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  1. Chat with me on discord, there are 2 ways. https://discord.gg/d2MCcr
  2. This is part Nitro, part hand made. Ground is set to just above water level and completely flat. I generated 2-3 mega cities per section, and did a separate map for each section, then combined them into a single map. I connected up all the roads in each section and tied them together with 6 custom made bridges. Hand placed traders throughout with some player safe houses across the street from each, then added a mountain border.
  3. This would make a really nice inner sanctum to a larger castle complex.
  4. Not necessarily. This 4k map is essentially 9 extra large cities, and runs well. .
  5. Thanks for doing this Stallion. Also thanks to Magols, Pille, Wolf, and everyone else involved with the facelifts. Will have some stuff to add to 46 to. Thanks!
  6. Nice work man, submit this to Magoli for sure. I have a custom town this would work awesome in.
  7. Let me know when this is ready. I will include this in my next round of maps for Ravenhearst, Darkness Falls and War of the Walkers. If it works out well, and it will work with RWG, should also be submitted to Magoli for Compo Pack. I do tons of island maps and this will be a nice addition. https://discord.gg/3PjfUp
  8. Hi guys, Updated to b178, and all of a sudden neither ctrl key will work with crouch. It takes the bindings, but just doesnt work. Its still working for me in b152. Anyone experiencing this?
  9. Hopefully i can get this to run in DF and WotW.
  10. Ive been very busy with stuff for custom maps, but Pille and I were also going to try and do something with compo for a19. Probably would not have been as good as Magolis. If I get to the point where i need it for maps for groups like Darkness Falls and War of the Walkers, maybe i call it Compo 43B or something till Magoli drops the proper release. Hope things are going better for you Magoli.
  11. Yep, just need the paths set to the rwgmixer and the prefabs folder and info.xml and it works. This is how I add bridges into my maps for players using different mods and prefab sets.
  12. Check out Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls
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