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  1. You should raise your gamestage multiplicator instead, it is fixed now at 1.2. If you want to speed up the game, just set it to 1.6 or 2. Your assumption that you only find loot of the highest quality clashes with my experience in the game and clashes with other players complaining that they still find stone tools and blunderbusses much later in the game.
  2. Because if developers concentrate on the fewer hardcore players they would just have the money to finish a game in the size of A15 or less. So if TFP had done what you want, they would have had to publish A15 as the finished game. Now it is a nice coincidence that you like A15. Just play it, it is all TFP could afford in that other reality you want. 😃
  3. You are jumping to conclusions here. While I agree with you that the store should be updated to include a disclaimer, there are lots of possibilities why this wasn't done yet. They first had to inform and prove to MS that they are now the owner. So MS updated that name on store front, but that still doesn't mean TFP has access. So after getting informed by MS that they are now accredited as publisher, they would have to contact their service to get an access password before they can do anything or maybe go through MS press departement who is in charge of the store texts. * So it is possible that the information from MS back to TFP that they are owner now got lost. * It is possible that the one at TFP having to do the edits pushed it back because he has lots of other work on his table. * It is possible that he couldn't get a password from their service section yet. * It is possible that they decided the store front needs some more changes than just the disclaimer and are in the middle of producing that. * It is possible that they are still waiting for Sony to accredit them as well, since I don't see a change on Sony's (german) website * It is very probable that that simple line to add has to be translated into all the languages of the MS store. Whether that has to be done by the publisher (which means hiring a company for this one single text line!!) or an internal department of MS I don't know. Is someone here who knows first hand? * And then there is the possibility that they don't want to do this, as you claim. So it would at least be more sensible to ask first what's the holdup before going straight to the accusations.
  4. News Flash: That will happen to the PC version in aproximately 1.5 to 2 years. And yes, then we will have to buy any DLC or extension or a possible "7 Days to die 2"
  5. General tip: Don't delete stuff at first, move the data and test. If the test is successful, then you can delete. Saveslocal is a cache of your data on the server, you should be able to move/delete it without any problems. Player data in the Saves folder may be important if the server allows you to log in with multiple profiles, so I would keep that (or try first without it and if you start as a new character on the server, copy it back) There is also other data like configuration stored somewhere else, so using the launcher-tab "tools" to delete the stuff should be more thorough
  6. All the time you were typing that message a red bar on top was telling you 😉 Only in Navezgane will there be a main quest (AFAIK). RWG is already the free roam mode
  7. I did not test outrunning the vultures with a motorcycle or a 4x4. If anyone wants to further test this and can show that a minibike outruns a vulture but a motorcycle doesn't then that definitely would be a bug. My theory is that either basic vultures are faster on horde night (similar to basic zombies being faster as well) or that radiated vultures are faster than normal vultures.
  8. Some other user reported that the cross hair makes little jumps if in zoo mode, in other words doesn't have unlimited resolution. If that is your issue, a developer already knows about it and if possible should fix it (there is always the problem that they are using a black box graphics system that might have its own bugs). If this is not the issue, you don't really say what exactly is different.
  9. I can tell you why I didn't reply with this. I'm neither a tester nor a dev nor have I access to their bug database. But it is a perfect example of what I was talking about, a shiny perfect bug report has a much higher chance of getting noticed and fixed
  10. Veduis first video showed (and it also seems logical) that zombies are not immediately replaced by vultures on horde night when you mount a vehicle. But when zombies die in your horde base traps or get out of range and despawn they can be substituted with vultures. Not sure how far off you have to be for zombies who hit on your base walls to despawn, but that would be a relatively safe distance to drive. If they are running after you they also won't despawn. Very sure they are immune. It doesn't make sense to program a bike to have a broken leg. BUT in A20 a corresponding damage system will be added for vehicles and then vehicles will get flat tires instead of broken legs. I agree. I think the critical hit system does not take into account how fast a zombie attacks which means faster but low damage attacks have a much higher chance for crits. This probably has to be adapted.
  11. I'm pretty sure it will be with new quests, otherwise he would have just recommended to cancel old quests.
  12. I haven't seen a detailed explanation myself, so can give you just my guess what it probably means: When you do a quest, you get shown a yellow point to the last zombie. Also once you killed the last zombie a clear quest is shown as finished. Now because of the patch you might not see the yellow point. And/or the quest shows up as finished and there still are sleepers in the building It might also be that you can't finish a clear quest in some POIs because the quest thinks it isn't finished even though all zombies are dead. BUT that is highly unlikely as hatred said explicitely that the quest would be finished BEFORE all sleepers are killed So, nothing serious, nothing that would crash the game, in the worst but unlikely case some quests can't be finished.
  13. From the xml: <passive_effect name="EntityDamage" operation="perc_add" value=".1,.5" tier="2,6" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <!-- tier bonus --> <passive_effect name="BlockDamage" operation="perc_add" value=".1,.5" tier="2,6" tags="perkMiner69r"/> <!-- tier bonus --> This means 10% more damage per quality setting. I just checked actually values in the game, this means a q1 stone axe has 6 melee and 21 block damage, a q6 has 9 melee and 32 block damage I'm sure my opinion is not more valid and I loved everyone got 2-3 second pauses and I didn't 😆 . The game has a finite amount of stuff it can distribute that a player would find valuable at any moment. If you always find fantastic loot instead of cans the game would be finished in at day 10 and some players would immediately call for "end-game-items" because they didn't understand that they rushed through the available content too fast (not saying you do, just that it happened before). There is also the problem that showering a player with valuable stuff blunts the effect of finding valuable stuff. So I can promise you you will continue to find useless stuff in most loot boxes, whether it is a can in the kitchen cupboard or a piece of cloth in a WS crate. But you will loot the kitchen cupboard anyway for the chance of a can of miso, because that IS valuable in the early game I never said anything like L2P to you or anything about whether you are a good player. I know players in this forum who run rings around me. But that doesn't necessarily mean that those players like the stone age anymore than you do. Especially players who want a shooter and not a survival game often show a profound impatience about having to run around with a primitive bow. There is no question they could deal with the starting zombies barefisted as well. It doesn't mean they like it. But this is a survival game too, and the early game IS practically the survival part.
