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  1. They They are talking about A19.1 STABLE, not release. Apart from that the client is very stable all in all. If you get crashes that often is because of driver issues or even hardware issues.
  2. Traders are not yet in line with loot. Known problem.
  3. The zombies in that video try to jump over a low obstacle but some other block prevents that from succeeding. You probably can find a similar exploit in A16 which everyone seems to equate with simple AI zombies. I.e. it has nothing to do with pathfinding to weak spots for example. The only simplification of the AI that would work here would remove the ability to jump over low obstacles. That would mean low blocks are unpassable for zombies and must be destroyed first. Worse is that they can't even go up stairs made of blocks. Do you really want that? I know a vanilla POI (without any ladders) that shows the same problem, I think it miight be more general. I'll make a bug report so you can look at it too. IMHO a general solution would be that zombies should have a high chance to go into destruction mode when they do a jump and land on the same spot they jumped from.
  4. Ok. I wasn't sure because you also said "Not only does the health bar cut the healing time in half" which sounded like one health bar alone already did this. I have to read the description of health bar again instead of posting useless questions 😉
  5. I can see the disconnect message in the log, no error before that. To know more the server log needs to be checked as well
  6. It really sounds too powerful if it one-hits Demos, even if the reload takes 5 seconds or more. Lots of people playing the game can make headshots with a high rate of success. If you want such a wet-dream weapon, use a mod. Or simply wait until MM had a chance to play PER, it is quite evident that PER is the worst attribute by far and needs a big push to be somewhat comparable to STR or FOR. I don't have the smallest idea what they will change when they balance PER, but it is perfectly possible that the sniper damage will be increased. I played a mod in A18 that had such a dirtbike (maybe you got the idea from there). It was absolutely OP and the only vehicle I used because it was so fast (and I had a PC and server that could handle it, my previous server was too weak and produced heavy tearing). But for technical reasons that speed can only happen in a mod. TFP has to look at what minimal PC speccs they want to support. The 4x4 is in the same niche as your Deuce. And at least our group mostly ignores it and prefers the motorbike or the gyro. If they add a Deuce they could as well remove the 4x4, or simply add more inv slots to the 4x4. But like your sniper idea above, you look at an area that TFP has said is not finished. I thought you were aware of the plan to add vehicle mods and vehicle damage to the game? So you are knocking on already open doors, maybe mods will fullfill your wishes, maybe they'll eventually add another vehicle while working on it (but I doubt it). Well, but here's the thing: TFP has a few (maybe 2 or 3) designers specializing in world building. They are good at architecture and each one of them designs about one tier4 POI per month. They can't be used for anything else, they can't program, they can't even be used to design or paint a weapon. They are specialists and if they are good TFP might want to keep them, especially because the next game needs those designers as well. At the moment more POIs are only nice as you say, but essentially they are cheap. Making a new weapon costs a whole team of people: It needs item designers to draw the weapon. It needs game designers to put the weapon somewhere and give it appropriate values and maybe balance other stuff to fit together with this weapon. It needs animators to make the attack (and reload?) of the weapon believable. And it often needs programmers to add new functionality the weapon might have. And especially programmers are a very scarce respource and good programmers are very hard to find and expensive. Now don't get me wrong, even though that sounds like much, if the feature is worth it or if there is something missing in the game it is totally worth it do put all those people to the task. So they will do pipe weapons because tier0 exists in the game (with blunderbuss, spear, club and arrow) but has obvious holes. But try to make a case for a totally new weapon line with 4 tiers to add to the game and it isn't that easy. Since you want a dirtbike and a Deuce, are you okay to not get them because the resources are expended for a sword that Solomon wants? What would you do if you had to decide just now what programmer John Doe and designer James Smith work on for the next 3 months: A) finishing the already started legendary weapons feature, B) adding vehicle mods and damage or C) adding a new sword line of weapons and a grenade launcher. A,B or C? What will it be for you?
