders. I 'might' have a list somewhere, but Im not sure its 100% working stand alone, I hand make a lot of stuff on my maps. I will let you knw, but yeah thats how you do it.
  3. Gaia for Unity. No tutorials, its very difficult to work with. The big problem i have is the export of the raw file. They export very very dark, and i end up losing detail.
  4. Here is a video on basic height map modification, should be good for what you are doing. I made this using Nitro, but the principals are all the same.
  5. Hadnt consider that, but its correct, the very last block before water wont give you trees, and for some reason i think the ground should look like dirt.
  6. Im not sure I understand exactly what you mean, but start with this, once you are in game, hit f1, and type 'trees' (no quotes) this is a toggle, to turn trees on or off.
  7. Ok, I think you are trying to do a lot of things, all at the same time, and its making it too confusing for you. Lets break down what you are trying to do. 1 You want a Darkness Falls Map 2 You are trying to use prefabs from, Darkness Falls, Vanilla, and Compo Pack 47. Is this correct?
  8. Looks like an out of date list, the list of numbers are skipped lines, and the default hubs are not at the top of the list.
  9. There is quite a bit thats included in vanilla that you will not use. You are better off using the CP vanilla list, as it doesnt have all that extra Nav and deco pieces, you dont want those included in your mixer, granted they would be mostly excluded anyway due to the way they are tagged, but they will clutter up your mixer list.
  10. Not necessary. If you are creating your own prefab list to play, just copy all the prefabs to a 2nd folder and create the list from there, does not need to touch the installation copy at all, when completed move the map to either the worlds folder in your install path, or to the generated worlds folder that lives in %appdata%
  11. Ok I just installed map with Darkness Falls version 3.6 and it loaded right up.
  12. I guess I would need to see logs, youve got Darkness Falls installed clean?
  13. Not sure what you mean exactly. Need to know what map, and what mod. Thats not a common error, and likely unlreated to the map itself. Without any other information, I would say a clean install and a new game will fix the issue, but i cant really tell without more information. A dirty install or extra mods added to a map could likely cause this.
  14. Its possible already. Its a few steps, but not at all hard to do. I could do everything you just asked for in 2-3 days max. Draw the biomes, prep the population areas, plan out your towns and cities, then build a mask around that. Easy easy stuff. The one thing I would need to get my hands on for this map is a real clear topographic map in order to plan and adjust the heights a bit more realistic. Other than that, just take into account either the need to create some area with snow, or mod the biomes in order to put the winter ores into another biome and done. If you really want to get fancy, maybe a few Texas specific prefabs, Alamo, maybe a few others.
  15. Best thing is to use the masking functionality, which will help with city size
  16. Not even close man, months off, Ive got a lot of other stuff already in the works. I would guess mid A20. This is definitely not a 'little tool'. I would recommend watching the video series on the tool to learn all the functionality.
  17. Known issue, Im having same issue with newest CP47. Will keep testing.
  18. Its a little too late into A19 to mess with now, but there is a mod that will give all the ores in a single biome, I just need to tweak it a little when 20 drops. Problem with doing Alaska is only a few big cities, that would be a @%$#load of wilderness lol. Id have to find a way to balance it.
  19. Might want to ask this same question over on the King Gen thread.
  20. The xml information in the prefab itself only comes into play when creating the list itself. Once that list is created, it uses the list for reference.
  21. Sounds like a smoothing issue, also maybe drop your water level a few blocks down
  22. Doing just the south would scale a little better than trying the whole lower 48. Scaling everything is really the hardest part. The maps are all squared, so it can be hard to get enough good space without ending up with either too much empty water space or too much unusable high elevation terrain in places like the Appalachian Mountain states. I can take another look at breaking up the 48 into regions. Its also a bummer not to have custom biomes, Florida would also be pretty cool.
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