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  1. Any way to get rid of the vision distortion? I've been picking apart the .xml files and located the distortion line as well as got rid of the mantis. But for some reason during horde night my entire team still gets the vision debuff. Could you explain what line of code I need to get rid of to disable the distortion/vision debuff the mantis zombie and any other zombie have? Thanks!
  2. Sick mod. Thanks for sharing. Can I get some clarification on the install process? Does this need to be installed on the dedicated server as well as all client's PC's or just server? Mod name says "server side zombies" so it makes it sound like it only needs to be installed on server only. But I have yet to come across any of these new zombies in game. Are there dependencies I need to install? Thanks!
  3. @SirillionThis HUD revision looks crazy awesome. I manage a small dedicated server and want to use this. However, is this server friendly or does everyone have to install the HUD? Or can some players have it and some not? Or maybe this HUD is just for local installs and whatever player wants it can have it and if some players have it, it won't bug out or error out the other players? Some clarification would be most helpful as you can see my dilemma here. 😜
  4. JDead

    Doughs modlets

    Is Rabbit Of Caerbannog server friendly? Or will all players have to install the modlet locally? Reason why I ask is because I've tried it out before on a dedicated server and everyone gets errors when the rabbit tries to spawn in. So I stopped using it. But I thought it was because it was incompatible with v19.1. Since it has been updated I just wanted to make sure it was first server friendly. Then I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  5. Hi @JaxTeller718, I appreciate your increased wandering horde mod. I am trying to change it a little to make it only spawn dangerous animals like bears and mountain lions and in greater numbers and I have a couple questions. Should I be using your "Increased Wandering Horde Size" mod or "Increased Wandering Hordes" mod? 1. The line of code ends at gamestage 50. Does that mean the wandering hordes stop increasing after gamestage 50? 2. The below code has a couple numbers that I am trying to understand what they do. For example the '02' does that mean only 02 bears spawn? What does the 03 do? <set xpath="/gamestages/spawner[@name='WanderingHorde']/gamestage[@stage='50']/spawn[@group='ZombieBearsGroup' and @num='02']/@num">03</set> Thanks for the help.
  6. Is there a version 1 of Brighter Vehicle Headlights where it only increases the brightness of the vehicles lights without adding all the additional stuff from V2? The description states "This 7 Days to Die mod makes the vehicle headlights brighter. Also this version adds Manux Custom Vehicles and Guppycur’s Vehicle Madness support, along with normal vanilla vehicles." Which indicates that there is a V1 without the added Manux Customer Vehicles mods. Just want to increase the brightness of the lights, nothing else. Looking to use it on 19.1 experimental. Thanks!
  7. Hello again, I tried the new fixed expanded trap and first noticed that the fire trap's name had been changed to empty fire trap. But I couldn't craft it. It said it was locked even though I had already read the trap schematic before the new expanded mod fix. So I thought I had to find the trap schematic again which I did, my friend read it and still could not craft the empty fire trap. He tried all the crafting tables and just crafting from inventory but the trap was still locked and the craft button was missing. So now we cannot craft it. He did load the mod onto his single player game, brought up cheat mode and crafted the empty fire trap as well as the nail trap gun and trap gas. Still he was unable to repair the trap which was the initial problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I am using the Expanded Traps mod on my dedicated server. I found the trap schematic and have made Fire Traps. However, I cannot seem to repair them. I have made the gun Trap Nailgun and the trap Gas can but still cannot repair the blocks. Could someone explain how I am supposed to refuel/repair Fire Traps? Playing on Alpha 19 (b177) Thank you.
  9. Ya I tried that already and same problem. It doesn't appear to be a 7D2D Launcher problem. I think it has something to do with the Starvation mod. I will be communicating on their thread and see what they can come up with. Thank you for your help.
  10. Good observation. I didn't even consider that. I went into the magician software, disabled RAPID mode, rebooted but problem persists. Had it been the RAPID mode I would have been surprised since to my knowledge it has never caused any issues and I have not had memory problems in the past. Plus all my other games load with no problems. How about this, just to rule out it is a problem with github, maybe the files are downloading corrupted or something. Can you PM me a temporary link to the zip file from another link besides github?
