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  1. You don't like it when they are too dump to find the open door, but you also don't like it when they find your doors. Can we just summarize your opinion to "I don't like it whatever it is"? 😀 The zombie not going to your open door is simply the result of many people having demanded more randomized behaviour of zombies (it was not the only reason, but part of it). So now some of them get in a rage and hit whatever is in front of them. Don't tell me you haven't seen lots and lots of zombies going through open doors immediately. This zombie hitting the wall beside your open door is evidence of this randomizing AI and no bug. About avoiding traps: If you are talking about spike traps and barbed wire, put them flush with the ground (i.e. put them in 1 block deep ditches) and they won't be avoided.
  2. Hidden does not work well for a game that is very replayable. Hospital loot room is very easy to reach if you just put a ladder on the wall or pull yourself up on wood frame blocks. And in times of youtube even novice players can easily find out how to get directly to the loot room on day 1. So there is only the well guarded that works somewhat. And at the moment you can find a gun safe even in lots of smaller residential homes. It isn't possible to remove the good loot boxes from >150 pois in a few days. If TFP wants people to normally not have tier 1 weapons on day 1 there simply is no fast and easy solution. Not for A19. In A20 it seems there will be easy and difficult zones and maybe even difficult small areas like a single building. In easy zones you will find loot like now, in difficult zones you will find better loot (in gun safes) but you have to deal with the dangers there. Would you find that solution acceptable?
  3. If I understand this correctly, the exploit would be to move the LCB a bit after you hit the limit. By always building at the edge of the LCB's range you effectively eliminated the limit. And no, it isn't a good counter to remove all decos above the limit if the LCB is removed 😉
  4. I actually found out what it was supposed to mean long after I had posted that. Not everyone is a native english speaker on this forum.
  5. Sure, but that would be bad for balance. Other zombie survival games have no dual use of the axe as a wood cutter, so they can have it as a bona fide axe weapon. The knife has a dual role too but harvesting dead animals has not the central role that wood cutting/door breaking of the axe has. Case in point: If I don't play agility I never have a knife constantly in my toolbelt, often not even in the backpack (I use an axe instead for animal harvesting). If I don't play strength I still always have an axe in my toolbelt. Gameplay/balancing trumps realism.
  6. They killed serious building in the early game. In other words in that part of the game where the zombies can't even get to you in the upper floor of a half-collapsed wood building and the horde night is finished at 12. Once you have established a food and coffee supply you can use iron or steel tools good enough to get a decent amount of materials or you can put some perk points into mining/sexrex and be half as good as a dedicated miner. While a dedicated miner can get enough material to build palaces like it always was. The thing is, if you mine every night as a dedicated miner (all necessary perks at 5) you always could get material in amounts that allowed you building far in excess of anything needed to build a horde-night capable base. If you want to build palaces or are the miner of your co-op group you might need that. But if you are a SP player who just wants to repel the horde what sense does it make for you to have your chest overflowing with material? So essentially even a miner is @%$*#!ty now at mining in the early game. Like a stealth player is @%$*#!ty at stealth in the early game and a sniper is VERY @%$*#!ty at sniping in the early game. That is a normal progression in a game, you are just not used to it as you were playing alphas before where you could find or buy and use the good stuff at day 5 at the latest.
  7. Your poll question is leading. No player will say "no" to more features. You have to tell players as well what the drawback is (for example what other feature has to be dropped for it or that low end PCs can't play the game anymore...) There is no need for a poll that wouldn't be accepted as representative anyway. TFP got telemetry data now, they can find out how many people play creative or even with zombies turned off and whether more effort there might pay off.
  8. Come on, first you bring up build number as a problem if the average player sees it, now you complain the average player won't see it because it is hidden. The average player does not need a build number and therefore the build number is not a problem, case closed. I brought up hardware to show that a product can exist in many different version, nothing more. You try to bring up the example of stores that sell the same product, but I really don't buy that analogy, whether hardware or CD, it just isn't exactly the same product. The only question left might be whether it can be called a very different version of the same product (think Microsoft Windows Consumer Edition and Enterprise Edition or SomeGame PS4 Edition and SomeGame Nintendo Switch Edition) or even a totally different product with the same name (think Prey from 2006 and Prey from 2014). After all both games only started off from the same code but then were produced by separate companies as independant products.
