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  1. Hi TommytheMajor, I am sorry to hear you are having issues with connecting with your friend. Can you confirm for me the following details for both of your connections: Host or Client / Player: Upload Speeds (while playing the game): Download Speeds (While playing the game): NAT type: Wired or Wireless connection: Internet Service Provider (ISP): Router connected to console: How many console connected to same router: I assume before the change that you were both able to connect without issue? For the best connections it's best to ensure your NAT types are set to OPEN for 7DTD, as your connection was just changed, please double check you are not set to restricted or Type 3 (it'll tell you this in the PS4 test connection option). If you do change this, I recommend completely resetting the cache of the console before trying a connection again. This can be done by shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins before rebooting. <-- This is the most common cause of connection issues on the PS4. Recently there was a localized issue with internet connections which was causing a PSN timeout. This possibly occurred due to a change in the connection with the PS4 remembering the older settings. If setting the NAT does not change the outcome / is already set to OPEN, you may wish to try the following: ***[bACKUP SAVES BEFORE DOING THIS TO AVOID ACCIDENTAL DELETION]*** Go to Settings --> Application Save Data Management --> Save Data on System Storage --> 7 Days to Die - profile settings and save data are stored in there. Delete Settings Data (smallest file in this directory) and then try reload the save. ^ if they issue is only with your friend, it may be something they need to try also. Would it be possible to know roughly where you and your friend are located (City/State)? As it could be part of the same localisation issue. Thank you, Clare
  2. Oxymoron - Glad that helped, please do let me know if it keeps occurring for you. Rambojoz - I am sorry the clearing of the cache did not help your save. Usually 5 mins powered down completely and unplugged is enough to clear the cache and reset the weather. Are you on Random Gen or Navezgane? If on Random Gen, please also give the save name (case sensitive) so we can ensure we're on the same map. When you start a new save, is there anything you notice in common in what you're doing when the fog occurs and does not leave? Do you have distance terrain turned on or off in the options? What type of save are you playing? Could you also confirm for me what console you are on? Clare
  3. Hi Oxymoron, I believe this is the same issue where the effects overlap and it also sound like there is also an issue with you not getting any break / clear skies. Could you confirm for me what biome you are in? Or does that make a difference? If you clear the cache, do you get any respite from this, if so, how long is it before effects roll in again? Clare
  4. Hi Rambojoz, This issue is one the team are aware of and appears to be related to the weather effects doubling up, and as Damselx1 mentioned, it can also get stuck on one type of weather. Clearing the cache as Damselx1 described above is the best method for resetting the weather effects. While I know it may not be ideal, it is the most effective workaround while the team are working on finding a solution to this issue. Could you please tell me what type of game you are playing (single, multiplayer, splitscreen), how old the save is and if you notice if any particular areas trigger the effect? Thank you, Clare
  5. Anyone who finds this solution useful, would it be possible to know your region / location and ISP provider? I am trying to find the common factor in this issue.
  6. Hi Marshfriend, I am sorry your save was deleted, are you sure you only choose to delete the settings data and not the entire game data or a save file? Unless of course you mean that you can load the save but the area is reset to the day 1 state but you still have your levels and items? If this is the case this is an MD5 error and a different issue entirely. I am very sorry if there has been a miscommunication, I will check with the team as soon and possible to ensure there is no error in the steps I was given. I am not near a PS4 with 7DTD data to check now, but often in the save data files the files are titled differently to highlight what type of file they are. Clare
  7. I'm afraid there is no way to update your world entirely. By updating the game you may receive some Menu or system changes but the new locations or traders etc can only be generated in new maps. One of the reasons for this is that if someone had a save, like you do, which may contain buildings and changes to the world, there is no guarantee that new locations would not just load in over your buildings, or rewrite your areas to fit them in. The good news is, you do not need to delete your save. As you may already know the game holds 4 save slots. The only issue there being you can't have the same name twice if you want an identical Random Gen Map. If you are on PS4 you can even save your original save to a USB to preserve it. However take care when reloading if you give another map the same name. If could cause confusion in the system and merge the two - which you would not want. Unfortunately you will need to start from Level 1 again in the new save. However if you are not concerned about achievements you can turn on cheat mode to give yourself all the loot you have - and then try be very strict with yourself not to use the creative menu again! Hope that helps answer your questions, Clare
  8. Hi Joleda, This issue is one the team are continuing to work on. There are often indicators that will tell you a crash is coming, which would help you to log out before the crash and hopefully avoid any potential MD5 errors (areas resetting to the day 1 state). Indicators players have noticed are: Menus not displaying correctly / flickering, Animals not spawning correctly, extreme weather shifting. Shutting down and unplugging for 5 mins to clear the cache should clear the crash buildup and allow you to play until the next indicator shows. Clare
  9. Hi Sandman, Thanks for that info. I'm glad it's not becoming a major issue for you but I appreciate the information as I'd like to get to the bottom of it, especially if there's no cave involved. Clare
  10. Thanks for clarifying, which Map are you on at the moment? Would it be possible to get the coordinates too? Clare
  11. Hi Sandman, Just a follow up question from the team - is there anything under your base at all? (Cave, Mine, etc) as it looks like it's a structural integrity collapse (especially becuase other blocks support it), there might be something there that's causing it to happen for those block types. Hopefully the rest building is going up for you ok. Clare
  12. A vid like that to Can't Touch This does actually sound really funny ^_^ I get the sense you weren't to happy with the dogs... not sure why... call it a hunch. Thank you for your understanding when it comes to fixing issues. I'm glad you still find the game so enjoyable! I'll pass your message onto the team - it's always great to hear postitive feedback, even if there's some aspects players aren't fond of (like the dogs).
  13. Thanks for the video sandman, I shall pass this onto the team. The de-syncing is usually caused by connections struggling to be maintained, could be something as simple as a drop in connection (Upload for host, Download for client) The more extreme version is the client not appearing to move at all and then disconnecting.
  14. Hi Sandman, Thanks for reporting this, there have been similar reports, but I believe those issues were resolved. Your video would definitely help the team in investigating this, so I'll keep an eye on this thread for it. Clare
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