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  1. Seen this before. Are you on xbox, or ps4? Unfortunately, once you logged back on, any chance of recovery was lost, probably before you even noticed the problem. Even more unfortunate is the fact that there is no longer any support for the console version of the game other than what little support other players might be able to give. The rights to the console version were owned by a now defunct company. They have since been bought by a so far anonymous entity, and there is no sign the new owner has any interest in supporting this game. If, on the other hand, you happen to be a pc player, you are still out of luck as TFP show little interest in fixing "Bugs" unless they can reliably reproduce them. Even then, they show more interest in making the game better fit whatever model they currently have in mind than fixing what they already have. That being said, posting this problem with more details might get you some sort of answer. (Like system being used, game seed, game settings, how long were you away from game, etc.) Best of luck to you.
  2. More familiar with xbox, but try making sure bike is parked on solid block, not ground. Sounds like bike is getting lost. The part about others joining sounds strange, never seen before. The inability to change what's in hand is a recurring problem. The only way I know to get rid of is a complete shut down and reset including clearing cache. Good luck, might want to have friend start new private game?
  3. Which format are you playing-xbox, ps4? Game settings?
  4. Found most of mine in cars or at the water plant i the basement. Then again, once I used the auger I decided I'd rather use a good steel pick.
  5. When do you play? I am on most every night from around 8-12 est. I'll send an invite if you're interested in learning the game. Can't say I am great at it, but I can at least give some tips.
  6. Jon, it is obvious from your posts that you are no fan of xbox and that is fine, but the fact remains that the xbox as it works now, is the same as it worked when 7 days was ported to it. To claim that this is somehow Microsoft's fault when it is the porting team that developed the game to work on the existing architecture and failed, that is rediculous. Sure, xbox has a crappy architecture but it had it when the game was developed, and the dev's knew what it was capable of. To claim it is Microsoft's fault and or responsibility is dishonest. If the game won't work right on xbox, don't port it, plain and simple. By the same token, I am an xbox user, and though I have experienced numerous MD5 errors in the past year, they have dramatically reduced in number and the game seems more stable. Whether this is due to the updates or to the way I am playing now (completely shutting down every 1-1.5 hours and using the work around if I do have a crash.) I currently have more than 100 hours without a terrain rewrite and only a half dozen crashes all of which happened because I got lazy and didn't reset. So, yes the problems we are experiencing on the xbox may well be due to the limited RAM, or limited save file or any one of a number of issues you point to, but that does not alleviate the problem, nor find a solution. The tag the team uses to identify the terrain rewrite gives a hint of the cause. The MD5 algorithm is inherently flawed, especially when dealing with large amounts of data such as what we are dealing with here. There were other algorithms that could have been used that are capable of doing the same thing with less chance of collisions (if that is what we are dealing with). Add to that, every time I have restored from the cloud my file has been good, I tend to think this is not a Microsoft problem at all, but a MD5 algorith collision problem where invalid hashes are generated (duplicate hashes for more than one file or different hashes for two of the same file) I could be wrong, but then I am only guessing, as is everyone else. This bug is, at best, very frustrating, and it is a 7dtd problem, not a Microsoft problem. After all, the game was ported to the console, the console wasn't built for the game.
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