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  1. On windows wireshark is the best-known network sniffer. It should be no problem getting his ip address with it.
  2. Oh right, my bad. With long running discussions one can get confused and forgetful. Naturally this is pointless. Your nitpick was, my nitpick of your nitpick as well, and our discussion which nitpick is less grounded in reality. 😉
  3. You didn't say if it is a rented server with restricted access or a server under your full control. You also didn't mention if it is a windows, mac or lInux server. So can only give general advice: Use a network sniffer and if the bot uses the same IP address or IP address subnet then simply block that address or that subnet with a firewall. Also possible is to use a different port for the server. This will throw off a bot, but a human might make the effort to scan for open ports. If it is a rented server with restricted access. changing the port might be your only recourse. Also you could inform server operators as that bot is likely scanning lots of servers operated by them.
  4. I am allowed joke observations too. Notice the smiley on that post. I think I got my a** covered 😇
  5. Its a small stretch but with saying that only the minority likes to play INT you made yourself the speaker for a majority proclaiming: "We don't want to play INT". PS: Linux user here. We might reach the 10 in this forum alone. 😉
  6. Isreael and 1982, 22kg drone. https://www.jpost.com/Israel-News/How-Israel-became-a-leader-in-drone-technology-595209 (I don't know when it became "common" knowledge, but I would say 30-40 years is a long time to keep something secret.) Here is the quote from Victorious, where does it say common knowledge? Since we are talking about moving goal posts.
  7. Since Teddy Bears were inspired by Teddy Roosevelt I think it must be steam punk 😁
  8. Oh, look, another one who elected himself to speak for the majority 😁
  9. Except players who actually want to play INT
  10. I'm sure you can show me a quote that shows that everyone, especially ViktoriusIII who seems to be the only one mentioning "military" at all was talking about US drones, right? 😉 The argument was about what current tech is (for drones) and what is Scifi tech. Now if the turkish military has shown such a drone I'm sure the US military won't call it Scifi tech either. So there are no goal posts moved unless you think the turkish military is decades ahead in drone tech.
  11. EAC is enabled (or disabled) in the launcher, there is a checkbox for that. There is also a tools-tab in the launcher where you can delete game settings, data imported from other servers, ... Backup all data you still want to use in the future (local savegames and saved world data) and then preferably delete everything (i.e. check all boxes)
  12. Demos are a big problem for the turret but not for the sledge. The sledge is best used high above the ground on a ledge where it pushes zombies down far below (even better into a deep pit). The demo gets pushed and will damage the pit, but nothing that is really important. Well, at least thats how I use it
  13. If you want the devs to know about the canyon, make a bonafide bug report, see the link in green on top of the page. Posting the coordinates should be sufficient, no need for a logfile.
  14. Nitpicking your nitpick: ViktoriusIII, who you replied to, talked about "military" without specifying the country and I know he is not from the US. Though his reference of 2010 is a bit early for the current turkish drones, they exist now and represent current tech as well as any drone developed by US military Both drones shown in the articles are the first generation of a new weapon class. I'm sure you can shrink that format measureably with time, especially if you trade away range and caliber to decrease mass and size. Look at the US drone, it still uses a normal assault rifle made for a human! Once this weapon class is in mass production it will use tailormade weapons.
  15. You are mentioning balance, but then your argument goes on about it "reflecting someone" who has high intelligence instead of hand eye coordination. That is not a balance argument. 8 perks instead of 10 is possibly a balance argument but ignores that the perks itself have vastly different value. I would say demolition is one of the prime PER perks, without it PER would be the pariah of all attribute classes. In my view the sledge turret is by far the most ammo-saving item on horde nights in the game, ahead of electric fence and blade trap. But junk turrets are more useful in POIs as safety/support device. Since I lately played too much MP where we always had a miner in the group I can't judge ammo efficiency correctly, but I can say that as a precaution against dying junk turrets are excellent.
