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  1. Procedurally generated caves are not returning. There are 7 or 8 cave POI's that are level designed.
  2. Well...I was assuming going out at night healthy not going out at night at less than 90%. Of course, if you are talking about doing some POI infiltration during your first couple nights and running into POI sleeper vultures-- that is a bird of a different feather. Those can tear you up during the daytime.
  3. Throwing rocks for crowd management is definitely the thing to do at night with larger maxcounts. Also, it should be noted that unless the zombie is feral it is pretty easy to run a short distance then crouch and sneak to the side and you will lose them. At night they are NOT following you by sight. They are following your breadcrumbs so if you sidestep while crouched from the position they last heard you they will go right past you to that location and then stop. It is scary to sit there and trust that they will run by but....they do. (not if their eyes are glowing though...) Also, armor does spoil the speed differential but I was answering the OP's direct question about what you do at night during the first few days. Typically, you don't have full armor by then and even if doing quests you probably only have a few pieces and are still faster.
  4. It is true that with increased spawns you tend to pick up new chasers even if you leave old ones in the dust so in those cases you definitely need a plan for stamina recovery. If that plan DOES NOT involve nerdpoling then you have my respect. That is a cool table, btw. Nicely done.
  5. Once you realize the Great Secret of the 7 Days to Die universe you become free to do pretty much whatever you wish. However, if you like the feeling of being so scared at night that you need to find safe shelter and that atmosphere is a big part of your enjoyment then please keep yourself ignorant and don't click on the spoiler....
  6. And given that no thought needs to be spent on continuing to breathe it makes it that much easier and stress free.
  7. They can release it any time before August and it will still have been more frequent than the past three....
  8. But you probably also go by the motto, "If you want something done right then do it yourself" and pride yourself on having personal knowledge about everything. There are those who are willing to trust the talents and abilities of others and willing to not micromanage everything. TFP have hired some extremely talented people and there are some programmers and QA testers who play the game on a variety of rigs in order to give feedback on how the game handles. In fact, fatal who has been doing the lion's share of optimization work has stated he has a potato rig to try the game on and get a sense, for himself, how the game plays on lower end machines and what settings he has been adding to the options menu will have the best gains for older machines. Why shouldn't Madmole trust who he has hired to do the job they were hired to do?
  9. The new Ranger Stations will be in both Navezgane and Random Gen.
  10. There have been improvements. That's all I'll say until Madmole elaborates but you'll hear a difference between A18 and A19.
  11. That’s now two Guppies in favor of leaning. It must be written in the stars!
  12. The creepiest thing about the zombies is not their new look it is their new moves. Heart palpitation inducing for sure....
  13. Yes, these days TFP stands for Toilet F'n Paper...
  14. I will soon be updating this thread. I will delete all videos in each category since they are all outdated. Then I will look through this thread and sort any A18 videos into the appropriate category. So please post to this thread and I will be updating the first page to get things back to ship shape.
  15. I updated the second and third posts in this thread as galleries so that nobody need click on a Twitter link. You can peruse all released artwork for A19 at once in one place....here. Such a gallery exists nowhere else on the web.
  16. They were just commenting yesterday that A19 is getting really close to being done enough to be able to be fully playtested which means that Madmole will soon be playing it and updates will be coming in more frequently-- Including videos.
  17. I just watched a couple of Arnold's at home videos with his pet mule and pony. "If you are social distancing den you are a true action hero! Hasta la vista!"
  18. Until someone posts a zoomed in pic with a box drawn around the hair and an arrow pointing at it I really can’t take the feedback seriously. Orsey showed the way. This is the way.
  19. But you do have to sign an agreement for an entire year and when you want to stop you have go in person for a confrontation. No player is reported ever, to be able, to quit once they’ve started....
  20. Looks like yard sales have come to A18... (Please no more updates on this mod in this thread. People can subscribe to your mod thread to learn about updates)
  21. Please keep it in a barricaded room in a metal box with an unopened crate from Lowe’s next to it and a loose pile of ammo on a nearby table. Believe me....everyone does it. ?
  22. huh? I fill up empty bottles at the nearby lake or river with murky water and then boil it into bottled water same as I have for the last six years. You don't even need an iron pot any longer. Now THAT is insanity.
  23. Max count values are not multipliers they are the actual number of zombies that will spawn in each area. The reason why a two was twice as many in that example is that the default version was a one. If it had been say a three then I would have had to replace it with a six in order to double. Decimals won’t work for that value.
  24. One thing I am trying tomorrow is a huge amount of zombies but a respawn time of 300 days. I wonder if this will allow you to “reclaim the land” so to speak. Initially there will be many but if you kill them that area will be cleared for good. Could be fun or it might get boring.
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