  11. Nope. AVAST was the only protection installed. I have no other antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, anti anything. And like I said I performed a diagnostic startup on Windows, meaning only basic programs run, and still the problem persisted. This usually rules out third-party programs from being the culprit. I also had Teracopy installed which is a transfer utility designed as an alternative for the built-in Windows Explorer file transfer feature. However, I removed that for testing purposes, rebooted and problem persists. See attachment for all installed programs on my computer. If you think anything could cause this copying problem I'll try removing it and testing. InstallList.txt
  12. Here are my computer specs... My computer should be more than capable of running this game as it does run the game just fine without the mods. The laptop with Windows 10 actually has lesser specs yet it runs the mod. I have now removed all antivirus softwares, which all I had was AVAST, so I believe white-listing isn't an option as of now.
  13. What is this code? Specifically this code... The above code is logged and happens after every .unity3d file is loaded. What is C:/buildslave/unity/build/artifacts/generated/common/runtime/UnityEngineDebugBindings.gen.cpp ? There is no folder there that I see yet the logs state it is trying to find something there every time it loads unity3d file. This looks suspicious and may be why the game is loading so slow.
  14. I uninstalled AVAST, rebooted and tried launching 7 Days again. Same issue, loads slow as molasses so AVAST isn't the culprit. I have no other monitoring software or security software installed. I have an SSD with an internal HDD for data but all programs install on the SSD. I also made tweaks to the TEMP and TMP directories for Windows to store it on the HDD instead of the SSD to save it from reads and writes when I first got the SSD long ago but changed it back to the SSD for testing this still problem persists. I performed a diagnostic startup on Windows which loads the basics still same problem. So I decided to rule out the 7D2D launcher and perform all the steps manually. 1. Copied the 7D2D directory. 2. Manually downloaded the .zip from github. 3. Copied all folder contents to its respective locations. Ran 7DaysToDie.exe and same problem. So I tested some more... Since the logs show that it takes forever to load the .unity3d files I decided to rename the Mods/SDX/Resource folder to Resource_BAK so that the game wouldn't be able to find the folder. Launched 7DaystoDie.exe and BAM loads straight to the main menu like the official game without mods. However, the console comes up stating all sorts of errors, probably because it couldn't find the resource folder. As soon as I rename the resource1 folder back to resource and reload the game, game takes 10 minutes to load. I am starting to believe that there is some kind of code, script or something somewhere that is telling the game to do the following... This is what it is honestly doing from reopening the logs every couple seconds and seeing that it takes its time loading each .unity3d file. I am no coder so I haven't the slightest clue where to start snooping around but I can tell you that the Mods/SDX/Resources folder is what is causing the game to take forever to load on my Windows 7 computer and I have no idea why since the official game without mods loads with no hitch but only has problems once the mod is introduced. I am not giving up but I could honestly use some more help thinking of other ways to troubleshooting this. Any suggestions please throw my way. Thanks
  15. I guess I am not understanding. Once the files from github have downloaded (after it takes 4+ hours because of the bottleneck speed), I uncheck "refresh mods automatically" and "direct download" and I do not click Pre-Sync Mod after the initial download since the github cloning doesn't work and it takes forever and a half to download using direct download. Once I click play mod all it should be doing is copying folders within the windows directory and I have a SSD so the copy process should be very quick. There shouldn't be any downloading from github once I hit play mod. Or is there? When I click the play mod button all I see are things like "Copying folder \TempMods\Mods ...Copying is done." Which doesn't indicate downloading of any kind. And yes I do have AVAST set to exclude the 7D2D folder. But during the entire testing I've always had AVAST disabled to rule out the antivirus. It just feels like something is slowing the loading process down. It's like I am running some old intel celeron processor from the 90's. Its just dirt slow. Yet the official game loads up in 5 seconds. Now, if when I click on the play mod button there is in fact files being downloaded from github going on in the background then that would make sense because there seems to be a major bottleneck somewhere. However, I am testing it on a Windows 10 computer and it loads up in 30 seconds and both computers are using the same ISP so I believe that rules that out. Another thing I have noticed is that when I download the zip file from github manually using FireFox, I see speeds of 2mbps and higher which would take roughly 5 minutes to download the file. When using your launcher, I've seen it take 4 hours and I cannot see any progress window or speed measurements provided by your launcher when downloading the zip file so I don't have any way to measure its speed except based on time. Is there a way to see the download speed 7D2D is downloading at?
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