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  1. We are just discussing the game and maybe we discover some way to improve the game or maybe we find out it works well after all. My current opinion is it works out but I'm influenced by my own subjective view on the game. Your primary concern seems to be that builders are too strongly forced into STR and a lot of perk points in the triumvirate Sexrex/miner69/motherlode. Now if you are serious about building big then sinking lots of points into strength makes sense, but you never need to be higher than STR 6 plus cigar to max out all miner skills. The saved 7 points already get you to 7 (with the right glasses) in another attribute which makes it possible to have your favoured weapon combo at perk level 4. So max miner plus a weapon combo from a different attribute at 4 costs the same as max miner plus shotgun/club combo at perl level 5. And yes, I think this is a fair trade for ignoring class restrictions.
  2. Such an impressive list of stuff you don't like or care about, one has to wonder why you play this game at all. (No, you don't need to answer that. There are many groups of players who play 7D2D for just one aspect of the game. But they will never be completely happy with the end result because TFP will surely not throw out major parts of the game just for any one group) The death penalty in this game is a compromise so as to not lead to death loops for newbies but still provide a disincentive to people so they don't use it strategically or ignore it. If the latter part fails, parts of the game loop fail. A horde night for example is trivial when someone just opts to stand there and let himself be killed every 7 days. Not much the developers can do there. And yes, I know you don't do that, it is just an example of the fact that the developers can't please everyone and especially not people who ignore or don't care for large parts of the game.
  3. The "make it incredibly difficult" part is not as easy as it sounds. I can kill any zombie, even glowies, with tier0 weapons and traps if I have time to prepare and know the layout of a POI. 7D2D needs a few more features before it is ready for challenges without cheap wins. Harder biomes coming in A20 is just one such change, but if you also want some hard POIs as standouts in easy biomes you need either radioactive zones or loot rooms protected by keys.
  4. Bugs have to get fixed. I could postulate a bug that makes you fall through the world (actually there was once a bug like that in 7D2D). Does that mean the game has to provide a safety net below the world ? Sorry no, it needs the bug fixed. Second part of this post by madmole. By lucky coincidence he talked about this topic, AGAIN. I don't think TFP thinks there is any difference between "looting"/scraping the earth and scraping a car or stuff in POIs. It is one world providing the materials, whether once made by humans or being a natural resource.
  5. On taking over POI for the first horde nights instead of building it: This was always the easiest way to survive the first hordes, in any alpha. First time players (unless they got their ideas from youtube) should naturally gravitate to use a poi anyway. When I played my first game I would not have been able to build a horde base from scratch, I would not have known how. If that is needed for a player to continue he is already lost for 7D2D (or needs friends to introduce him to the game). Experienced players on the other hand know how to effectively get resources and are usually able to build a base for the first horde night from scratch, in any alpha. There is no direct harm if a novice player could swim in resources. But if even a novice can get materials in heaps in early game, an experienced player doesn't even need to invest into miner perks to do the same. It devalues the investment in miner perks if nobody really needs them.
  6. After the buff primitve bow is fantastic at long range (assuming here that at long range the zombie hasn't spotted us). Also, did you know you can shoot a bow relatively fast for mid range run and gun if you let off the arrow in the middle of the drawing animation? Needs a bit practice and naturally you need lots of arrows for that. I agree the spear throw is underwhelming.
  7. New forum users usually have not measured the pulse of most horses here yet, friendly veterans could inform them of the medical condition of individual horses with courtesy, right? 😉
  8. I'm a base builder but I never ever felt the need to get some special block from creative menue. I never add pictures, refrigerators, kitchen cupboards or stoves in my bases. In other words I am building 99% for functionality and the 1% visual embellishment is done with blocks I can simply craft. So when Madmole mentioned 2% vanity crafters I was sure to be in the 98% group. Consequently having deco items from creative menue available in the main game (from trader or wrenching) is very low on my personal wish list. But you are talking now about digging zombies too. And even there all building is not equal. For someone trying to build a stylish bunker with living quarters digging zombies might be a nuisance and nerf. For me digging zombies were the precondition for wanting to build underground. Without the challenge in form of attacking zombies why even go there? I built 2 horde bases and one crafting base in the underground, all of them after zombies started digging
  9. Well, building a defense base and building a VANITY base are different things. and the death sentence for Fataal
  10. Only Snowdog? What about all the others and do they have time on the same day?
  11. Oops, meant to say savegames of 7D2D are susceptible to be damaged in crashes, not that 7D2D crashes a lot. BIG difference 🙃
  12. I actually mixed up the shotgun tier names since I haven't played STR in A19 and the combat(?) shotgun is new. But I also didn't care much because generally I don't have much problems running around with tier 2 weapons at end game, the differences to tier 3 are often small. I'm playing FOR right now, have a M60 but prefer using AK/tactical rifle for the better handling.
