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[Console] Builder Challanges


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So I thought I'd start a thread with builder challenges for players and each month I'll update this thread with a new challenge. You can post links to screenshots, or YouTube videos below to show off (this may be moved to Images and Videos at some stage, I'm not sure). Show us your WIP, your fails, your woes and your victories. Finally, show us your Final Build!



1. Must be built on console or with materials and equipment only avail on console (no mods etc if PC players wanna play)

2. Chose one of three categories

- Extreme - All difficulty settings maxed, all timers and spawns mined.

- Moderate - All default settings, defend your construction as it goes up at your own pace.

- Easy - Creative/cheat mode, go nuts so long as you stay within the boundaries of Rule 1. If choosing your own rule-set (non default) post it with your Final Build shot.

3. Builds must be fresh, no using pre-built castles, but using previous plans is ok. All saves must start on Day 1 in RandomGen with name given each month.


Bugs may get in your way, they're certainly not desirable but the fact is they still exist for the moment, so watch out for them.

1. MD5 error, could wipe part of your build, have a backup of your save or a backup plan for repairs

2. Structural collapse - Large areas collapsing can cause the structural integrity in the area to become glitched, if you need to remove something, do it slowly.

3. Crashes - While some of your may want to go all out, more refined builds may be the better way to avoid crashes. If you see a UI flicker, or start to experience a lot of lag, log out and restart, this should help avoid a potential crash and MD5 error.

4. Very Important - If you find a bug, don't forget to record it in the Console Bug Reports section.


I'll pick one winner, maybe more each month depending on participation numbers.


So lets start the Monthly List...


May-Aug 2017 challanges archived



[sept 2017] Dial It Back - Build


We've done big, we've done impressive and we've done down right insane!

Now it's time to Dial It Back - but it won't be easy :)

I want to see the smallest bases possible, and I want you to get to the furthest horde night possible with said base!

Do you shorten the days but lose time to upgrade? Do you mine as much as possible and aim for mini base being built on night 28? What defenses do use?


and, the stickler...


How many blocks do you use?


You may need to rebuild this base over and over, you many need to prototype, move location and go again. Whatever it takes, stay tiny and SURVIVE!


Map Name: tinyBASE


Deadline: 28th Sept


"This is your base?"

"It's Minimalistic"

"It's ten blocks...One of those is glass"

"I like to be able to see out"


Start Page: 45

Last Page:

Results: [url=https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?62132-Console-Builder-Challanges/page50





[Oct 2017] - Underground Build


Now for something a little different, and something where looks don't matter - it's what's on the inside that counts! Hunker down, bunker down and wait out the end of the world underground!


Will you go up to each horde? or funnel / drop them down to you? The majority of the base needs to be underground (or water if you're brave enough) with everything you need to survive. Homely or practical, the choice is yours!


Map Name: Kimmy


Deadline: 28th Oct


"Did you eat the last tin of beans!?"

*mouth full* "mo?"

*from the surface, muffled fighting can be heard below the earth*[/font][/size][/b]


Start Page: 50

End Page: 52

Results: 53




[Nov 2017] - Fortress of Solitude Build


Given that winter is on the way, it's time to head to the snow biome! Freeze your butts off and build a fortress in the snow (seen as we don't have Antarctica handy...) for your favourite Super Hero or Villian to be broody in while the world falls to pieces outside without them (oh how selfish!)


You can go up or down, but it must be in the show biome.


Map Name: FrostyZ (I hope this has a good snow biome, we can change it if not)


Deadline: 8th Dec



"Well you are only wearing shorts..."

Start Page: 52

End Page: 59




[Dec 2017 -Jan 2018] - Wardens of the Safe Zone Build


This is an extra long Builders Challenge for 2 reasons...

1 - It spans the holidays and will help reset our date to the end of the month again

2 - I'm not around over the holidays to judge so it's a great excuse to try something big!


This is a build that is going to span the map, so I am allowing Navezgane as it is so much smaller, and most players are used to it. However if you definitely don't want to use it, you can use "WardenZ"


What will you be building? Do you remember the two Sphinx Guardians in The Never Ending Story, or the The Gates of Argonath from The Lord of the Rings? I'm looking for a large build of wardens to fend of the Zombie scourge. In this scenario survivors would truly believe this could help them, and over time may grow depend on them for stability in society.


You are welcome to interpret "Warden" however you like - A statue, a stone structure / tower, a symbolic construct, a large obelisk or megalith? the choice is yours!


The catch? it's a longer build, so, I want to see four of them. One for the North, South, East and west. Ideally just after the rad Zone. (this is why I'm suggesting Navezgane).


Map Name: Navezgane Map (smaller) or WardenZ


Deadline: Jan 26th 2018 (can re-evaluate date if you need more time when I return from the holidays)



*hazmat suit* "It's me, Frank, I'm just bringing back some blueberries..."


"No worries big guy" *walks through* "how're the kids?"