  9. AFAIK TFP said this is not a simple xml fix and needs some developer time. Which means A20.
  10. In the log it starts with a DX11 error: d3d11: failed to create staging 2D texture w=128 h=2 d3dfmt=10 [887a0005] InvalidOperationException: Cannot access the data as it is not available at UnityEngine.Rendering.AsyncGPUReadbackRequest.GetData[T] (System.Int32 layer) [0x00017] in <5e1dfb686eb345078a588df96401afcc>:0 at OcclusionManager.OnRequest (UnityEngine.Rendering.AsyncGPUReadbackRequest req) [0x00010] in <4c0bf365ea03490793bfa81289f382e8>:0 (Filename: <5e1dfb686eb345078a588df96401afcc> Line: 0) If the same error happens in other output logs too it might have some significance and would probably point to world data being incorrect, i.e. a region file. Otherwise it is just the last straw that breaks the game. I would go to your local cache stored in SavesLocal/Player/ and move the map file in there to somewhere else in the hope it is just this cache file that got corrupted. AFAIK the file will just be recreated when you log in again, if not you still can move the file back. If this doesn't help. the savegame on the server might have been damaged and either your player data or the region file where you are needs to be deleted. Go to some different area >1 km away (actually I never found out how big a region is, I just assume 1 km is enough). If the problems vanish it is the region file and you need to contact the server admin about it. If not it might be your player file on the server that needs to be deleted.
  11. Some of the other issues are already planned to be changed. In A20 specific zombies will only cause specific injuries. WIA? Wounded in action? Nah, must be Windsor Islamic Association. Spawning in other biomes might be changed to be always in forest who knows, but I don't really mind either way. For me the game should surprise me once in a while and if I get dealt a crappy hand it might mean my chances of survival ar minimal but if I then survive it would be exhilarating. And yes, I think in this case your best chance would have been trying to stealth your way out of the dangerous biomes.
  12. Thats the problem with too narrow log excerpts. I don't really see where it stops working as the context is missing. In my server logs the connection looks like this 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.926 INF NET: LiteNetLib: Connect from: [ip]:766 7 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.930 INF Started thread NCS_Reader_0_0 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.930 INF Started thread NCS_Writer_0_0 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.932 INF Started thread NCS_Reader_0_1 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.932 INF Started thread NCS_Writer_0_1 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.933 INF [NET] PlayerConnected EntityID=-1, PlayerID='', OwnerID='', PlayerName='' 2020-07-29T20:59:51 468.940 INF NPCID.Write 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.011 INF NPPL.Read 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.026 INF PlayerLogin: [username]/Alpha 19 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.026 INF Client IP: [ip] 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.028 INF [Auth] PlayerName authorization successful: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='[steamid]', OwnerID='', PlayerName='[username]' As you can see the first line with PlayerConnected is still without any playerid or even playername. Then an ID is transmitted, which still seems to come from the client. Now I guess the last line of the previous excerpt and the following lines are where the connection to steam and authorization is done. 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.028 INF [Auth] ServerState authorization successful: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='[playerid]', OwnerID='', PlayerName='[playername]' 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.028 INF [Auth] PlayerId authorization successful: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='[playerid]', OwnerID='', PlayerName='[playername]' 2020-07-29T20:59:51 469.029 INF [Auth] PlayerId-Steam authorization successful: EntityID=-1, PlayerID='7[playerid]', OwnerID='', PlayerName='[playername]' The last line is obviously steam-related and all the lines with [Auth] are very probable steam, before that probably only the client is involved. As you can see I'm very careful in mentioning that all this is conjecture on my part, maybe someone else here knows more. But it probably would need a few lines before the "coonection lost" to see exactly where the process fails.