  13. Ah ok, you just said tier and I assumed weapon tier.
  14. Ruining your fun is my secret agenda. Which I blurt out now to hide my super-secret real agenda.😎
  15. Sure about that? Lots of people seem to be missing the UDP ports above 26900, i.e. 26901 and 26902 at least. I even seem to remember there were 3 ports needed above, just in case open 5 above and be on the safe side 😉
  16. Which is also a fault of the game actually. Deleting the mod folder should be part of the clean-up tool in the launcher
  17. I think a fault of the current loot balance is that in normal gameplay you just find too many weapons in loot boxes. I would estimate that I will loot about 25 weapons in about 2 days on average before I get a better weapon, because there are lots of loot containers with a chance for a weapon and they often have more than one weapon. Naturally that is much more evident in A19's stone age with a smaller selection of weapons AND without randomness in stone age weapons that at least makes duplicates of higher tiers weapons more interesting. So I'd say that especially in the stone age much less weaponry should drop in loot boxes. That was already proposed before, I'd just like to bring that idea back in memory. it would be much better if you only find 4 weapons in 2 days but one of that is then already better than your current weapon. Same progression, less frustration.
  18. I don't know, in the stone age I need lots of iron, glue, leather, recipes, rotten meat, seeds, food cans, fruits, mechanical parts, mods, wood, stone, cloth, first aid bandages, clothes, bicycle parts, feathers, eggs, ... It may be the case that you are only interested in playing the shooter part of the game (?) and don't need anything of above, but for that there are settings like 300% xp or creative mode. Make your own rules. Your wish seems to be exactly what is planned for A20.
  19. About 1: If 20% is a tier 1 weapon you need to loot on average 5 gun boxes to get a tier 1 gun. If your goal is that the average player to not have tier1 guns immediately in the first days and the average player is easily able to loot 5 gun boxes in 2 days you failed the goal by a wide margin. Sure, the 80% was likely just an example, but if you give out specific numbers they should at least be in the right ballpark. The idea that powerful weapons can only be used as oh-@%$*#! weapons, either through repair ability or ammo scarcity, actually solves a large part of the problem. But it still provides you with a safe feeling to be able to get out of any oh-@%$*#! situation which doesn't fit with the horror survival part of this game. Yes, there are lots of players who don't care for horror or survival or both, but many including the developers are probably in the other camp.
  20. The only one who every called the stone age weapons "tutorial weapons" is you. And you are right in sofar that in A17 and A18 they were tutorial weapons. In A15, A16 and A19 at least they actually are not and the developers plans seem clearly different from your plans 😉. Immersion and realism problems are the same problem and granted this is an actual problem for some players. Trailer videos made 4(?) years ago. I can only assume you were going for satire with this comment 😆 A pump shotgun of quality 1 to a basic zombie is like a laser guided rocket is to a fercious bunny. Sure, the loot system needs more variety, but please show me another game where you get end game weapons in early game. I'm sure you have no chance to loot the dragon slayer uber weapon in Skyrim on day 1 for example. I actually would be ok if one in a million players gets such a weapon in the first week, but would that be enough for you?
  21. 7D2D is very susceptible to crashes. Still, in your case it wasn't the server that crashed, it was the client. Since a client should have no problem redownloading any state from the server, a simple checksum on a normal close of the game would already make that part much less fragile. If you did start the world fresh with A173 and used no mods you might make a bug report in the bug forum. They surely won't put a high priority on this, but eventually they might want to make save games and autoparty more robust. I assume you afterwards turned autoparty on again? I think it is likely going to work again and crashes should be the exception, not the rule.
  22. It needs repeating: One big reason for the change of the loot tables is that normal zombies in the early game are outclassed by tier1 weapons. While stone age tier0 weapons are or should be a good match for normal zombies. Many survival games start with the hero so weak he has to avoid fights and is only slowly getting more powerful. First of all in 7D2D the weak phase isn't so weak, at no time in the game do you need to walk away from a fight with a single zombie. And in earlier alphas and especially A18 your weak phase had a duration of half an hour (until you raided your first POI). That is obviously rushed for a game that is usually played for 35-50 hours per world. You can't just give a level 1 player a steel sledgehammer and expect him to still have a healthy respect for normal zombies. The second consideration is that A19 has no variable difficulty for biomes, areas or POIs. A20 seems to get some of that and that would allow offering quests of varying difficulty. Without higher difficulty you can't just give higher rewards, who would be so dumb to select a low-tier quest when the high-tier quest isn't more difficult or dangerous. Even if it was 1.4km farther out.
  23. Yes, sure. Isn't the fireaxe mod still in the game that does exactly this? If necessary the buffs for damage and debuffs for wood cutting need to be somewhat (or a lot) bigger.
  24. You probably got the better item through trader and quest rewards. This will not be staying that way, trader is still not correctly balanced.
  25. I'd say you are correct in your answer and correct about not deserving that reply but you misunderstand Maharin's point of view. It is not about difficulty it is about crafting being self-sufficient. In some earlier alphas you (maybe) could craft everything you need from the bottom up by just mining and picking plants. Maharin seemed to think this was a fundamental design principle of the game, but it definitely isn't, at least now it isn't. The game needs you to scrap the remnants of civilization as well. Why? Because a level 1 player is an idiot and needs a schematic to even build a forge, and that forge in that schematic has a pipe 😉. The first years I was cooking in RL I was just like my avatar in 7D2D, slavishly following the recipes.
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