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  1. And... it takes 24 for wet cement to be able to be walked on.... 7 days to be 70% strength.... lol. Adding real time to everything would grind you mental.... Might as well just wait for the real zombie apocalypses for the real time... 😉
  2. There is a weather mod that could make things stormier. But you will learn to check the time of day. Have been in a the "I'm not ready"panic before... for a few mins following a thunderclap.... only to then realize it was 10 am... lol.
  3. oh.... i know how to do it..... make sure you underground or deep in a factory at 6pm..... you wont hear/ see the storm coming.... lol. Just make sure you close to home... and prepped, 😉
  4. That's it.... no other locations. Although I not experienced the higashi tower location myself. Its great for glue production. Alternatively if you having trouble getting bones.... Set a kill base in the wasteland as bones be plentiful down that way.
  5. I like random horde nights with warnings turned off too... with 2 to 4 settings. I used to play 1 to 4.... but after getting 4 horde nights in a row.... i wanted a night off...lol. But I'm not aware of anyway to turn off / change the storm warning though. No mods available for it but hopefully it will appear later as an option or in the 1 mod to rule them all.
  6. After visiting a random server and seeing a 1000 burning drums polluting the landscape I decided to make something a bit more tidier as in Version 1 below. Things evolved and 2.0 is now completed and is now sadly game over... And heres V1 to compare... So plans for 3.0 is now under construction...
  7. I don't like the new... Hawaiian. Hes just.... to much. And red hair colour of one of the ladies seems a little too cartoony for my liking. Grannies panties could do with a little work too. But new nurse is a major upgrade in reality over the previous... Halloween? nurse Also prefer the new stripper over the previous. Little less itty bitty titty is OK in my book. Although i know its probably not going to happen... some variety in the same zombie would be nice. Different color shirts, clothes or hair for example. As 3 zombies coming at you looking all exactly the
  8. Wet concrete would be nice to see.... in future =\ i know its a handicap..... but its a nice one. a realistic one Compared to building instant steel structures which takes away from the realism alittle. But I guess we will all have too get over it. Or I'm sure someone will make a mod for it
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