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  1. I didn't say you said that I said - that it might be beneficial for you to keep her in alpha. (For me, by the way, too)
  2. Here's the thing - when this game comes out of alpha - you will stop receiving "real" updates. Therefore, it turns out that you need this game to always remain alpha in order to get more hours of gameplay...
  3. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.4.02 (this compatible with previous saves and worlds). - balancing, fixing, and content adding (everything is as usual)
  4. The hardware specification should not cause problems - that's for sure This is the 14k map that i'm currently playing and running tests on: if the rar archive is suitable (~82mb) https://disk.yandex.ru/d/r6npvSgewVH7tQ or zip (~657mb): https://disk.yandex.ru/d/SU8b95HxKJoUHQ (do you know where to put these files?) I suspect that there are incompatibilities when generating the world. If the downloaded world will not work too - then there are two reasons: incomplete installation of the mod files or - some problem of the main g
  5. Unfortunately, i can hardly help shed light on this problem, but if you answer a couple of questions-maybe it will give me an idea. 1. So, Linux or Mac? 2. How much RAM do you have? 3. What map size did you generate? 8k or other. 4. What is in the screenshot - this is the first frame after entering the game? 5. Which video card is AMD or Nvidia? upd: i can give a ready-made generated world myself, will you try?
  6. Thanks! In the case of the "food and water" stats, we are talking about absolute values - i chose the second option (満腹値:, 水分値:), is that correct? (fresh version of the localization - in gitlab, in except to other files) https://gitlab.com/n2n1/Classic-Style-Hardcore-MOD/-/blob/master/Data/Config/Localization.txt
  7. These are the "stub"(cap/plug/stub?) for deleted blocks that i forgot. I search and delete them. If you meet such - send me a screenshot of the appearance of the prefab that i would know where to delete it.
  8. Now i've figured it out - it works. Here are the files: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/ahJCfK_SduYHpg (I will also update this in the modlauncher)
  9. Although.... this bug also manifests itself in offline mode - maybe I'll fix it soon
  10. Okay, I get it ....if it was even higher, could jump with a parachute.... I mean.... why is it not possible to jump with a parachute in the game? then such roads would not be a headache for the players!
  11. probably because there is no road map. where would you see the removal of biomes on the roadmap?
  12. Roland always doesn't understand my English well..... though ...others - understand me very well. Probably - it all depends on the individual abilities
  13. I asked - how long they would stay there... that's sarcasm.
  14. Good news, Roland.... but for how long ?
  15. This version is written from a mod files - it will confuse you even if you install it on A16.... You must be sure that you are installing the mod on clean vanilla version A19.4 (b7). If it doesn't work now, then i can't fix it yet. I will later ask about this from those who played in multiplayer, maybe this will clarify something or allow me to fix it. First I need to see how it happens.
  16. ....nooo, this shouldn't be.... (it shouldn't remove any tabs....) Perhaps these files should be on both the server and the client?.... Well, you can try a more complete set of files so that nothing can be confused... https://disk.yandex.ru/d/xgJfvQueo9a6yw Wait.... What version are you currently using? these are the files for CSH 19.4.01a ...
  17. The code doesn't work any better now. Do you know why you see these bugs less? Because the world is now flat - there are no errors where nothing bends. And you know - there is still a way to avoid problems in this game.... The developers will show it to you soon, when the roads are just removed.
  18. I made changes to the chat window a long time ago, in a18. Then everything seemed to work... I'll see what might be wrong, but i don't have the opportunity to check - i don't use multiplayer due to the fact that i always have a different version of the mod (those who tested it for me - are now busy). UPD: I think i found an bug, here is the corrected file: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/h8ghavUZLQQv8g (i'm without the ability to verify - so it's not entirely accurate) Tell me if it works.
  19. I wouldn't call Your videos "poor".... but perhaps it's Your modesty. Personally, using voiceroid seems very good to me, because the communication of two characters on the screen looks appropriate. In addition, it allows to make a more natural joke. (but maybe you're right about the mass public .... i feel something similar) - requirements for heavy tools and weapons - apply to athletics skill (i've now noted this in the description). - regarding the numbers of the requirement - Thank You! I also corrected this discrepancy.
  20. The "commented" lines start with <-- and end with -->. They are displayed in green. This means that they are not processed and do not participate in the work. This is what comments/explanations in the code do - to clarify the code. Better use Notepad++ to edit such files - a regular notepad won't do. Here, replace this file, i don't remember exactly, but this should be enough: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/x9jNk8WSJV8MgA (this is a ready-made file that does not require correction) (music.xml - it turns out that it is unnecessary to touch it)
  21. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.4.01a TEST version for A19.4 stable link in OP. Now available in modlauncher. completely incompatible with previous saves and worlds from CSH19.3x (but it is 99.99% compatible with the CSH19.4.01 - one building will hang in the air) - there was a generation adjustment for 14k worlds Big Thanks to ひろけーえぬえぬ from the Hiro Knn Game ch. channel for their help in correcting the language when translating into Japanese. (the translating is still ongoing) YouTubeで非常に興味深いゲームプレイとビデオコンテンツ-日本の選手のおかげで!
  22. Yes, it was done intentionally. In this mod, there is a slightly different "battle atmosphere" so this music was inappropriate. This is constantly confusing and does not allow you to listen to the surrounding environment, and it also showed that the player was noticed by the enemy. In the future, i will try to remove this completely or make it work in a different way. For example, the feature of "silent ninjas" that silently creep up on you has been removed, but added sounds to identify different hazards.... I'll tell you more - i certainly understand how battle mus
  23. @DominionZA Thanks! That's right, modern vanilla goes the way when it departs from the concept of the GAME, turning into an ordinary grind. Not all people accept this. So there is CSH!
  24. Unfortunately, this is really unpredictable. (right now i'm tuning up 14k worlds... nothing has changed in terms of the number of cities. Last time i got 5-6 major cities on 14k map, but there were also 3-4 cities.... when as... ) PS: try hur950p97 "Mavisi Mountains" - i got 6 cities with it, including not very large ones. (but i already changed the code a little - maybe everything will be different) PPS: i sent via PM new RWG file for 14k
  25. Yes, You will need to generate new worlds. The old ones don't fit at all.
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