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  1. I mean you were able to post. Mission accomplished.
  2. I walked in and Trader Jen couldn't take her eyes off of me. She loves me, I know it.
  3. The modding forum is actually here. It is in the mods subforum within the general modding category. In the old forum the Modding Category was simply that-- a category and you couldn't post in it. With these forums it is an actual forum that can be posted to but there are of course no posts yet except mine.
  4. Awesome! Seems to be prettier and run faster for me than A18. Freaky once again now that zombies eyes are riveted on me.
  5. Brains, they appear to be missing for me as well. I posted a new thread in the main modding forum and it is all by itself. It is below the subforum list
  6. Most likely the modding general forum is still processing. It looks like the subforums are there. I've contacted Brains about it.
  7. The last time we tested a migration there were missing forums and posts that appeared slowly over time. I'm sure the modding posts will land.
  8. Please post in this thread anything that you feel we need to know about the new forums. We know it will take some time to get used to things...again. But we hope this new platform will be much improved over what we had. KNOWN ISSUES Formatting of previous posts involving tags like quote is broken. Those codes are still being processed and should resolve after a day or two.
  9. We all know your picture is already up there. Best extor...er...motivation would be to have it removed...
  10. Alloc asked for further questions to be addressed to him in a separate thread so he could respond without derailing other threads. In that sense this thread doesn’t need to be reported but thanks to those who were concerned. Alloc is perfectly capable of defending his position but I do think bobross is grossly misrepresenting Alloc’s entire statement in that quote. The profile page cuts off the entire statement so I encourage any curious reader to go here to read the entire quote and not just the part bobross chose to share. Reading the entire post does give a more accurate view of what Alloc’s stance is and is definitely not what bobross is representing it to be. I get why he did it. It’s clever to take advantage of where the snippet happened to cut off the post. It’s just not truthful. But at least now everyone can follow the link and read the whole quote in context. (As well as a couple of clarifying follow up posts)
  11. Trader Jen packed up and moved out of her post in the wasteland. She now resides in a better place. Not George Jefferson better but still.....a little better....
  12. Personally, for me, I’ll purchase a game if it is fun and entertaining. I don’t consider outside baggage attached to the actual gameplay that I’m interested in. The developers aren’t going to be sitting next to me while I play and I won’t give what they might or might not have done in 2017 a single thought while I’m engrossed in their game now in 2020.
  13. Of course....there are other benefits to the zoom as well...
  14. The FOV zoom in for the traders is very cool. Definitely intensifies things....
  15. I posted the mannequins and then realized I was way slow....
  16. That IS the whole point. If we were locked out of certain weapons unless we spent points or couldn't farm at all without spending points, or couldn't trade, scavenge, mine, or harvest at all without first spending points then I would be 100% with you. But we can do everything in the game at a fair level of success without spending a single point. RNG will give us more abilities without having to spend a single point. Points are frosting that help us be elite in some skills so it is perfectly fine that they are linked to specific attributes. Being linked to an attribute is simply the economy of the system. It is the cost. They could decouple some skills but then those skills would have to be made more expensive to progress so you would still end up spending the same amount of points or possibly more. Ah....too much time indeed. That is the crux of the problem in 95% of these debates. You want to have elite level skills sooner. If that is the case then give yourself more skill points for completing the tutorial quest. Instead of 4 points take 10 points and voila, it won't take too much time to turn good at your own style. Tough choices can be annoying. But, come on.... 2 attributes is all it takes to make you happy? That is doable. You can absolutely be strong in 2 attributes. It may take until day 30 or so but if you want it sooner than that then mod your game as I suggested. Take more skillpoints at the start to boost you along those two paths you want. They could do that but as I said, they aren't going to keep those perks as 1-pointers if they do that. They will be more expensive. If they move them you won't be suddenly getting a discount on the cost of skillpoints and it could end up being more expensive in some cases than it is now. In A19 there has been a reduction of perk steps for several of the perks which means you can get to the max value at a cheaper cost. Remember it is all just an economy. The names of the attributes add flavor and help with roleplaying but in point of fact it all comes down to costs and they are going to make being excellent in several areas very expensive no matter how it might be re-organized.
  17. Definitely a work in progress at the moment but coming along.
  18. Wouldn't that be "Hear's to listening to a video"...?
  19. You can always use armor even without spending any points and it works pretty good too. There really is no need to to be the best at everything. If you don't want to spend points towards armor just use what you find and it will work for you. I do it all the time and spend my points elsewhere.
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