  7. Cutting would need (implementation and balance) effort as well, so even if it did make sense they might not do it for the same reason they don't add every idea they like. Generally the devs have limited developer resources and (in their own words) thousands of ideas they would like to add to the game. So they have to pick their fights. If you only have 4 weapons in a game, a fifth weapon is a major improvement for the game (25% more weapons so to speak). If you already have 25 weapons in a game, adding the 26th costs as much implementation effort as adding the 6th, but its impact for the game is much less. The number 25 was just an example by the way, it is hard to count distinct weapons in 7D2D. Most weapon families in this game have to be counted as just one weapon with different damage tiers (spears for example are just one weapon, but not handguns) That is by the way the answer to the question you thought you asked but didn't: The M60 is the upgrade to the tactical assault rifle which is the upgrade to the AK. While still somewhat different so people actually use tactical assault instead of M60, it is basically just one weapon. Because of the M60 maybe 2. You generally replace the less powerful version with the better when it gets available. Ok, if they added blocking, that would make the sword somewhat new. In the game it would be very similar in function to the stun of the club, but the stun also stops them while a blocking would only prevent an attack. Again, make the axe too good and everyone will use it because of its double function. We already had that once in 7D2D and everyone used the axe. Because you would save a toolbelt slot AND perk points (you need only miner69 to be good at mining and axe combat) this would make STR even stronger and anyone an idiot when not using the axe. If they decided to do that they would have to redesign STR a bit, for example making a separate axe fighting perk. But then STR would have 3 melee weapon families. Overkill? Yes, it is an idea they could do if they didn't have many many other ideas also worth their time. All well and good, but somewhere the differences start to look minimal. More variations of essentially the same. We have a throwable weapon already, we have guns against armor and I think one melee weapon decreases armor(?). Wide hacking movements, if you mean an AOE attack, we have the sledgehammer for that. If TFP had the same amount of developers as Bethesda, they could do it and it might be worth it even with minimal differences, but they are a small indie developer. Ah, I was mixing up grenade launcher with mortar (i,e, a ballistic curve launcher). Sorry, language barrier. I should have said rocket launcher as the weapon that is already in the game. And the rocket launcher is simply tier3 of the explosives line. pipe bombs-> frag grenades -> contact grenades -> rocket launcher. I don't see where the grenade launcher would add anything. If TFP ever adds a fourth tier everywhere, then yes, the grenade launcher would be a likely candidate to bolster that line. I never argued with realism, I talked about differences in gameplay. If 7D2D wanted to depict reality, they would need to add A LOT more than a few weapons. Bows and crossbow are balanced to provide phenomenal stealth damage and with explosive arrows have their own AOE, but no real sustained firepower. If AGI proved to be too weak generally, they surely could add a repeater crossbow. You probably meant it, but you never did mention the AK when you said something about not needing the M60 because of game play differences. It looked to me like you were comparing M60 with shotgun. Just a misunderstanding. I hope I could explain it above, but again: The different tiers of similar weapons in a weapon family provide the same function as your perks, advancing and improving your capabilities, specializing you to take on tougher and tougher enemies. You are supposed to fight basic zombies with a pipe rifle, then advance to AK to feel superior. Then ferals and glowies turn up and you will add perk points and look for a tactical rifle to better deal with them. Then boss zombies try to kill you and you need the firepower of the M60 to deal with them. At least that is probably the sort of balance TFP might think about. I would have nothing against more weapons if they were free. But they cost in other features that can't be implemented because a team of programmers, game designers and graphics designers has to implement, balance and draw the new weapons. Small children want a new toy whenever they see one because they don't see their parents have to pay for the toy 😉. Do some modding and you might learn to estimate what time and effort a feature like a new gun might cost in development resources as well as what it brings to the game.
  8. I would guess that you might make pathing cheaper by calculating shorter paths. But I'm sure you can't simply turn off pathing completely, because even if the zombie wants to go in a straight line to you it needs to navigate around or over pillars, walls or blocks, needs to ascend an incline, ...
  9. I know of a statement they want multiple ways to solve problems and I know the new malls were designed to be more open without the one true path because of feedback. But I don't think they like very much that the dungeons can be trivially avoided.
  10. For me higashi and dishong are like the crown jewels. You don't use them on normal days, they are for exceptional occasions. I always make sure to have a long time between visiting them, so I have forgotten some of the inside. I need to be in the right mood for a serious commitment, a long fight through a jungle with no way out but up. The last time I did this in SP were the most immersive hours I ever had in 7D2D.
