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  1. Good. I don't want to discourage modders. Official message: "Mods are always fresh and shiny. Some of my best friends are modders" 😉
  2. I may have rose-colored classes. I definitely am in line with the direction of the game, especially the move from LBD (which I personally don't much like for its railroading) to RPG and the changes to zombie AI. Before A17 building for me was boring, since A17 I have designed and built an always different craft base and/or horde base in most of our co-op runs. Before A17 I left that mostly to someone else. At least with the building aspect I can prove that it isn't just the classes but I became a lot more active in the game because of the changes. With railroading I mean that if I decide to have rifles as my main ranged weapon I'm practically forced to shoot that weapon to improve it instead of just using whatever I have at hand and works at the moment, for example too much melee or even a bow. You may like that, I don't. I also like distributing perk points, but A15(?) and A16 had that too, so I would give them a pass on that count. I may have a blind eye but I don't see the complexity vanishing, I see myself becoming expert in everything 7D2D. The "complexitiy" of A15 will never again happen to me because I was a newbie then and didn't know all the details of the game. Even then, at the end of A15 it became apparent that I knew too much and the game played the same except for the uncertainty when the dump@%$*#!s book dropped. Actually A17.0 was the the only time the vanilla game became difficult and complex again (mainly the horde base defense), much more difficult than A16 at any time. If it is the complexity of crafting you are refering to, sorry, I don't see sticks or other intermediate crafting steps as complexity, it is just one more pair of tokens in a game of memory and more grind. The only real loss of complexity I can see was with the weapons system. Yes, that got streamlined. As a last point, the heavy experimentation TFP has done might be seen as a detriment because it was "REMOVING mechanics that have been around for years", but for me that is one of the main reasons that kept 7D2D fresh. Even if some aspects changed in a way I might not have liked. Any mod that tries to recreate that old stuff shows that once played it gets old fast. After a new alpha my group always starts with vanilla and then we make a round through available total convs. And the rather fixed additions to vanilla they already had the previous run often feel old and used up immediately. Only the new features really look interesting.
  3. This is a C# error message that there is some data mismatch. And my first thought would be that the server or all clients still have some old mods installed. Make sure you delete the mod folders by hand on clients and server, then validate the game again (on both client and server). If this isn't the case, generate a new game on the server and see if it works again. If yes, your savegame of your current game is corrupted. Generally, read the thread that tells you to read it before posting: At a minimum the output.log of the server and maybe one client would be necessary to make more than wild guesses.
  4. Provided to you by Madmole Exponential Balancing Inc. (Don't do this at home) 😉
  5. At the time when A15 and A16 were the current alphas, there were a group of oldtimers critizising the direction the game took and singing the praises of earlier versions. Some even claimed to be the majority because it was them that made up a big chunk of the posts and the majority of new threads. Stands to reason, players content with most stuff in the game seldomly created new threads. Oh look, there's a Deja Vu crossing the street 🙂. Now some of you are the new generation of grumpy old (wo)men who pine for the old times. Yes, it is bad that this game can't be the Swiss army knife for all players without installing some mods, but that's a fact: Some players who discovered 7D2D in its very dynamic EA history will see versions they like much more than the version eventually released. Their only hope are mods, mods that also will only really shine once the game is released. Because now changing for new alphas takes too much work and TFP can't help modders at the moment with a stable and mostly buf-free mod-interface.
  6. The client log does not help, it doesn't show the root problem. If at all only the server log could show which files might be damaged. In there is one solution posted that may or may not help. And this won't help you now, but always make a backup of the savegame and the generated RWG world (and serverconfig.xml) on the server. A backup is the only solution that works in 100% of cases
  7. Even after the massive push in A19? Sure, the stone-age version of the melee weapon is still missing, but the stun baton seems quite effective now and the sledge turret is simply the best item on horde nights if you know how to use it.
