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  1. Unfortunately, i can't tell You what's going on in the Launcher. (i was informed that the download from github was successful, but someone also complained today about the unavailability of downloading another mod from the Launcher) An additional link contains an archive for manual installation - it just requires overwriting files on top of pure vanilla (A19 is stable). The folder structure is the same, and no additional moves are required. Don't forget to disable the EAC.
  2. @Bigrowdy Thanks! MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.3.01a this patch compatible with the previous save (v19.3.01) - it fixes the problem with plant colliders - +small changes
  3. Unfortunately this is not changed from xml. Its hardcoded in dll.
  4. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.3.01 this patch is partially compatible with the previous save (19.2.04): 1. if there was a workstation "wine barrel" then it will disappear, you will need to take another one. 2. some tools or weapons may lose their durability 3. messages are possible, without popping up, in the console because of renamed prefabs (which is not important) All this is quite possible to compensate yourself from the creative menu, and there is no point in restarting the passage. (and don't forget to replace the corrected textures if you use them)
  5. Yes, but now it implemented simply - despite the hard threshold - the lighting changes smoothly. This is not the best variant, but it also works for the same task.
  6. "_sheltered" - this is a numeric value, but the "ambientInsideThreshold" this is only threshold.
  7. the isolation of the space is calculated automatically there is such a variable "_sheltered" which you can see by F3
  8. By folder name - this is streaming data. I don't know any utilities that can open them...
  9. I couldn't open this file as a Unity asset with any of my programs. Are you sure this is a Unity asset?
  10. Some description can be read in my old topic: but this is already a bit outdated... The mod significantly changes the gameplay, so, creating a list of features or differences - can be a fundamentally wrong thing. Basically, the essence of the mod will be clear to those people who played in A12 or earlier, and who were disappointed by modern changes. The usual style of playing modern vanilla will not work here for sure. The mod is very complex for the initial understanding and therefore will immediately alienate those who do not like to understand.
  11. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.2.04 - this is still the version for a A19.2 (b4) stable - completely incompatible with previous saves - this big update Thanks als for helping to bring back the possibility of repair with degradation!
  12. Thanks! I've been working on a big update in this time. I want to release it, but i'm waiting for A 19.3 in stable
  13. Yes, you probably don't have the appropriate version of Microsoft Visual C++ installed.
  14. Maybe... that's probably how it is for you But for me, your first post looks exactly like my subsequent posts for most. Everything is as you described in the answer for Kalen . I was like you.
  15. Everything works there and is configure. (I set some param for myself). But i will repeat again - if you completely disable the dimming in an enclosed space, it will be too light and unnaturally. Perhaps you are just looking for a result in the wrong situation. First find the border, then set the transition speed to 1, to clearly see the changes. for example i set: ambientInsideSpeed = 0.2 for slow transition ambientInsideThreshold = 0.1 so that it works so that there are fewer transitions back and forth. ambientInsideEquatorScale=0.6 to reduce the differ
  16. You can change these light transitions from xml. But it won't look very good. You can experiment with this in worldglobal.xml check lines ambientInsideSpeed and ambientInsideThreshold ...for begin.
  17. But i also think about who wrote that (not yours) post... But what do you mean "doesn't work"? What should work? ...this is my opinion - and it works. What makes you think i'm making excuses? hmm.... do you think, your opinion worked? Are you saying that - you can speak out about my opinion, but i can't speak out about another person's opinion? ... is this how it "works"?
  18. because these answers are already f@#&?up. I don't mind anyone being against it. But i am against those who are against those who are against. ..... and ...this is just my opinion ... you're giving your opinion of my opinion. Yes?
  19. 1. what does it matter to you? 2. even i understood the essence through the translator 3. Wow. this is a universal solution!
  20. I do not know this .. but all the information about these is available here - in this thread. I know "more" than you do just because i read everything that's written here .
  21. ...probably, busy with his own business, he said that he did not abandon the Utility and makes her a new UI. Yea, this time he was gone for a long time.
  22. in principle, if they work in this way, they can patrol outside buildings.... and this is something...
  23. Do i understand correctly, that walking sleepers - will help revive the dead streets of cities. Or do they have a different purpose?
  24. And if you combine all the biomes into one, you will achieve MAXIMUM diversity. ...Okay.... ... just let for us make our own biomes and i won't bother you - you can remove all the biomes from vanilla if it's so useful... Tell me honestly - what technical problem makes you do this?
  25. Maybe, when the prefab reset before begin trader quest - overwrite only blocks that are NOT are loot-containers?
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