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  1. New system for POI spawning could actually change things quite a bit, depending on changes made to building tags and other metadata. I do hope you are right though. They are also expanding RWG to road tiles and possibly adding in sewer system lines, so I think if nothing else, there will be a larger gap between rwg and other custom made maps. They are also adding in a lot of new blocks and probably making name convention changes that will break a whole lot of existing prefabs, which is going to make a big mess out of everyone's existing prefab collections. Hopefully there will be a conversion tool similar to the one used when they made the jump from A16 to A17.
  2. This is very easy to do using Pille's prefab editor. Look at the individual zombie volumes and adjust those numbers to your taste.
  3. I can also teach you some other tricks for tunnels and 'caves'. Ive got quite a lot of custom made prefabs that suit this purpose, and I can show you how to create these very easily. Also, if you are already comfortable with hand made scenes, you should consider doing a collaboration map with me and another map maker or two. I'd really like to complete a hand made showcase map for CP in A20. Its getting harder and harder for those guys to get maps below 12k that contain all of their assets. Based off of the maps Ive previously released, two or three of us could acheive this easily if working by hand on an 8 or 10 map. I do these myself, but they are very time consuming. Working with a few other map makers could make these go a lot faster and produce higher quality maps in the process. Just a thought.
  4. You could technically still make the height map in Nitro and then gen it in KG, just make sure your water height levels match
  5. No one has heard from Damocles in several months. I considered keeping it going, but Ive pretty much converted over to King Gen at this point. It will still work in A20 I would guess, but King has added so many new options at this point, i think it makes more sense to point people to KG.
  6. You are editing the wrong version most likely. Depending on where you have your maps running from, it should either be from the Worlds folder in your install, or from the Generated Worlds folder in %appdata%.
  7. King will come up with something good for a 'unique' prefab tag I have no doubt. This will really be helpful in the case of CP. The above map you posted is 100% what i was talking about when i say parking lot full of prefabs lol. Its like a prefab yardsale! If you really want to take it to that extreme, you are better off just making a flat map and then draw in some lakes and rivers and plop a mountain or hill in an empty spot after the map has been generated lol.
  8. Im sure someone could write something fairly easy. I personally use MS excel with a plugin called Able-bits, but Im certain someone could script this. Its just a matter of comparing what you have in your mixer file (prefabslist,rwgmixer, etc) vs whats in the prefabs.xml for any given map. That said, I think this strategy overall is not going to be sustainable. I dont think the CP set is ever going to stop growing. At some point soon (if not already), this will turn into a question of quality vs quantity. There is only so much room on a map. When youve reached a point where the maps are just giant parking lots full of prefabs, you have to ask yourself what are you trying to accomplish? Ive been talking to King about this pretty regularly, and there are definitely some new options coming soon. Once the option exists to place smaller, more specific custom groups of prefabs together, this will get easier to do, and youll be able to include or exclude entire groups of prefabs based on preference. A good example of this would be the Asian village set or the old west set. I like both of those sets, but at the same time, i dont want to see those pieces mixed in with either modern cities or say a burnt out neighborhood of old houses, it just looks awful and make no sense. Once sets can go in together, I really hope prefabbers will start focusing on making smaller sets as opposed to trying to fit it all into one single poor performing ridiculous mega prefab. Those absolutely kill performance, with map placements that are moderately to severely limited due to their giant size.
  9. Here is the Python script that will give you the tri and vert counts, was given to me by a user making lists over at Undead Legacy, definitely worth running this from time to time. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SARiq7frs1T57zOG4BY0GvrW8POJ9x3S/view?usp=sharing
  10. This is a problem even outside of KG, its the same for Nitro and for RWG. The collection is growing and continues to grow. Either use a larger map, or use different groups for different maps. I tend to drop the worst performing ones, they are not terribly difficult to find when you know what names to look out for 😛 I do it by script, as do a few of the overhaul Admins. You can also hand place the giant stuff like airports, its nice to have those in.
  11. I would really recommend not going outside of the standard sizes, the maps for sure get unpredictable.
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