  8. Well, then someone made the work for you. Be happy and get the reward and the next quest. The bigger problem is IMHO that people in SP and co-op do have sub-bases in other towns which they can't secure with landclaim block. At least I use sub-bases almost always and assume others do too. You can't if the town is already completely looted. Which for example just happened to our home town in our 4-player co-op game
  9. I don't understand. You have a cool looking battle-axe here, how much better can it be style-wise ? So it seems you are actually complaining about efficiency, right? As a weapon the axe isn't the best but with enough sex-rex it seems it could hold up very well (maybe not at end-game, but there you have alternatives, many players seem to switch to ranged anyway), and the compensation for not being the best weapon is its dual-use and a saved toolbelt-slot. It looks well-balanced to me. Maybe someone should post some hard facts about the damage and stamina values and make a real case for why it is too weak.
  10. Another important reason is that it doesn't matter much whether you double-loot or not. Mostly quests are in towns and instead of double-looting you could just as well loot the neighboring house. In MP towns are often completely looted but then double-looting is not possible anyway because the quest house is looted already. New pristine houses can always be generated by accepting quests. So the problem is insubstantial, the solution not easy --> move on, there are bigger fishes tor fry
  11. But consumer rights orient themselves at expectations. Hardware buyers don't expects a PC to be different in a different shop. Buyers of games on the other hand expect there to be differences between console and PC, sometimes unnoticeable, sometimes whole DLCs or features like modability are missing. And even on a basic level they ARE not the same product because you can't start a game for the playstation on a PC and vice versa. The binaries are completely different. Build numbers might confuse people. That doesn't mean they can just make up their own theories and then declare a consumer rights violation. Sorry, even a laymen will notice that A19.0 and are fundamentally different.
  12. No idea about the delete being correct. But it seems you were banned for trying to circumvent such a delete through reposting and THAT is something that rightfully gets you banned. The correct response, if you feel your post was unjustly deleted, would have been to ask a different moderator to look at your case. It might lead to the decision being overturned or the penalty being reduced, but at a minimum that other moderator can tell you why he thinks it was justified, so you know what buttons you better not try to press in the future.
  13. Thank you, much better to read. We agree that the store front is absolutely no priority for them. I would also agree that their videos don't mention console much. But there is nothing new to report, so why should they? The console version is a topic that gets "hot" when the PC version is finished. Now the topic is stone cold. Do you see Bethesda talking about Morrowind much? Or their next secret game they want to publish in 4 years? The version number isn't misleading, it seems to be "". The numbers in a version number go from most important/more general on the left to less important/more specific on the right. So the most important number is the "1". A "1" there usually means the first release version. The next number is usually reserved for mayor patches and that means the console version had no major patch. The next number is the subpatches and is often already relatively useless to the common user except to see if one has the already latest version. So to be clear: The "18" there is the last value of a counter of small patches made by telltale 2 years ago. Any similarity to the alpha number of 7D2D PC is pure coincidence. Windows 98 likewise is not a modern version of windows 10. Consumer rights lawyers wouldn't get very far if they said that is misleading. About omission of facts, yes that is a good point. The hard part would be proving that there is an understood way about 7D2D. Understood ways would be knowledge about things all games have, for example games don't overwrite the operating system when you install them, they actually react to input from the user. Does that also include stuff youtubers tells you? That would be giving youtubers the power to define standards. Another example: Lets say a PC vendor has multiple versions of a PC, one version having a surround chip that makes everyone go "WOOOW" when hearing it. Now the PC vendor has info on every page what the PC includes and only one version has the surround chip listed. Now lets assume lots of youtubers find that surround chip so phenomenal that they talk about this PC with its phenomal surround chip in every video. Does the PC vendor now have the obligation to mention on the page of the other versions of this PC that they DON'T include the surround chip ? Youtube streamers is advertising in various degrees. How much anything what they show can be construed as a guaranteed quality probably also depends on how many guidelines they get when they are hired. It definitely isn't conventional advertising where the company simply specifies the message. And whether they are hired when all you do is to give them early access to an experimental. I'd say the chance is miniscule at best but since we both are not lawyers both our guesses are just that, guesses. If a PC vendor hires a review magazine to test a new PC, the magazine is usually suspected of making a biased test because there is money involved. But does such a test create a guaranteed quality about that PC, if it can't be proven that the vendor directly influenced the test? I would say no.
