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Found 16 results

  1. Does 7 Days to die (PS4) support keyboard and mouse?
  2. So 2020 has pretty much been a @%$# year in terms of The dreaded CV19!!! BUT we are getting the next gen consoles in November from PlayStation and XBox!!! in the post given by the pimps they stated that they would be looking at next gen consoles to re release 7DTD! so now that we have had a date for both next gen consoles will the pimps have started making a move on re releasing the game??? Would be amazing to get a little light on this subject!!
  3. Hello Everyone my name is Josh and I am. Youtuber from South Wales UK! i have been making 7 Days To Die Content for a few years and have decided to jump on the forum and Show you some of the things I have done! MORE ON THE WAY TOO! here is a playlist of everything I have done apart from Live streams! a fair few of the vids have done really well in terms of Views! please help a fellow Survivor out with a Subscribe and by liking a few of the vids! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6sNnWNzCHz3dBcOFoMJ5oS8G8Zt23wlP
  4. Newer player looking for player to play with
  5. So I've be en watching Kage848 p la y and it made me purchase the game on console, but after I complete the tutorial quest and find the trader that's where my quest stop, I've tried everything to get a trader quest but just can't any suggestions? I've uninstalled the game re installed tried closing and opening cleared all files, died just to reset, tried several different game worlds, ive tried playing with settings and difficulty levels, no idea where to go from here
  6. Devs gotta start learning how to port! Maybe give PC a break and focus on the NEGLECTED console community. Port the next update and sell it as a dlc to generate revenue on console idgaf ill pay too support this game ;_; or fix the bugs at least 😭. TAKE MA MUNEY
  7. Is console updated to the point of no fog of war view constantly or is it still there? I quit 7dtd due to the bad move telltale made but wanting to return with my girlfriend and friends. But my main concern is the fog that wont allow you to view for long distances. Also we're looking for the more recent stuff.
  8. I signed up specifically to show my appreciation for the console versions. I bought the Xbox version a couple of years ago and had a blast. Yes, the memory bug issue got me a few times, but I was able to prevent it wiping my data each time. I recently bought PS4 version when it went on sale and have put a ton of hours into it. Between both consoles, I would say that I have hundreds of hours in this game. It is one of my top 5 games of all time. The concept is relaxing to me after a day's work. Could it be better on the consoles? Sure it could but I fully understand the issues behind the game. I do not believe the issues to be TFP's fault, nor do I really care. I am just grateful that the game is still on consoles. I know that I am in the minority here, but I really appreciate this game. I also bought the PC version last week and have yet to really play it. I don't mind supporting this game as it provides so much fun for me.
  9. ik that the game devs of seven days to die are not updateing console anymore cause of there own reason and im not asking that they start making updates for console but i hope they can atleast for now make bug fixs for what we currently have on console including duplication glitches i would assume it wouldn't be as hard as making a whole new update with more features although im not sure but if you guys see this and are looking at these post give some thought on atleast fixing bugs on the current version in till you guys are able to release more content it seems like reasonable request who agrees here
  10. Hello, survivors! I'm new here and I'd like to start off on the right foot with you by telling you about the Coloña ... Actually, it's a project that was inspired to me by the series "Fear the Walking dead" (season 6 coming up !!!😁). What does it consist in? It's a base that I'm building with my best friend and my brother. Located on a peninsula in a randomly generated prairie biome. Eventually, it will be fortified with a level III wall (double thickness, towers, ditch with peaks, walkway). It will include 11 buildings, most of which will also be fortified with an underwater tunnel giving access to an island off the Coloña. This island will have in its center a forward post which will be used essentially as a forge for the Coloña but still composed of 4 buildings. What do you think of it? Yours sincerely. Arthamios Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)
  11. Gotta love it am I right? I can see that if they upgraded the console version. Since their game has gone gold like they said they wanted. Let’s start working on console. You can make so much money off of an actual smoothly running game on console
  12. Thank you for 7DtD. I've been playing since day 1 of its launch on PS4. To this day my friends and I still have a blast playing. Yes, it had problems. Yes, it still has problems and I know that's more due to the issues with TT. Yes, it's horrifically behind on updates and will likely never get anymore updates. However it's still so much fun that it's very easy for my friends and I to ignore whatever issues pop up, when/if they do. 7DtD is by far my most played and enjoyed game this generation. The same goes for several of my friends. We always find ourselves coming back to play in the world you created. Many of our most fond gaming memories come from 7DtD. There's no doubt in my mind that all of us have over 1,000+ hours of playtime in 7DtD, individually! 7DtD has easily been one of my best, if not best, game purchases of the last decade, and I wanted everyone at The Fun Pimps to know that. So again, thank you TFP, for 7DtD. A game I will continue to praise and play, even with its faults. And I wish you all the best with PC 7DtD and your future endeavors. Sincerely, A bunch of 30-something-year-old diehard fans P.S. If by any chance you guys decide to bring 7DtD to next generation consoles, I'd be happy to pay full price all over again. Worth every penny and more. Also, I've been keeping an eye on PC 7DtD content and it looks amazing. Keep up the amazing work. I hope some day I can play A19+ content!
  13. Hello People, I'm completely stuck and not finding any help anywhere online. So I placed my land claim block in my base. Put 1 in each corner and 1 on both sides as long wall. 6 in total. I let a random person hide in my base at night from the zombies. He was able to place a bed... Thought maybe there a missing gap in middle. So I went upstairs and placed another in the room above him. Asked the random player to build himself a small room. ( wanted to test it out ) He managed to do so.... Later that day another random managed to build blocks OVER my base building his blocks within 3 bloxks of my land claim block to raid upstairs. He Destroyed a metal door with a stone club and raided upstairs.... I shot him dead. But it's very clear that my land claim blocks are not working. ALL have full strength. What's going on. Please people who are playing on playstation 4 please comment.
  14. it would be cool If TFP would buy the console versions of 7 days to die. I won the game on ps4 and pc but I play on my ps4 more cause of friends and we all like the game.
  15. So as we all know the current Console version of 7DTD is discontinued... due to reasons we all know.... So with only a few small months until the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox makes an appearance on shelves around the world, one question is on our minds!!! Will 7 Days To Die be released on the new consoles??? with a severely updated Alpha??? Possibly bringing us Console Lovers up to speed???
  16. Hows it going? I love this game but still a beginner. I want to play with someone on PS4. I wanna play hopefully around 4pm-11pm est. Starting new sounds like a lot of fun. Msg me on here or discord Discord: Kalawix556#3007
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