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  1. What version is the prefab, and what version of 7d2d are you running. Check in the F1 console and make sure you are not seeing vertice error spam. Im not really sure the reason for it, but ive chased it out by deleteing, but its never a sure thing. I dont think its missing block, but i think it might be old texture. I would actually like an actual explanation this myself lol.
  2. Hey man, Im the map guy on the Darkness Falls team. Ive got exactly what you are asking for coming in next round of maps, probably sometime late December.
  3. Thanks and sorry for late reply! Come by discord any time https://discord.gg/tsmneMRk53
  4. Yes, a misunderstanding and nothing else. Viper, this is thing is massive! lol Im using this in some capacity for sure, have to see how it performs, its a biggun. I know Licthi at Fantasy Mod is going to be all over this. Im thinking about burying it along with some loot and zed down at bedrock, no idea if it will work well. The other idea would be to turn air blocks off and drop it under the desert 20-30 blocks and let them dig it out.
  5. 4k RWG Map made using Nitrogen, Unity, and a few other applications. This map was built with Compo Pack 46, and requires it to be installed on a clean copy of 7D2 A19.1. I've also included some of my favorite mods to accompany the map. Install instructions, along with Mods and Map detailed included in install. I know almost all of the modders who have given me permission to use their work in this modlet, but there are a few I could not reach, if you would like your mods pulled from any of these packs im putting together, please let me know and I will pull them. I make zero money on the packs and do not ever sell others work.I have not taken any pieces from existing overhauls, or modified the included modlets in any way. I HIGHLY recommend locking both your Server and Client to 19.1 if you intend to keep both the map and the mods going up until the next update. I have added these mods for install simplicity and version uniformity for both Single and Multi Player. Stand alone version of the map is also available, but still requires Compo Pack 46.Fairly simple map with 4 highways, some RWG and some hand placed area, with a hand painted biome file. This is not a high polished Official Map release and the Snow Biome is blah, but Ive updated quite a bit from the old A18 version, and it will provide a fun adventure with good performance on a small map. Stay tuned for new all custom maps very soon! Thanks all and enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1JIXAu6GUCUNHdm_FV_BaE8HAZDeu_blZ/view?usp=sharing Check out my Workshop on Discord https://discord.gg/6HNqC89
  6. @Eihwaz Love your spears man, come by any time https://discord.gg/6HNqC89
  7. Cpt Krunch


    Update for A19? Thanks
  8. Would be nice for 19, thanks for great work!
  9. Tristam, PLEASE update, loved this in 17, best set ever IMO
  10. Of course dude, half the people who are making stuff dont even know what compo is. I want to make sure nothing gets missed, whether its ready for the big leauges or not. Im not sure what to call the backend archive, I want it to be similar in name, but something people will know is an archive and not a alternate to CP. KP or KPA or CPA
  11. Dude, you of all people chiding me about lag in prefabs is the most laughable thing ever ever ever lol. Im making sure everything gets saved before they are lost. I want them in my maps, so I will use them as is, I just dont want stuff getting lost to the larger community, ESPECIALLY if they are not CP ready. Im already talking to Magoli and Wulf, and whatever you do is none of my business, so you better just take that chip off your shoulder when you talk to me dude and chill. Im starting an open archive to catch everything that does not fit into compo as it is, or just cant be made to work with RWG. Things like sewer sets, highways, prefabs not up to CP snuff. People come and go, and Ive seen so so much good creative work lost, I dont want to own this project, but I will certainly collect and host the stuff.
  12. Awesome, wasnt sure. Im trying to make sure its all in before i start making gen lists.
  13. How you make out on this dude? Im ready to start building maps, have a copy ready?
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