  14. RNG: If most players should find a workstation recipe on say day 12 then there will be a few lucky who find it on day 5 and some unlucky only on day 18. Meanwhile other players complain about weapons being found too reliable on specific days and they miss the uncertainty of real random loot which still seems to exist with workstation recipes. And to answer the question: One is supposed to combat bad luck with either patience or biting the INT-bullet. I agree on the ammo reduction in the stone age. But I don't see pipe guns making the game easier. We already have a pipe gun in form of the blunderbuss available very early, further pipe gun variants of similar power wont make a dent in difficulty, just make early specialization available for all classes instead of only for STR. That you and I didn't notice that the shotgun has falloff damage proves my previous point that falloff damage makes it hard to notice you might be using a weapon from too afar. There are so many loot boxes, if your life is less worth to you than getting every loot bag in a POI then that is fine. It shows the game gives you interesting trade-offs, like whether your greed/completophobia or your survival instinct gets the upper hand. (This obviously only works though if you play on an appropriate difficulty level for your skills).
  15. On the other hand damage fall off means you never find out that you are shooting that gun at the wrong range and wasting ammo. The same happens now in melee, I'm never really sure I'm hitting the zombies correctly because a glancing hit does make them react too. Someone who doesn't know about glancing hits might get the impression that melee is totally useless because he needs 12 hits for a basic zombie, never realizing that most of his hits just make minimal damage.
  16. I think all NPCs in the game have telltale signs they are getting hit. The absence of those signs should have been a hint.
  17. Is there anything more pathetic than a STR player complaining about his weak shotgun? 😆
  18. "making no effort to disclose that the state of the console versions are as they are that is borderline consumer rights violations no matter what anyone here says" reads like an accusation, "why they dont feel it's necessary to disclose this information to potential customers" is an accusation "not making even the slightest effort to update that store front with needed information" is definitely an accusation All of above seem to me stated as facts, no "if" to be seen anywhere. I agree that changing the store fronts seems not to be top priority for them, merely an afterthought. In fact it was Roland a week or two ago who seems to have reminded them that there was still unfinished bussiness with the console stores. Now I'm counting only from that point, because I'm sure nobody at TFP had any thought for meddling in any way with MS or Sony once it was clear there was going to be no update. The change to the xbox store is obviously a direct result of the reminder by Roland. While I think adding a disclaimer to the store front would be the right thing to do I also think it isn't really the most important thing to do. Any adult consumer should know that he needs to read reviews of any game for their platform because there are always smaller or bigger changes. There is a long list of console games with atrocious PC ports. The number of people still doing an uninformed buy of 7D2D should be relatively low. Consumer rights have to do with what a company promises about a product, not what youtube promises. I don't think there is any violation of the law. -------------------------- PS: please use periods and paragraphs for your posts. It really isn't easy to read and understand your posts.
  19. I missed that you had mentioned the story line which I think is strongly linked with NPC/bandits getting into the game. Yes, that will be in the game too. As far as Madmole is concerned he said repeatedly that bandits are the missing piece for release (and I think he probably meant this to include the story).
  20. The only thing in this list that is somewhat guaranteed are the bandits. And radiated zones plus gamestaged locations (two sides of essentially the same feature) are highly likely as they seem to be the goal of the RWG focus of A20.
  21. I agree. The nearer 1.0 comes the less new stuff we will see. I'm already apprehensive about content like legendary weapons and the new event system. If TFP wants to release in 2021, there already are too many features in the assumed pipeline than they are able to handle.
  22. We just had a horde night using 4 sledge turrets on latest patch level, they worked flawlessly. And it was great fun. So at least generally they are working.
  23. If you tried to use "min" or "max" and the game isn't programmed to understand this, those values are just ignored. Don't invent syntax that isn't there. You probably want: <lootgroup name="groupBirdNest" count="1,2"> <item name="foodEgg" count="1,3" prob="0.49"/> <item name="resourceFeather" count="1,5" prob="0.75"/> </lootgroup> This would mean maximum 6 eggs. More complicated distributions can be realized with sub-lootgroups or adding "cobweb" as a nothing-item (at least I think "cobweb" just adds nothing) or maybe count="0,3" might work, I didn't test that though.
  24. A18 was the content heavy upgrade, you know, the update directly before this one? 😉 A20 will probably get areas of variable difficulty so you should be able to appreciate that at least
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