  14. The reality of bug testing. Hundreds of issues come in, the most important 30 are patched, some bugs vanish randomly because some old code getting changed or removed, some can never be replicated, some are always delegated to be fixed at a later date. In other words: There is no guarantee for speedy bug fixes on less than critical bugs. You can just increase the probability something gets fixed if you can proove that something is wrong instead of just saying you have a feeling this might be wrong. A high percentage of bugs turn out to be the users fault or misinterpretation, so like it or not, you are not automatically believed if you claim something. You can also increase the probability by making a proper bug report to a tester because once it is a confirmed bug the chance of a fix is 20 times higher than if you bank on Gazz using his limited time to test this.
  15. It is so easy to misjudge statistical events. If the stuff in those 25% of boxes with loot is similar in amount to what people on 100% would find then it is exactly as you want it. Only if the loot in there is reduced as well would there be a bug. So make a test: For example make a new game, loot 60 kitchen cup boards or trash piles or any other frequent loot box. Restart with 25% loot and do the same. Compare the stuff you found by multiplying the stuff in the second run by 4.
  16. It seems there will be a new boss zombie with a ranged attack (even before bandits)
  17. I don't think they will loose much sleep over this because a cube alone will eventually not be enough against late game zombies. And it isn't an exploit of zombie AI, the main reason something is changed. The death pit (if you mean the pit to bedrock) on the other hand was just overpowered even against late game hordes. Saying they "removed" that strategy is wrong thoug, it was just a nerf. You still can remove 1/3 of all the zombies HPs by a drop base but need more to finish them off. Also if you let them fall half way to bed rock and a second time to bedrock you can even remove 2/3 of their HPs. More effort -> better result.
  18. Well, in your previous post you said "That is my real issue with the loot, not the fact it is crap, it's the wrong crap". And that is what I didn't believe. We could argue now what "real" issue means for any other issue, but lets just agree that you have a substantial issue with the stone age as well OR with the speed of advancement in the game. If you played FOR and had a quality 3 AK and found a quality 4 AK with slightly more damage? Would you be happy with that or complain about not finding higher tier stuff? Well, the same step is if you have a q3 blunderbuss and find a q4 one. I see (apart from the realism aspect) only the minor problem that stone tool scrap is nearly valueless and naturally that there are too few stone age weapons to have variety in the loot boxes. Also there is nothing wrong if you only loot kitchens at first because the really valuable loot is there in the early game. Lots of people have complained that it doesn't matter anymore where they loot, now you can make an informed decision and loot residential buildings and kitchens first and switch to commericial buildings once the food problem is solved.
  19. I agree, their hitbox seems out of whack and needs adjustment. You have to take into account though that the HP of all animals was buffed in A19. You can see that with the dogs, they have the same hitpoints as any basic male zombie (150). Vultures have much less (30), but still might need more than one hit by a melee weapon. The radiated vulture is a decisive step up, 4 times the HPs, nearly double damage with melee (14) and 4 times the block damage (32). But iradiated zombies have a similar incline in HPs and damage (AFAIK)
  20. About the myth of Vultures destroying 20% of a vehicle: I just now made a test because that value seemed highly unlikely. Especially since in the video from Vedui he got attacked by a swarm of vultures and his vehicle never was destroyed. I made a level 28 character, gave him military armor and a shotgun and drove with a motorbike into the wasteland. After driving around for more than a minute I could get a vulture interested in me. I let it hit me about 10 times, then, when I started bleeding, stopped and shot it. Result: Damage to the vehicle (that has 6000 durability) 23 ! Damage to the player: Lots of criticals (abrasion, infection) that brought the HPs down to 35. It seemed most of the damage was not direct damage but brought on by multiple criticals. Ok. So I thought that the motorbike may just be heavily armored. Therefore I spawned in a minibike, but that had the same armor/defense-value but only 3000 durability. Same test. When I got a vulture interested I drove with max speed on a street just to see how often it would hit me and the surprising thing was: Never. I actually was faster than that vulture, on a minibike. So I really had to stop and wait for a vulture to find me again and hit me. Again I waited until the bleeding started before I went off the bike, shot the bird and applied a med kit. Result: Damage to the vehicle (3000 durability): ~40 ! Damage to the player: Even more criticals, I had 5 HP when I stopped the bleeding. Finally I made sure that the update to 173 didn't change vultures, and no, neither their speed nor their damage was changed compared to 169. ---------------------------- Conclusion: The normal vulture you find in the wasteland is neither fast enough to stop or hit you on a street nor does it have a chance to destroy your vehicle. But the amount of criticals you get from one lonely vulture may be a bit too much. I say "may" because I have to first test what harm a normal zombie hitting you 10 times would do. If that is comparable, it probably isn't too much.
  21. Naming the stone stuff "crap" and then claiming you are only interested in the realism of what to find in the boxes. Very believable 🙃
  22. If you want it fixed, make a bug report. Just sayin
  23. meganoth


    Again, wrong section and by using german you are cutting off 95% of the people who might be able to help you. Translate your text, remove any format brought over from google by klicking on the rubber icon. Then maybe the person able to help you will also understand you.
  24. I hope legendary items have disadvantages as well. Who would still know Achilles without his heel? 😉
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