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  1. Right.... Only in our case it turned out that the algorithm designed to solve "imaginary repetitions "generates "real repetitions". I would like the developers to pay attention to this. And what algorithm they will eventually choose-we should not care. And what algorithm they will eventually choose-we should not care.
  2. .... there is no point in having a conversation here - messages are transferred to another branch - the meaning of what was said is lost... it turns out some nonsense... If you(moderators) do it this way, then disallow any messages that are not addressed to developers so that conversations between users do not start at all.
  3. No - it's not. I can change the ratio, size, and shape of biomes for generation - so this is definitely not a presets. What You're talking about - was earlier. But i agree that it doesn't have much to do with loot. I just wanted to show that now there is nothing random, and very frequent recurrence in everything. (of course, there is a mod here, but we are talking about algorithms that lie deeper)
  4. Just by the way: I can give an example, when in a discussion about the distribution of biomes i was shown a map. https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22253-classic-style-hardcore-mod/?do=findComment&comment=414735 To check (without knowing seed) i generated any two maps.... and one of them - was exactly the same as i was shown.... https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/22253-classic-style-hardcore-mod/?do=findComment&comment=414901 A coincidence? I do not think so. I just want to repeat once again - it doesn't matter how
  5. n2n1

    screamer voice

    ... i heard a voice..... I also wanted to do something similar with blunderbuss and the phrase of "Брат." But still felt that it would be inappropriate... now i sit with a serious face .
  6. Here is a right attitude to survival, in Japanese: (review/tutorial to the mod)
  7. MOD version UPDATE - CSH_v19.3.01b this patch compatible with the previous save (v19.3.01a) (well 99%) - it fixes the error that occurs in Wasteland cities and causes the console to open many times - +small changes, tweaks... UPD: This hotfix is ONLY needed to ensure better compatibility (hanging houses) with the worlds generated in previous versions! If you generate the world on version v19. 03. 01 b-do not download this hotfix! https://yadi.sk/d/sXGBauC-97TxMQ
  8. I found an error that occurs in Wasteland cities and causes the console to open many times in a row. I will post a new version with corrections soon. Don't go near the Wastleand cities yet - it can be dangerous!
  9. Just for info: this error in some of the first patches (A19.0?) was transferred from the category of red to yellow - i.e. when it appeared, it did not open the console and did not stop the zombies. I was very happy and thought that the problem was solved. Now, it opens the console again and has a red color
  10. It's a sandbox. You can really come up with something interesting for yourself. Trial and error is appropriate here. There is no point in telling the player what to do. Just, some planning under the pressure of circumstances - is necessary. This is the aspect of the game that vanilla has lost.
  11. ....in journal? No... No way !
  12. Yes yes, that's how it should be.... "Stone age" in classical terms! In addition, of course, out of habit, no one expects interesting things where they usually do not exist. When you find a city, you will find books. That is, at the initial stage, the primary task is to find a city, this is the main meaning of large maps and biomes. If you feel that this is unnecessarily difficult - then i would advise, nevertheless - to adjust the difficulty of other settings, but not to change the distribution of biomes.
  13. Well... the case is yours. But in my opinion, if i had such a huge forest biome - i would not need to look for a detour through dangerous wastelands and travel in search of an interesting place, the number of "easy cities " - there also more.... the lack of wasteland is also evident here - wastelands are not useless in this mod. CSH mod about travel too PS: by the way, if the map was edited after the world was generated, the prefab types will not match the corrected places. Unfortunately, i forgot about this when i said that editing may would work...
  14. Today i made a couple of generations to check version A19.3. The distribution of biomes looks normal (as it was intended). I even got exactly the same picture as you. I don't think this is a coincidence - it just indicates that there is no randomness in the generator Nevertheless, the result is acceptable. Therefore, i recommend using the built-in features of the mod. Because this choice of algorithms is dictated not only by the personal preferences of the author, but also by some technical "nuances" that affect the overall gameplay. Nuance.... nuance... - i
  15. Usually artifacts appear at the biome border when colors make a transition (this is normal for the graphics editors, but not for generation) - so you need to check at the border. I will generate a map later to check on the new version (A19.3). So far, i don't have the ability to do this . The error in the prefab with the "wine barrel" has already been fixed and won't appear in the next patch.
  16. What is shown in the screenshot is normal - this is the ratio intended. I do not recommend changing it. Yes, to prepare for the passage, i do generate a few variant to choose a worthwhile one, unfortunately it takes time, but i think it's worth it if the game is planned for a long time. By the way, the generation algorithms will not give similar results on different sizes. Unfortunately, now it has become impossible to estimate by small worlds as by examples. I can't control the dispersal of localities towns right now - this is not configurable from xml.
  17. Basically (with a few exceptions), the generation of biomes was always normal. Maybe something has changed in the new version - i haven't checked yet. I will check soon and write here. Changing the biome.png maps is probably possible - it won't cause malfunctions, but I haven't tried it. But changing the terrain and prefab list, or generating cities outside of this mod will make the map inoperable. PS: take into account that the biomes here are huge - this is intentional. But usually the whole set is present. Perhaps you are out of habit looking for small
  18. No, the mod is not compatible with anything. You should definitely start a new game with the generation new map. Maps from other mods, other utilities or from vanilla (standart pregens) - do not fit and will not work. The mod has its own algorithms for generating landscape, biomes, settlements, plants ... almost everything. Any "modlets" will also break its work. Please note: if you have 16GB RAM, then the world sizes up to 12k will suit you. If more 16GB RAM- you can use up to 16k.
  19. Yes, it's not a real random. But, i also do not consider such a manifestation problematic. This does not apply to the gameplay and even generally it is permissible by the nature of "seed". The problem is that such algoritms generates visible repetitions. We really should not be interested in HOW it works - only the result should be important for us. But now this result has visible flaws.
  20. This is all clear. But what about the nearest repeating events? It doesn't matter what's in the reasoning - now we get another negative result of work this new system. Agree - that if something is repaired by breaking something else - this is not a good decision. In addition, if this system works to get something few times successively - i suspect that it works and in the opposite direction, not allowing something to appear...
  21. fatal, please pay attention to the random number generator algorithms. Because of its "stuck", it often happens that events that depend on randomness are repeated. (or a set of loot in the same types containers, if they are robbed in a row - is repeated).
  22. so... did you build this base in this world, or is it a prefab that has been spawned? (this is important for my understanding, where do the zombies come from - where do they start building the path)
  23. I didn't understand a bit - you say "your base", so you built it yourself inside the game? Delete prefab - did you remove it from the xml files? so that it is not generated in the world? (how would "build base" and "remove prefab" - not combined ...)
  24. I think this is an AI pathfinding error in a complex environment. I have it too, in Wasteland.
  25. It is more correct to say - this version of mod requires to install on vanilla version 19.3(b6) stable.
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