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  1. Please do not post console questions in the A19 Developer Diary. Thanks.
  2. Notes found at the Red Mesa facility.....
  3. Notes found at the Red Mesa facility....
  4. I’m just glad that this thread is so active again. Plus we purged so much we can count this as only the 100th time we’ve had the “Are they zombies?” discussion. (They are and ya’ll are totally disregarding the ALIEN factor) Yes...the a is for alien dna... Zambies
  5. What comes first? Lyrics or tune? Do you write the poetry and then find music to fit it or do you compose the tune and then seek words to fit that. TFP is establishing fun first and then will use their imagination to fit some lore to it that is still loose enough that players can use their imagination to fill in the gaps. Some of you want the lore first and then fit the fun to that but that is not the only way to do it.
  6. I’m going to go ahead and close this thread at this point because I don’t see anything productive other than a bunch of gossip and accusations. The OP directed his statement to Alloc and Alloc can still answer even if the thread is closed.
  7. Your opinion still stands. It was not moderated in any way. My goal was to provide the full context for your remarks which I did. People, who care, can make their own decision about whether they agree or disagree with your stance now based on the full transcript. I think you’re overblowing it and I definitely think Prisma over reacted and I think it all could have been better handled privately. That’s my opinion having read everything and talking to others. But that doesn’t negate your opinion. I think it is a sad occurrence in any case. I liked Prisma and felt he was a great member of the community. If he stays away forever he will be missed. Cheers
  8. I reported this to Brains. Also for those who are now confused I tried moving Unholy Joe's feedback post to the feedback thread but instead accidentally merged the threads! Still a learning curve but now I know what to do... As for this....well now we have feedback and poll merged together.
  9. From my perspective there is just no bones about it... No-scope headshot = Moderation Tools blinking Demolisher = Unruly Citizen
  10. I got your report just fine Fox. (I wrote it in English then translated it to Spanish and then Russian and then to French and finally to Korean.)
  11. I'm not sure. I think you just select the number of stars. I didn't ever rate threads before so I don't have a reference to compare.
  12. YES! You can. I was in the middle of typing how and saw you beat me to it. Just follow the forums you want and then use the follow filter in the unread content folder so you get content only from those.
  13. The Unread Content folder at the top is pretty cool, Fox. It lists all new posts you have not yet read and has a number of cool filters you can enable to tailor it according to what you want. For example, for those who just want to see new posts by Madmole and faatal they can enable the Ownership filter and whenever they check the unread folder it will only be the posts from those users.
  14. I just tried Ctrl mouse wheel and it worked. Ctrl + and Ctrl - also work
  15. I see five stars at the top of this page on the left hand side. Do you not see that?
  16. I added it as a message banner so it should be at the top of each page now.
  17. Yep. That is what mine looks like as well
  18. That Theme clickable next to Contact Us does not show up for me.
  19. This time its more like beta. The new platform is way better than vBulletin.
  20. They were set to a 5 minute timer but are now unlimited. Modders would murder me if I only gave them a 5 minute window to edit their threads....
  21. Not sure. I will check to see what the permissions are set to for editing
  22. It is there--just slightly differently organized. The Modding Forum used to be a category only. Now it is a forum. All the mod threads are in the mods subforum inside the modding forum. https://community.7daystodie.com/forum/27-mods/
  23. It is still there Joe. To the left of a thread there are two little talk bubble icons. Click that and you go to the last unread post.
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