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  1. Max count values are not multipliers they are the actual number of zombies that will spawn in each area. The reason why a two was twice as many in that example is that the default version was a one. If it had been say a three then I would have had to replace it with a six in order to double. Decimals won’t work for that value.
  2. One thing I am trying tomorrow is a huge amount of zombies but a respawn time of 300 days. I wonder if this will allow you to “reclaim the land” so to speak. Initially there will be many but if you kill them that area will be cleared for good. Could be fun or it might get boring.
  3. As someone who has started over 100+ times I can tell you that you get used to it and even come to enjoy the early game struggle. Enjoy the journey. Build to get the job done and wait for gold to build extravagant complexes if losing them is soul crushing. I used to build extravagantly in Alpha 6 and 7 and 8....and then wised up.
  4. Zero is constant respawns. He might be right. I haven’t messed with respawn times because I like the idea of being able to clear an area and have a couple day’s peace before they return. I was posting examples I also saw elsewhere.
  5. There are new music tracks in the game for A19. I particularly like one that may play when encountering the trader. Reminds me a bit of Firefly. Shiny!
  6. I already have made one. Its been part of my 0XP Rolmod for awhile now. What I want though is to make it super simple for people just get that modlet and not my entire pack. With schools closed I should have time this week to post it up in a way that is easy for people to get and add to their mod folder.
  7. He seemed specfic about something (a Cvar?) called respawnDelayInWorldTime which would be a different variable than the respawndelay variable in that part of the xml. I'm not good enough to fully understand Cvars but I think Sheetz was talking about a more global Cvar. Can't be sure though as I'm only about ankle deep into all of this. It looks like he may want to do a trickle respawn effect with zombies respawning into the same chunk in a cascading fashion instead of all at once essentially having a lot of zombies to clear but then they reappear a few at a time over time so as to not overwhelm the maxalive count and make it so that POI's are empty of sleepers. Seems like the examples he posted would work but maybe there is another Cvar that could make it happen easier if it was float instead of integer....but I can't be sure.
  8. @Ouch Quit It@DanLW We found the problem and fixed it. Thanks for reporting it. Thanks to Brains for fixing it.
  9. That and structural integrity issues.
  10. That sounds amazing but what are you asking me exactly? To suggest that change to like Gazz or something?
  11. Okay I have the room I want. Please feel free to post examples of how you like to change the numbers. For myself, I tripled all the day numbers and quadrupled all the night numbers because I think more should come out at night. I like the feeling of clearing an area and having it be relatively safe for a few days so I left the respawn delays alone.
  12. The instructions above are for directly changing your files to create these options. There is another way and that is to download a modlet that makes these changes for you. The advantage of using a modlet is that if the game updates, you won't lose your changes. I'll outline some easy steps to download and use a modlet soon. You can change the values in a modlet you download in order to make it do what you want it to do just as easily as the above direct changes.
  13. WANDERING HORDES To increase your wandering hordes you do everything listed in the first post except that in step 7 instead of opening the spawning file you will want to find the file named gamestages and right click on it and open it using notepad or comparable program. Once you open gamestages you will scroll down past a bunch of notes and other stuff until you get to about line 216 which starts the wandering horde section. Here is what it looks like: <spawner name="WanderingHorde"> <!-- These will wrap around at 50. --> <!-- Will probably have to undo that later. Rev 19924 /19944 --> <gamestage stage="01"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS1" num="05" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="02"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS2" num="10" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="03"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS5" num="06" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage> <gamestage stage="04"><spawn group="ZombieDogGroup" num="04" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage> It continues on through 50 different gamestage stages. All you have to do is increase the numbers I colored red. In vanilla the easiest horde is only 5 zombies which is hardly noticeable. Up it to whatever number you feel would be a fun horde size at that stage of the game. Make sure to read the spawn group name before the number to be sure you want to adjust that one-- such as the last one listed in the example. Changing an early game zombie dog horde from 4 dogs to 15 dogs might be a bad idea but it is your funeral. So just to illustrate, if I change that first gamestage stage 01 horde from its default setting it would look like this: <gamestage stage="01"><spawn group="wanderingHordeStageGS1" num="15" maxAlive="30" duration="09"/></gamestage> This change would make the horde be comprised of 15 zombies. Now I know that you've been eyeing that maxAlive="30" value and wondering why not just up that to 64 for some truly epic hordes. I'm almost certain that number is hardcoded in elsewhere in the code and changing it here won't matter but I could be wrong and someone will be along shortly to correct me if I am and then I'll change this part. But by all means give it a go and type 64 in there and then change the number to 64 and see what happens. That is the fun with experimenting with these settings. Just like with the spawning file, when you are finished changing the numbers for all fifty hordes makes sure to save and then close your files and game launcher and then start up your game. You will surely notice when a horde wanders by after this.