  11. People often don't follow the path and destroy some doors to get somewhere fast, sometimes zombies make new ways. Sometimes people don't see how the path continues and destroy a door to continue. Lots of ways for the one true path being replaced by a labyrinth. Combine that with a few rooms where you actually need to destroy a door to get inside and find a zombie. And combine that with players with a rudimentary sense of direction who couldn't find their way out of a caravan 😉. But still think they are entitled to get the reward after failing the simple task of following a marked path. In my opinion only the few places where you need to use an axe to get to a room with a zombie inside and the other thing with empty rooms where zombies don't spawn if you don't actually go inside are problems TFP is responsible for. The shortcuts are there for exiting after you have arrived at the end of a dungeon, not for going up. Not sure if you are ironic here or need a hard hit with the clue bat 😉
  12. The problem might be that it isn't a percentage at all but a set number between 1 and 3 (at least I seem to remember it was this way initially). Which works for small POIs but might not scale up to tier5 buildings.
  13. Well, there is lots of conflicting evidence. There are people who complain about not needing to craft anything and there are other people who have crafted lots of weapons and armor. In SP I seem to often craft my own tier3 quality5 weapon and use it a relatively long time until I find a better quality6, if at all. My guess is that in SP the chance is high to craft the main weapon and find the armor, multiplayer co-op the chance is high to get a quality6 weapon faster through looting (because more people are looking and sharing their finds), but someone will learn an armor perk and built most of the armor for everyone. Also the trader isn't correctly balanced yet and might skew the balance away from crafting. This is balancing and TFP hopefully will get some accurate information through telemetry whether crafting of weapons and armor happens too seldom. Your feedback might also be considered. But when you are making false claims that you don't get anything out of your weapon perk that will cast a doubt about the accuracy of your other feedback being accurate. Just saying, accurate feedback might get noticed, hyperbole claims might get some ridicule instead. So on MP servers people constantly get one or multiple of your "death penalties" whenever they start playing again after a break where other players continued playing on the server for at least an hour. Or on co-op servers when you miss a play session. Even if your idea had merit for SP I don't think TFP is willing to have different penalties for SP and MP when they removed the ability of the server to distinguish between SP and MP a long time ago.
  14. You list a lot of weapons, most of them don't provide any noticable difference to current weapons. In Detail: No difference in gameplay to the machete In the game. You can use axes as weapons, they are just not as effective as the other pure weapons for balance reasons. Lots of people use axes as weapons because they save a slot and are good enough if you specced in miner69er No difference in gameplay to the spear. Long range prodding weapon No practical difference in gameplay to the club. This marks the first really new weapon type you list. Yes, shields were suggested a few times and TFP were thinking about it but seem to have decided that adding that would involve more effort than it would bring and there were more important features needed. INT stun baton generally does that. As I already told you in the list of likely A20 features there likely will be further melee weapons in the INT line because there is still a gap there. Agreed. Not in the game. Has been asked for, might possibly get into the game, or not. There are lots of AOE damage weapons in the game, from molotovs to the rocket launcher. Its called an arm, it launches grenades. No practical difference to the stuff in the game All of these sound like you want a tier4 of bows/crossbows. If they do this they probably need to expand all other weapon lines with a tier4 as well. Which won't happen till gold, I expect this to happen in an expansion or 7D2D 2. There is a chance that one or more of this list might get included as a legendary weapon though. Wait and see. Sorry, but auto shotgun has a lot more damage for less ammo than the m60, but have you noticed that the range is just ~5 or so blocks? I don't have the exact numbers, but range of shotgun is very low, at 6 blocks the damage is either 0 or only half damage, not sure? So stand on a high tower, say 6-12 blocks above ground and try to kill zombies on the ground with your shotgun and then the m60. Then build a very low horde base with a door to group the zombies, shoot into them with a shotgun for half a night, then with an m60 half a night, notice how much ammo it cost you and how much time you have to toil in a mine to replace that ammo. I promise you it will be much less with a shotgun. It has to be said: If your reason to play a game is access to lots and lots of weapons, play a shooter, not this hybrid of many genres including shooter. I can promise you if TFP added a mace for example, you would play that mace for 2 hours, notice there is not much difference to a club (except maybe a small range difference) and ask for the next weapon to be included. TFP, a small indie developer can't win a race for contents with its user base, you will always tire of new content with not much difference to existing content faster than they can generate it. Big companies like Bethesda and Blizzard learned this fact years ago the hard way. PS: By the way, madmole just said this in the dev diary:
  15. 25 steel or 50 steel, that is small change. I don't know the exact number of seconds a miner needs to mine for 50 steel, but I know our 4 man co-op group had no problem on day 33 to churn out 300 steel out of our forge plus similar stacks of forged iron when we prepared for horde night and then the forge still wasn't empty. So with your "expensive" numbers we could have produced more than 6 end-game q6 weapons on day 33. And our miner is only part-time mining.
