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  1. The +3 bedrock was to eliminate the error that caused massive holes to bedrock that you couldn't cover or build in. It reduces the amount of blocks that load in a chunk even when you can't see them. Not a bug.
  2. Skippy0330 did a test and recorded it. It is confirmed that if you leave the trader doors open when he closes, he can bug out and not open again. This is a bug that happens from time to time on PC as well. Fortunately on Navezgane map there are plenty of different traders. And there are plenty of traders on random gen as well, you just have to look harder. So if one bugs out, find another.
  3. Kickz broke the A16 server with his tests on turrets and new zombies, lol. It was amazing.
  4. Last night he ended his Valmod with a bang, with a little help from an army of Jason Voorhees zombies. They were so excited they kicked off the festivities early and almost blew him into the atmosphere with the base, lol. Good times.
  5. So glad you made the stream team Kicks!!! Keep up the amazing videos!!
  6. Crater Creator, that last one was too much. Now I'm gonna be laughing all day. Well played sir, well played.
  7. Even though the graphics look garbage compared to what everyone is used to, each and every block on the entire map acts like an individual entity. So it's like imagine about 3 million zombies standing on screen all with animation and AI. That's why 7dtd is actually hard on the hardware. Even good PC's get wrecked by this game at times.
  8. I remember making a comment about upload speeds of the people with problems and that it may be ISP problems a while back in the survey. Had myself a little chuckle when it turned out to be true for some people.
  9. Okay, I'm sick as hell and that was so funny it threw me into a coughing fit. Once I caught my breath, it was totally worth it. That has to be the best murder suicide in the game to date.
  10. I had built my first minibike on the InsaneHCA14 seed map and decided to ride as far as I could just finding cities. After riding through 5 towns plus a 0,0 hub city, I head south east running into 3 towns. At this point I'm feeling like Darryl Dixon, riding past hordes of zombies I plan on hunting down after my road trip. I ride to the end of a major road on a mountain (which should have been a clue this was bad), at night of all things. All of a sudden I'm in the greenest damn area I've ever seen and my life is plummeting. I turn a 180, screaming oh ♥♥♥♥ continuously and bolt toward the edge of the radiation zone which ended at the edge of the mountain. I die and Superman off the minibike at this point. Before the screen turns blood red, it's a race between the bike and my superhero corpse to see who hits the bottom. Of the hill first. I both won and lost that fateful day.
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