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  1. That woud be a good suggestion or question to Fataal, but has not much to do with the topic of this thread. Except to say that IF they add more parallelism and decide to continue development for much longer, eventually they might find the time to smooth out some corners they cut. Which is probably way down their list of things to do. My guess is that they either A) won't ever touch the minimal speccs and add a few options shortly before gold to adjust things like zombie frequency. B) adjust the minimal speccs, but only once shortly before gold.
  2. Wait. Are you saying you can put the same amount of steel blocks or wood blocks on a supporting wood block ? If yes, I'll test that and if I find out it isn't true I'll send you a bill for my wasted time. 😉 If no, how is that not the result of weight ?
  3. No. It could also be 5% chance per second of hitting.
  4. The xml says the chance is 5%, but it is not said of what it is 5%
  5. Gameplay wise I find that ok, because taking over a poi saves you so much time and material, there should be serious downsides as well. It is seldom enough, I never though of checking for SI and the only collapses I had were from someone digging underneath the POI. If you need a realistic justification for it, bombs were falling and tremors have damaged all buildings.
  6. I think the main detriment as seen by TFP about all the ideas where you need a new weapon frequently is that it would lead to a lot more mod swapping work than currently. We already access the mod menue quite often for all that moddable stuff in the game.
  7. Sounds more like a hardware defect, for example the heat sink not fastenend correctly or the fans not working. Or your computer case is keeping the heat inside.
  8. "Recently" is not the right word here as it was more than a year ago now (if I'm not totally mistaken). If you haven't already, read the blog post that is linked above in bright red. The situation is still exactly the same: Their plan is to finish the PC version and THEN make plans for console. In your case it means you would need to switch unless you want to wait another 2-3 years.
  9. I was making the point mostly about hardware (i.e. the minimum specs), but also about dev time. Corners have to be cut to finish in this millenia as well.
  10. 1) Story is kept secret for a lot of games in development. Especially in story-heavy games like full-blown RPGs, sure. But even in this game I see no reason for them to spell out everything even if the story is already written in detail. 2) For a long time now they have revealed features only once they have them fully implemented. We simply don't know whether a full script exists, but we know that the story can only be put in once NPCs are available.
  11. I would call it sloppy design. But look at what else is cutting corners in this game because a small dev team is making a huge game on insufficient hardware (at least for the level of optimization they can afford). Too few zombies, no detection of inside/outside or walls between sounds, all to save CPU cycles or development time. The game has compromises everywhere. With a team 5 times as much as TFP has you could implement atomicUS5000 suggestions and it would be a full stealth game inside the game and still get all the other features they want in the game. Or not, Bethesda had developers galore and still their offerings had lots of holes to critizise. It may be a cop-out to point to other sloppy stuff, but IMHO this small auto-aggro feature exists exactly because it allows the POI designers variation at the cost of very few lines of code.
  12. Steamcmd was updated twice? That sounds unusual. I just started steamcmd as well and it did update, but only once. Any<way, the systemd output shows he tries to do the update which seems to be followed by steamcmd restarting, which fails. My guess is that the update failed as well since you had to update by calling it manually. It might be because of the shutdownonfailed command and some routine mistaking this for an error (timeouts, return value different, who knows) it never gets past the update. You should do another reboot to see if it upgrades now. If I'm right it will work now because the steamcmd update has been done and won't interfere anymore. My stderr.txt after doing the upgrade was not empty by the way: CApplicationManagerPopulateThread took 0 milliseconds to initialize (will have waited on CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread) CAppInfoCacheReadFromDiskThread took 139 milliseconds to initialize Now, running a script you have in your users home dir as root is practically giving everyone who might hack into your user account a direct way to get root privileges, you might as well just run everything as root. And maybe there are even safety checks somewhere to prevent steamcmd running as root. So, independant of your problem, I would advise to redesign the service to run the script as the user. Just google for "systemd run service as user" and you will find lots of info on how to do that . It basically is two lines in the service file giving userid and groupid of the user. Also make sure that no files in your home dir have owner root after you make this change, i.e. do "chown -R tatilumini /home/tatilumini". Especially if the update worked with the root script there might be lots of files owned by root now in there.
  13. What does /root/Steam/logs/stderr.txt say? Did you try out if steam works if started from root? Maybe there is some safety-code in steamcmd to not allow running as root
  14. I would try to give the ports different IP addresses. One IP on different NICs is unusual enough that hidden bugs might sit in the linux kernel, in steam, the router, EDIT: the NICs firmware, .... comfortably undetected.
  15. I'm not sure line of sight is calculated. I seem to remember a statement by Fataal that it costs too many CPU cycles. ??
  16. It does work with auto aggro zombies. Tested in the game. What you might be thinking of is when the zombies despawn and reappear as sleepers. But we are talking about running away and leaving them standing around but awake (using small stones is very effective there). They don't enter sleep state anymore, just clueless state.
  17. We agree on stable, optimized and bug free (while I know for sure that it never ever will reach "bug free" and "optimized" is also not some flag post that can be reached). EDIT: And yes, those are targets for the release version, how we reach that is TFPs problem. We definitely don't agree on what "playable" is supposed to mean. I can only speak for me and a few people around me, but I play pure vanilla a lot. And judging from the conversations here a lot of other people do too.
  18. You posted in the console section, but your bug report is about the PC version. So I moved your thread over to the PC section. Yes, I think there could be improvements to the save system to make it more robust. Probably TFP has to invest some time into this eventually as it isn't release-worthy in my opinion. Still, while the game is in EA, you should expect such issues. Just make regular backups of the save game.
  19. "game supposed to be". Yeah well, so your taste is the center of the universe, and the devs and lots of other players tastes are aberrant and misguided. Sure. Go ahead. Makes discussion easy. You are right because you define you are right.😆
  20. Wrong folder, you went down Data instead of Mods. The error message seems to indicate that there is a directory named "modinfo.xml".
  21. I think you are completely right. Chickens are birthed in hot oil, live in card board boxes and have a crust. They can't lay eggs. But you can order an egg salad with the chicken, though the eggs were never touched by that chicken in any way. Chickens also can't fly, otherwise we would call them vultures.
  22. Wrong place so I moved it. Also rather useless title. Posting more info (like logfile or a picture of your Mod folder) would also have been nice But in absence of that, your mod folder should (AFAIK) look like a list of mod directories and inside each of those should be a modinfo.xml. You probably have them one level deeper, i.e. Mods\warzuks something something\bigger noodles\modinfo.xml.
  23. Not my native language, but I thought "chicken" is the zoological term for the whole race, including (female) hens! Is that wrong?
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