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  1. Guys, if you really want a nice natural biome that matches the actual terrain, have a look at this tutorial.
  2. Well done Sir! I will have a look at this once im done with current map. Is there a config file where i can alter the water and snow cap heights?
  3. I mean you can sort of make it look better, but you will always have that gap between the 2 materials
  4. First thing I would suggest is removing the solid blocks under those grass blocks. Are we talking about this one thin piece?
  5. What are you trying to do? Solid Vs terrain blocks is always oil and water.
  6. I can probably help you, but can you explain your problem a little more?, even screens if youve got any.
  7. I really love the amount of folklore around Nitrogen. Whoever told you zombies disappear on Nitrogen maps is completely wrong. Flat out wrong. There are only a few pieces that go together to make a working map, and nitrogen does not add anything additional to achieve a working map. With the stand alone tools included with Nitro, you could essentially use the A17 version of Nitro to make 19.4 maps. .501 will get the job done. It ALL boils down to the prefablist.txt, which is essentially Nitro's version of the Rwgmixer.xml. The nitro version is simplified compared to the rwgmixer in that
  8. I was talking with another modder not that long ago, and there is a way to do it using the radiation file, but so far i have only used others mods to add rad to my maps. I will see if i can get instructions for you. You are very welcome, always makes me happy to see people making their own maps. Cheers
  9. That is correct, yes, though you want to make sure to delete savegame. If you do not, sometimes the map will show nothing but snow lol, its very strange, but deleting the save file fixes it.
  10. Hi Draghain, Ive been working pretty much full time with Nitro since A17, and you can definitely achieve what you are trying to do, but it requires a few different methods and tools. Once you learn how to paint biomes, you probably wont want to use Nitro for biome generation. Here is a video I did on biomes that should help to get you going. I have a few other videos as well on map making. Please drop by my Discord channel, there are a handful of other modders Ive been teaching this to and learning new stuff from, its a good group of sharp modders. https://discord
  11. Hey man, I have issues with a few games and keymappings, I use this tool for WIn 10 from Microsoft, works great. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/powertoys/
  12. There are no issues with it if you have any idea what you are doing with it. I know you have no idea how it actually works, so I forgive your useless comment. If the lists dont match what the players have installed it isnt going to work right, its that simple. The only other thing it could be is Java. Also its rumored that Damo has dropped support, so instead of sitting on your thumbs and waiting for an update, you might want to just learn how to fix whatever issues it is. I can make A19 maps with the A17 generator, so dont tell me its broken
  13. Might need a resinstall or a Java update, but nothing has changed in Nitrogen so much that it needs to be updated, just the prefab lists.
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