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  1. Aren't you a PC player? Because console maps are not the same if that's the case
  2. There's a few things that end up limiting us: game optimization, the unity engine being updated, the cpu and gpu. It has enough ram I believe. It may happen some day, but I doubt it
  3. I stand corrected then. Hmmm, maybe I should play navezgane again
  4. The hospital is a special poi only found in navezgane, sorry 2 big factories are always spawned in main hub cities. Smaller hubs and three-ways can spawn them as well. Unless there's a special factory in navezgane I've forgotten about? It's been a long time since I played that map. There is a prison type poi for consoles. It's surrounded by concrete walls, has 2 watch towers and several structures. Munition boxes are located there. I guess it always looked like a prison to me. An army encampment doesn't usually have the resources or time to make cement walls.
  5. I almost missed your post because not many people inhabit this particular area. We'll all be waiting to see if this trick works
  6. I've never read anyone attempting this. Good on you for thinking outside the box. I truly hope this works. You should repost this in the md5 thread under known bugs for more views so others will test it
  7. I have played WnJ. It's by far the best map i've played so far. Water is pretty scarce except for the hub. I think there's only a few small ponds up north. Find a small spring and you're set though. Very scenic
  8. Eh, it happens. The main hub city is located at the 0,0 coordinates on your map. Swimming is great exercise.
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