  13. steamnetworking is for NAT setups. Should be deactived for rented servers as they are almost never behind NAT. I don't know of any disadvantages of steamnetworking, may be it has just a little more overhead.
  14. The server never gets contacted, it is a network issue. You could try to turn on steamnetworking and turn off litenetlib for a test. I assume both server and client are in the same LAN and you use the local IP to connect?
  15. It does not need to be executable. And if the game can create the file it also will be able to read it. Please post a new output.log to pastebin, and this time a complete one.
  16. according to the log your server tries to read serveradmin.xml many times. The syntax of the file could be wrong but I don't see anything suspicious (though I have no means to compare at the moment). Sending it through an xml validator on the net could help or just compare it to a pristine copy. If you delete it, it should also be generated as a new file. Since you don't seem to have made any edits to the file anyway this seems to be the first thing I would try out. Another possibility is that the game can't access the file because of permissions on the path or the file itself.
  17. You won't like the other defense arguments either. 😉 By the way, once this game is out of EA nobody will care anymore about criticism you bring up because the game is done and finished, with all warts and holes. Maybe historians will read your pamphlet and you might be able to prevent a few steam users from buying the game.
  18. I may state the obvious, but here is my feedback and a suggestion about critical injuries Crits seldom happen on single hits and most often if you are surrounded by zombies and getting lots of hits in a short time frame (as expected). But since you usually get all different crit injuries simultaneously as a result, you then also need a complete set of healing items to shorten the duration of them. I think it would be better to have each injury in multiple severities and repeated crits mostly increase the severity of the injury and seldomly add other types of injury. Because then you would often need one specific healing item which you might specifically look for (honey in tree stumps, sewing kit in clothes stores ...). Which is emergent storytelling or an intrinsic quest. As it is now you either have packed everything with you or wait it out, but it does not make much sense to look for healing items because you can't hope to find a nearly complete set anyway.
  19. What will change is that before release there will be a longer bug fix period. While it never will be bug free it will be much more polished. We became accustomed to all the small bugs and imbalances by now, but this isn't the norm. "Backpack dropped through the world? Oh yeah, use creative, no problem." But the biggest change will be the stability of the modding interface. This means there will be a large group of mods that are well polished, complete, final and generally usable even after a bug fix patch from TFP.
  20. backlash. Backlash. BACKLASH, DAMMIT!!! 😉
  21. My main RANGED weapon. I want to use it in the right situations. But with a good melee weapon mosts POIs can be done just with melee. In horde night I'm trying to design good horde bases where the traps do much of the damage and I often have melee cages. I actually use very little ammo even when I do a FOR/rifle build. It is my decision what I do with my points in the system the game puts in front of me. I have been playing RPG for years. If I play a mage in AD&D I know getting good with heavy axes or tracking is difficult to impossible for me. The interesting part is always to use the perk points optimally in the limits the system puts in front of you.
  22. Don't guess. Start the game, read the description of miner69. It's what I did. Then I spawned in an axe, looked at my character stats which said 38 (power attack) damage. Next i put one or two points into miner69, looked again and it was 41 damage.
  23. And... you are mistaken. Miner69 is the skill, it brings 50% damage increase to melee, same as skull crusher (yes, skull crusher has some more effects). Also strength bonuses (head shot damage and dismember chance work on axes as well. Firemans Almanach is the book series, but only one book directly influences combat with a fireaxe specifically. But night stalker book 3 is for all bladed weapons. By the way, there is also no dedicated book for the knifes and they count as bonafide weapons, don't they?
  24. The upside is that only mining brings materials in larger quantities. If you are content to build up your small base in small steps and conserve ammo you get along with what you find in POIs. Want a big base that has 50% more wall thickness, a fallback base that holds off the horde for hours even if demos make an unexpected hole in your first base at 10:30, want ammo in heaps even though you use ranged in every POI? Well, be a miner.
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