  14. OUTDOOR SPAWNS As you scroll down the spawning document you will see lists of biomes followed by code that controls the spawn max count, the respawn delay, the time, and the group of entities it applies to. This is an example from the pine forest biome: <biome name="pine_forest"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="4" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="14" time="Any" entitygroup="EnemyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="21" time="Any" entitygroup="FriendlyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> </biome> To change your game significantly all you need to do is increase the mumbers for maxcount and for respawndelay. That's it. You don't need to change anything else. For respawndelay you can use decimals to make them reappear sooner than a whole day. So... <spawn maxcount="4" respawndelay="1" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> This will give you four times the number of zombies during the day and they will regenerate each day. <spawn maxcount="2" respawndelay=".5" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> This will give you twice the number of zombies during the day and they will regenerate twice a day. <spawn maxcount="6" respawndelay="0" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> This will give you six times the number of zombies during the day continuously. Slap a Ghostlight name tag on yourself and get to killing. All you need to do is go down through all the listed biomes and change the numbers as you please. Some of the biomes aren't used any longer but don't worry about it. Changing those numbers won't hurt anything. Once you are done save the file and close it. Exit the game launcher and then restart and this time go and play and win.
  15. Some say that this game cannot be won because it is never ending. That is pure nonsense. This game can be won and it is all about making it even more fun and challenging than it currently is. The developers have their standards they must meet to be responsible to their mass market but as consumers we don't have to abide by their standards. We can modify the game and if you modify the game to add more zombies to your biomes you win. I promise. There has been a lot of talk about this in various threads but I wanted to give a nice clear step by step set of instructions so that ANYONE who reads this can win. I want us all to be winners after all. Okay, now different computers will have different configurations but the following steps if followed is guaranteed to work on anyone's computer. Often I read threads on modding where the modder says, "just open such and such and edit the files". Well let me help you unerringly get to those files: Step 1: Open Steam and go to your library Step 2: Start the game like always Step 3: Choose to show game launcher instead of playing. Step 4: Once the game launcher window opens select the tools tab. Step 5: Select Open Game Folder Step 6: Double Click on the folder named Data Step 7: Double Click on the folder named Config Step 8: Scroll down the list of files until you get to the one named Spawning Step 9: Right click on Spawning and select Open with notepad or wordpad or notepad+ (whatever you have) Now you are in one of the most glorious option menus this game has to offer. Here is what you do next:
  16. Meh...that’s a self culling population. They don’t need my help.
  17. Boomer Remover is the best alt name I've heard for the coronavirus. lol
  18. You did see who I quoted right? Just a joke to poke fun at Madmole. There is no question the biome was popular. There's also no question that it's gone for good. Reminisce about it all you want in places other than the A19 dev diary.
  19. The NEXT person to bring up the plains biome.......
  20. For wasteland, I'd like to see the components for making mines and other explosives being more common as well as the books having to do with explosives and their recipes. I also like that one highway overpass section. I'd like to see a few more varieties of these like maybe an onramp that ends suddenly. I'd also like to see subterranean POI's buried in the rubble like a subways station with maybe 30 meters of tunnel ending in cave in or a mall that you have to lower yourself down into like in The Day After Tomorrow or that one buried mall in the Maze Runner second movie I believe. it would be cool if there were quite a few POI's underneath a few layers of destroyed stone and you'd have to excavate them a bit before getting inside and descending into them.
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