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  1. So if I want Alpha 7.11 I see this line from above. 251576/manifests/public: 4644625435838178353 › 6548888709412020723 So do I paste the following into the command console? download_depot 251570 251576 6548888709412020723
  2. I should have said Horde Mode sorry. Horde Mode was an alternate game from the main game that was almost pure tower defense. Multiple airdrops would bring supplies, food, and weapons during the day and you would frantically build in preparation for the waves of zombies at night. the waves would get tougher each night. I believe it was removed Alpha 8 so you would have to download Alpha 7 in order to play it.
  3. Fantastic! Just for the access to Classic Horde Mode alone this is an amazing resource!
  4. Got this finally figured out. Sorry it got moved. I have no idea why that would happen. Good luck with your channel.
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    The same length....
  6. Roland

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    Hey, we plaster faux brick/rock siding on the front of our stucco walls! It's practically like painting a texture on. Hmm, guess the game already has it covered.
  7. Roland

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    You mean that you guys don't use chicken wire, foam board, and a thin layer of spray-on cement? Personally, I think the game should add a stucco building path that the chickens and the bunnies can pound their way through. It would be cool if the flower pots in the game had your stamp on the side...
  8. Roland

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    Hey Gazz. I heard from somewhere that your online store has gone live. What's that url again?
  9. Now I feel like I need to give a compliment. The mod is awesome and I really like the whispers at night. Super creepy!!! Also I wrongly thought that zombies would be blind to me at night as in the base game but that was a fatal assumption...lol. Going out at night is a huge risk again which is great. I was about to go out and gather a few fibers near the entrance to my base and with my finger literally poised over the E button in front of my door I heard a whispered “I see you!” And that was the end of that plan. I realize it was just a sound file and there probably weren’t any zeds in the vicinity at that moment but it sucked all the courage out of me and I decided that looking over all the new skills was way more important than getting fibers in the dark...lol
  10. Arrows have been particularly annoying for me. I keep going to make them from wood and rocks and then have a “what’s wrong with this thing?” moment before remembering that I first have to make sticks and arrowheads grrrrrrr.... I get the appeal of complex multi-step crafting for the visual attention to detail and more realistic approach but dang it— a more abstracted representation that gets you what you want in fewer but “good enough” steps wins for me. At least we don’t have to split the feathers in half and use glue....
  11. I’ll mention it. Since they’re working on quests it would be a good time to add a tag so that scrapping could be an objective. My opinion is that you could change the opening quest to “gather sticks” since the gather tag exists and then make it so that you harvest sticks from bushes and wood from trees. Probably have to change the stone axe recipe to sticks as well then. Or if you can swing it, make it so bushes give one wood and one stick. Then you don’t have to change the recipe for stone axes. But also keep it so you can scrap wood for sticks. As for the UI that would be amazing but it is Sphereii’s mod and not Dad’s I’m using now. I wouldn’t want you to put yourself out though as invisible hud doesn’t really have widespread appeal. Plus there is a bug with it so that the opening quests don’t work. I can live with being a cyborg when playing your mod
  12. Maybe change the wording in the opening quest from "Craft Sticks" to "Scrap Wood to Sticks". Took me a fair while to figure that one out...lol So far so fun Jax.
  13. Why not just disable LCBs on the server? Sounds like that is what is making it boring.
  14. I already play Alpha 17 with my mind!
  15. Suggest that to Madmole directly when he returns someday. He is all about castles.
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