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  1. My GTX970 say Thank You for optimizing in A19.2!
  2. Yes, of course i understand for what its done. But it doesn't work.... it just doesn't work. This is just the case when need to come up with something else. Something else with the same purpose. This is not the only thing in the game that can be done - need to come up with good game feature that will work and not conflict with the concept of the game.
  3. Just need to stop resetting POI in world. Reset POI is a bad trick that doesn't need to be fixed, but needs to be disposed of and buried in the grave. Since TFP is able to do it well.
  4. I do not know... but this set in <spawner name="ScoutGSList">, gamestages.xml try check in that place.
  5. That's right, but we must always remember that we do not need each feature separately, but the gameplay completely.
  6. Yes it was the last version with crafting grid. And then they begin to think about the consoles.
  7. Guys, i hope i won't offend you by saying that A13-A16 is the same bull@%$# if you compare them with A9-A12
  8. You need to type the dm command in the console, after - press F3. then move inside the prefab and you will see its name among the information that is shown when you press F3.
  9. It would be logical to have this block shape in the current set (corner of block):
  10. @faatal Thank You for telling us all this. I think it really calms some people (including me ) more than just generalized promises. This is how i always imagined real communication with game developers.
  11. Hi KhaineGB, have you returned LBD to your mod? I am interested in the ability to take into account the crafting to increase levels. Learning from Action - is easy, but how do i level up from crafting?
  12. About animation. This impudent movement of throwing out a magazine from a sniper rifle - it doesn't look cool in the current situation. It seems that the shooter is a moron. He's not afraid to wreck anything? Or, maybe, he doesn't know that weapon magazines are not a single-time item and they are reused?
  13. Waiting for the renaissance of the era of Big mods
  14. For export and import - only UABE. but there are some problems now associated with outdated UABE databases.
  15. This is a very useful mod. But not everyone understands what it is. Post a screenshot .
  16. lol I agree, they are annoying. But, those who are satisfied with "everything as it is" - i am also annoyed
  17. I wouldn't rely that. This can end abruptly and unexpectedly. We always see the light from an extinct star for a while.
  18. I do not know. But he says that he did not abandon the Utility.
  19. try to do it in XUi/controls.xml, find <players_entry> line: <label depth="1" name="pingText" pos="0,-15" height="38" text="--" font_size="26" justify="center" pivot="left" />
  20. I was just looking in the code for a way to return a degrade in the quality of items after the repair, but i found something else
  21. Hey guys, the UABE databases are outdated now - we're waiting for an update. The posts in before of you discuss similar issues.
  22. @JerryChung These are some small files - i don't think they contain anything useful. I couldn't open them using UABE. It is not clear what kind of "repackaging to assetbundle" we are talking about. In short, UABE is intended for exporting and importing elements/data from the asset. It can also unpack/pack a bundle - but this is something like compression... as i understand it.
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