  16. A valid concern. But this is in line with INT being a support/not-gearde-towards-fighting class and leeching on other trees weapons. Besides the one or two points people playing other attributes usually put into their gun perks you are their equal using their guns. As long as junk ammo isn't found in early loot that still seems fine by me if you look at the other advantages of the INT player. Basically every complaint about INT is about its weak weaponry. Doh, weaponry isn't INTs strong suit, it is supposed to be underdeveloped. Thanks @khzmusik for making this point Depends largely how many players you are in MP. There are 4 general ammo types besides scrap ammo, as long as you are not more than 4 players there is always a "free" ammo type you can select. Note that PER and FOR players automatically use the same ammo and THEY don't have a choice to avoid that competition like the INT player has. Once you are 5 players there is unavoidably a competition around ammo that has nothing to do with INT. Agree on it being expensive. It fits with INT being NOT a combat-centered attribute aka class. And this discussion is primarily like every other "my class is nerfed" discussion in every other RPG game. "Yeah, but I want the strengths of my class but no downsides". Sorry, that wasn't the idea, accept the weaknesses of your class or play a different one Oh, again the myth of an unperked weapon being useless. Are you really telling me you can't kill basic zombies with an unperked melee weapon full of mods you easily bought from the trader? The trader still is OP in A19 and you seem to miss what you can do with that when you can afford ANY weapon he has earlier than other players. By the way, the tier3 INT "weapons" being totally defense-oriented is a big sign from the devs that says "Don't use this class if you want a conventional gun-toting warrior". Expecting them to balance INT so it keeps up weapon-wise with other attributes when there are so many red flags pointing the other direction is IMHO a lost cause. THey want INT to be offensively challenged and when you compare that with support classes of some shooters we even came away with a much better deal! First page of this thread: The idea to have the scrap baton having a ranged ability is actually not bad (if that was what you were proposing). Since this is still alpha, who knows if there will be a tier0 turret eventually, but what exact properties it will have (it might just be a weaker sledge turret again) I can't even guess
  17. I distinctly remember that the developers said something about the gun arsenal being done, A20 will just fill in some holes. If you want to be a game designer, get in line, all forum users here are hobby game designers but don't want to work for it. But the only real way to be a game designer is to mod and actually do the work. So, as a free hint: Propose smaller changes with watertight arguments and you might actually see one of your concepts come to reality. Like the newsstand
  18. Please use "Discussions and Requests" for discussion about mods, "Mods" is for mod authors to announce their mods I don't even know what lspdfr is.
  19. Again doesn't tell me much when you say 3-4 months. If you play once a week for a few hours 3-4 months are not much. If you play daily it is. If you mean ingame months it also is a lot. I play about 40-50 real hours in a single-player scenario until I reached everything I wanted. In multiplayer it is similar even though we progress faster. But we also build bigger and that keeps us usually a bit longer in a MP game. This game isn't finished, there is still an endgoal ahead, bandits (and a simple story line) will appear in a year or so with alpha 21. Until then this is like a sandbox where you pick your own goal, for example to build a big castle or simply get the best equipment. If you personally don't have fun with the xp gain then increase it, there is an option for that. I don't have the impression that alpha17 was so much faster than 19, but it was a long time ago that I last played it.
  20. Use pastebin or similar for posting logs, this is explained in a pinned thread here in the forum. Can you start a local EAC-enabled game?
  21. A miner with stone axe and stone shovel at level 27 ?
  22. Not everything is rosy with INT (IMHO). The sharp incline in effectiveness between 1 and 2 turrets is putting too much importance into this final perk point. In my opinion removing the pushback at lower perk levels and adding that as a further bonus per perk point could make INT smoother. Or at least that at level 3 you can operate a sledge turret with a gun turret (which would at least provide some sugar for horde nights) But apart from that INT is a fun attribute and powerful if you allow yourself to use its advantages fully. If someone came along and showed that using turrets together with unperked guns/baton and all the other benefits of INT was somehow far below other perks then that would be a powerful argument. But comparing INT and insisting that you only must use INT weapons because of some principle you believe in? Well, what argument is that? Granted, strength is OP, and since it seems to be the entry attribute for new players that won't change. And if you look at other games with high replayability that is a very common game design right now. But I really don't see how perception or agility should be so much better than INT
  23. Granted, the sledge turret would be a new trap, the gun turret on the other hand is fundamentally the same as the smg-turret and would simply be removed if TFP followed your advice. The turrets were (so I would assume) specifically designed as INT weapons, to be different and unusual. What you want to do is make INT boringly normal. Why? Just don't use INT if you don't like it. That would simply be an abilitiy, a feature of ONE weapon, and I'm not aware that this works in 7D2D. I'm talking about using TWO weapons at the same time.
  24. You want to tell me that you can't play well with one or two turrets and a shotgun/vulture/marksman in hand. The other ammo you find anyway and the turret(s) don't use too much ammo when you support them with random weapon you found. But we talked about this a lot of time, and again and again you use INT weapons in idiotic ways so that you can blame INT for being unusable. No you can't really. If you shoot with a shotgun you can't shoot with the sniper AT THE SAME TIME. But you can shoot with your turrets at the same time as you use any other gun You may be shocked, but turrets as traps operated by electricity ... have existed in this game for years.
  25. INT has lots of tier3 ranged weapons: The auto shotgun, the M60, the sniper rifle and the desert vulture. They may not be as fervently dedicated to INT as some of these weapons are to other attributes, but they are highly dedicated to the task of making the life of the INT player easier. HINT: The idea of an asymmetrical design IS that it is not symmetrical and samey and everything lookalike.
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