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  1. just gota go back and find it... as I should be set for just 1 iron mine 5 Iron.... and other pretty sunsets/rises...
  2. Come flying over the crest of a hill on the minibike... crash into a bear... death by bear nom noms... Killing 3 bears and a dire wolf day/night 1 Watching a wolf pack run across the open field... past me undetected.... so beautiful... Then following them... and having them join me for lunch. Seeing a massive soldier horde heading my way.... and dealing with them instead of running away.
  3. There is no way to automatically repair/reconnect then after damage/loss and must be done manually. Iron and electrics parts to repair. Best you can do is have them spaced apart far enough (13 blocks) to not take explosion damage, and shielded from spit or random bashes. Kool Tip : if its turned off... it doesn't take damage... eg : I've run 24+ pole on 2 threads for last dozen horde bases I've made. Have one thread of 12 turned off... till the other 12 is about brunt out. ☺️ as seen here... https://youtu.be/x2LQ64SLK64 Although this is the older version as i have since added a couple of improvements. Will make a how to build vid if anyone's keen to see,
  4. And... it takes 24 for wet cement to be able to be walked on.... 7 days to be 70% strength.... lol. Adding real time to everything would grind you mental.... Might as well just wait for the real zombie apocalypses for the real time... πŸ˜‰
  5. There is a weather mod that could make things stormier. But you will learn to check the time of day. Have been in a the "I'm not ready"panic before... for a few mins following a thunderclap.... only to then realize it was 10 am... lol.
  6. oh.... i know how to do it..... make sure you underground or deep in a factory at 6pm..... you wont hear/ see the storm coming.... lol. Just make sure you close to home... and prepped, πŸ˜‰
  7. That's it.... no other locations. Although I not experienced the higashi tower location myself. Its great for glue production. Alternatively if you having trouble getting bones.... Set a kill base in the wasteland as bones be plentiful down that way.
  8. I like random horde nights with warnings turned off too... with 2 to 4 settings. I used to play 1 to 4.... but after getting 4 horde nights in a row.... i wanted a night off...lol. But I'm not aware of anyway to turn off / change the storm warning though. No mods available for it but hopefully it will appear later as an option or in the 1 mod to rule them all.
  9. After visiting a random server and seeing a 1000 burning drums polluting the landscape I decided to make something a bit more tidier as in Version 1 below. Things evolved and 2.0 is now completed and is now sadly game over... And heres V1 to compare... So plans for 3.0 is now under construction...
  10. I don't like the new... Hawaiian. Hes just.... to much. And red hair colour of one of the ladies seems a little too cartoony for my liking. Grannies panties could do with a little work too. But new nurse is a major upgrade in reality over the previous... Halloween? nurse Also prefer the new stripper over the previous. Little less itty bitty titty is OK in my book. Although i know its probably not going to happen... some variety in the same zombie would be nice. Different color shirts, clothes or hair for example. As 3 zombies coming at you looking all exactly the same, does looses it realism. And yes I'm aware this will just double the file size per zombie colored. but spare hard-drive space shouldn't be holding this back. But the total zombie variety count has yet to be seen and can't wait to deal to some new "specials" .
  11. Wet concrete would be nice to see.... in future =\ i know its a handicap..... but its a nice one. a realistic one Compared to building instant steel structures which takes away from the realism alittle. But I guess we will all have too get over it. Or I'm sure someone will make a mod for it
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