[Feb 2018] - Country Living Build


Build yourself a quaint country home and gardens, maybe a farm in a lovely forest or on the prairie (plains)


Somehow, despite the world falling apart, the Committee of Architectural Preservation of Navezgane still meets to discuss the buildings left within the safe zone. You have been given a permit to move into a POI and renovate it under the strict guidelines that the Facade remains the same (restoring the blocks is ok, but they cannot be moved). You may gut the building and change the internal layout or add an extension to one wall of the house. The Committee has also informed you that if you'd like to provide some shots of your renovations, you could be featured in Apoco-Homes - the monthly zine for your zombie free dream home.


Map Name: preserve


Deadline: 28th Feb 2018


"I just loooove what you've done with the place daaaaahling!"




[Mar 2018] - Get Lost Build


Build a top side maze or an underground labyrinth to hide your most precious processions! Or perhaps its a one entrance, one exit deal riddled with zombies...


Hope you brought a torch!


Map Name: Jareth


Deadline: 31st Mar 2018


PS: if you subject other players to your maze/labyrinth, let us know how they get on!




[Apr 2018] - Fool's Challange


So crazy it just might work! Have you ever though of a crazy build but never got to try it out? Or maybe you tried once before but want to have another go (Past challenges are fair game)... whatever your crazy idea I want to see it! And the best part about this challange is it doesn't have to work! It's all about the journey, so if you run out of time, or something collapses, or zombies eat your face don't fret! I want to see the journey in this challange, not just the end result


I will also pick someone from this challenges submissions to be a guest challenger next month!


Map Name: FoolsErrand


Deadline: Mon 2nd May 2018




[May-June 2018] - Player Challenge #1: Static Island



From Static: An island build, either generated or player made. It could either be a Alcatraz style fortress, or maybe even a tropical reZort.


Map Name: Wilsooon

(If there are no islands avail / you'd rather not build one, feel free to use to premade islands in Navezgane)


Deadline: June 28th 2018 (Thur)




[July 2018] - Forgot to change the title Build


Real Life Build

Choosing a real world building to recreate it in the game, it could be a local shop, a monument/landmark, a historic building, the choice is yours! (No comparison photo is required - especially if it's a more personal recreation)


Map Name: IsThisThe


Deadline: July 30th 2018 (Mon)




[August 2018] -Player Challenge #2: Mad Scientist Lab (Damselx1)


Electrify your hair and prep the doomsday device! Whether you're [OUTATIME] or looking to take over the world (for it's own good of course) you need a base to do it from!


Map Name: Emmett


Deadline: Aug 31st (Fri)




[sept 2018] -Player Challenge #3: Crashed Spaceship (jackleroy)


The ancient aliens who worked so hard on building our pyramids have been keeping tabs on us for years. They were quite taken aback when all of our broadcasts suddenly ceased and came to see what was going on. Unfortunately for them, they flew their ship right into a nuclear storm and crashed. Build the wreckage and make it big. You don't traverse the stars in a jalopy.


Map Name: NAV1701Z


Deadline: Gosh this month ends on a weekend too. Lets say 23:59 PDT Sept 30th (Sun)




Best of Luck and happy surviving!


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Unless you plan on documenting it, I doubt it could be proven when you started the map. I do plan on starting a new map for this, to reduce the chance of MD5 errors and losing the base because I've made too much on one map, making the chance to lose everything before I'm finished that much higher.

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Unless you plan on documenting it, I doubt it could be proven when you started the map. I do plan on starting a new map for this, to reduce the chance of MD5 errors and losing the base because I've made too much on one map, making the chance to lose everything before I'm finished that much higher.


Maybe a new youtube video on the day of the start. mapseed - clarecastlebuild or something like that.


The reason I wanted too clarify is a lot of us have enough material to go ahead and build this on an existing map. Seems a little unfair for a new player - just saying.

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I agree some consistent requirements for building. Like a new map has to be started. Has to be a specific game name and all that. A lot of this is on the honor system but at least make it from day 1 so everyone starts on a level playing field.

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Agree with the day 1 idea. Perhaps include a description of how your design works. Let's face it, building a castle to defend against zombies is far different than defending against invaders. Also, a solo castle would differ from a group castle. In the end, this is a game, and this idea sounds like blast. Going to grab some scrabble tiles to come up with a new seed name and start it tonight. BTW, if the wife get's pissed because I'm playing "Tat Damn Screaming Zombie Game" again, I'm blaming Clare!

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Wohoah, didn't expect such a big response so soon! That's awesome! Lots of good ideas and questions, let me adjust the original post a bit for everyone.




Okay, I think I got everything?

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Oh also, ye should post where on the map you decide to build, would be cool to see.


- - - Updated - - -


Hmm... I've already made a functional castle, lol.


Time to make a dysfunctional one!

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*Clare is in no way responsible for your wife being mad at you for playing "That damn zombie screaming game"


Already my wife does this so it does not even bother me now. She sighs then trys to take over the console. I am trying to convince her to actually play the game with me.

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Mapseed I Started on: clarecastlebuild

Insane but, never run.

120 minute days

I'll upload a start video to YouTube tonight



And I started before your edit...

Is my map name okay?


Yep, I'll allow an exception this time cos it's the first one and I hadn't really thought of giving map names. Keep on Building!

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