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  1. I have this issue in long running games (100+ days) when i'm placing dirt blocks (grass growing) or concret blocks (drying). Sometimes it works for me to pause the game for 10 minutes (let my console compute the stuff).
  2. The other way is splitscreen and explosives. Be warned: It's very grindy...
  3. Look in the choosingwheel...
  4. There was (a long time ago) a list that said (if i interpreted it correctly) cops and ferals show up on hordenight after a gamescore of ~1300... Gamescore is, roughly speaking, zombiekills. So get your zombies killed
  5. Sorry i have no list at hand. But if you get your gamescore high enough (zombiekills roughly speaking) cops and ferals will start to span. On the other hand in a hubcity there are all types of zombies always.
  6. As long as you had access to creative menu in a savegame, the trophies are disabled. Imho the question is: Why had you access to creative menu? Sometimes in the past i had problems with switching between different savegames and mixing up the options... I don't know, but perhaps this happend to you too? It sounds hard, but imho your only option is to start a new game .
  7. There are quite some game development studios in dallas... You ignited some hope in me
  8. The mech parts can be a pain in the ... (without steel 3)
  9. Seed: TheWallow Cords: just south of the Hub-City The cliff (forrest biome) goes along the complete south side of the Hub (has 4 biomes in it) and is, [i guess, 20 blocks high...] measured it it goes from -17 to +83: that's a 100m high! Don't know much more of the seed, but i haven't found a desert yet .
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