  16. It would be quite easy actually. Too easy. At the current damage potential of the zombies they could never breach a double concrete wall if every zombie attacked a different spot. So at a minimum their block damage has to be increased. Much damage all around the walls means that every horde night then needs 2 days of mining and boring repairs afterwards.
  17. In a world without degradation that is not a problem. You simply wont do that. At the moment getting 7 books is not guaranteed but still far too fast on average for the ability to craft q6, but that is something that could be changed as well. Games where you can craft the best items usually make that option a far off possibility only available through serious grind (AFAIK). I just don't see the q5 gun costing 25 steel, but the q6 gun costing >500 steel and 30 diamonds, it just looks a bit odd.
  18. No, I just made some light fun of the fact that you mentioned your loot setting a bit too often. Actually I plan to use lower loot settings myself eventually. But first I want to wait until I'm sure the bugs with actual loot being less than the percentage suggests are not coming back. But my OTHER point that your strategy has to be to buy perks instead of waiting for the loot when you decrease loot was me being absolutely serious. Lets assume the game is balanced at vanilla settings and going for the perk instead of waiting for the seeds to drop is just a decision between equal options. Then decreasing one of those options to be 4 times worse can't possibly be balanced anymore, quite obviously now buying the perk must be the tremenduously better option.
  19. You find seeds and seed recipes in loot. If you don't because of specific settings that never were mentioned here (😉) then relying on perks is obviously the better strategy. Balance is right, you just need a setting to get only 25% out of perk bonuses to be balanced again.
  20. And what Kalen said is the reason Q6 should never be craftable in this survival game. Unless it needs an ingredient that is only craftable into this specific Q6 and is as scarce as the original Q6.
  21. Oh, you poor poor man. So you specced into shotguns crafting perk and now it is completely useless (EXCEPT FOR THAT TOTALLY USELESS 100% DAMAGE INCREASE!!!!!!!!!!). 😉
  22. The one where you don't argue with extremes 😉 For example what you wrote below is surely better at convincing me than the "cheap" 2 weeks working coffee machine. One thing should be taken into account though: If degradation would get into the game, finding such items would have to be increased too as the demand is higher. That is a central point of the argument pro degradation: To get a higher turnover both supply and demand has to increase. I am somewhat pro degradation, but I'm only pro degradation if it means a degradation in steps, i.e. down to Q5 then Q4... Not that the item simply stops working after a few repairs. So if someone finds a Q6 and it downgrades, it will still work as a Q5 for a while. Replacing it is only neccessary if you find or build a really better one. Which is just a matter of time. It might mean that you specifically do not look for Q6 motor tools anymore, but since you don't play long games because of Q6 carrots before your nose but because you build big I don't see the harm.
  23. Paper becomes yellow and brittle with time. Maybe those 5 pieces are the only ones left still usable. Naturally the artists should have taken that into account and made the books look much more worn out
  24. Honestly 10 loot gamestage at the start of the game has a far larger impact than 10 zombie gamestage, the difficulty increase is felt only sporadically when the number of dogs in a random dog horde is calculated 😉. And artificial internal values like gamestage should normally not be pulled into the limelight if you want to keep some immersion alive and dissuade people from meta-gaming. If you are not exxagerating here that would be a bug or a monumental streak of bad luck. I looted the small book-poi at the corner of the row of small shops and if I remember correctly the ~10 book shelves got me maybe 2 books. Less than the older book shelves for sure. To be sure someone would have to check the xmls (I can't at the moment).
  25. I may have misread your previous post that you claimed that once you had that q6 you would just store it in a box instead of using it because it degrades. "So why use Q6 if I can't keep the items anyway? They end up in a box or are sold." sounded very much like that. What you are arguing now is that searching for the item aka expending effort is no use if it is shortlived. That we can agree on. Still, you are arguing with extremes and I feel I'm trying to argue against a rant, not a serious argument. For people playing the game usually for less than 10 weeks 2 weeks are significant and they will only see a Q6 get useless or degrade to Q5 once in their in-game lifetime. If you play it for double that time it would be more significant, but still, that is no comparison to 2 weeks in real-life. Here is another useless analogy: "Would you buy a watch that costs you 1 cent and lasts for a million years until it breaks down?". By taking it to the extremes, yes, a q6 is like rock candy. We can agree to that.
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