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  1. When do you play? I am on most every night from around 8-12 est. I'll send an invite if you're interested in learning the game. Can't say I am great at it, but I can at least give some tips.
  2. Jon, it is obvious from your posts that you are no fan of xbox and that is fine, but the fact remains that the xbox as it works now, is the same as it worked when 7 days was ported to it. To claim that this is somehow Microsoft's fault when it is the porting team that developed the game to work on the existing architecture and failed, that is rediculous. Sure, xbox has a crappy architecture but it had it when the game was developed, and the dev's knew what it was capable of. To claim it is Microsoft's fault and or responsibility is dishonest. If the game won't work right on xbox, don't port it
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