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  1. Oh wow, only 2-4 players? I only ever played with my father, but I guess the limits really do show. Same issues Space Engineers has. Can't have any more than 2-4 players max, or the game just won't work. Meanwhile on PC, "32 player PvP server now open!" lol
  2. And last I played on Xbox, the version number had no A in front of it on the title screen, hence me using 1.14 as that was the last time I played 7 Days on Xbox so know it's at least on that version. I don't have an Xbox handy after switching to PC, but the version number's always on the start screen. So should be easy to get from anyone who has it on console.
  3. Well PC is still in the alpha phase. We're on alpha 19. Xbox is on like 1.14. As in 1.0 full release with some patches. It got like 10 patches in its time.
  4. No no, beta is feature complete. Alpha is when you're still adding to it. The game is also listed as complete on Xbox and PS5, not alpha. The game's only in alpha on PC. The updates also didn't break save games. That's the difference. You could still play your save all you wanted through all console updates, all the way from 1.0 till it stopped. No update corrupted old saves.
  5. What players should really be mad about, is Microsoft not allowing us to have letters on console because they didn't want us spelling bad words. ...in a grimdark post apocalypse. "what if they spell '@%$*#!' though?" Which is the strangest thing, as the game's rated M... My best guess atm is IG probably have that build saved somewhere, but no negotiations have taken place yet. TFP would probably have to hire them to finish the update, and things get expensive fast. Not that IG would charge them millions, but more all the hassle of setting up publishing again, hiring them, going through Sony/MS QA, paying and setting up all the fees, etc. They've mostly just doubled down on finishing the game on PC first so their focus isn't divided between trying to find a publisher for console to get out one last update.
  6. Every day on Twitter I have to explain that no, it's not bad optimization, no, it's not sphagetti code, it's the hardware, and the limitations placed on said limited hardware by Microsoft and Sony. Sure, could IG have squeezed a tiny bit more power out of the X1 and PS4 and got one more little update out like a bit of a16's update? Sure. But beyond that, it just wouldn't physically work, and on top of that issue of the hardware already not being able to handle the new updates, Microsoft and Sony said "you can't break a save game because this is a released game." Which limited what we could do/get even further. Even if TT didn't collapse, the consoles wouldn't have gone much farther than they already did until next-gen came out. IG were in the process of bringing over what was capable, but TT collapsed just before they finished that final update. No one knows if they still have the update or not.
  7. Talk about timing. Someone else said it for me to another person. In regards to what they said, like a PoI that no longer exists.
  8. I see someone on Reddit is quoting you, lol. Two people arguing about the port. Lotta people just don't understand it actually can't run on the hardware. The hardware's the issue, not the game's code. Even after gold optimizations the last gen still wouldn't be able to handle the new engine and stuff. It barely handled previous alphas, and I don't know if I count "25fps on medium graphics with one base" as "handling it." "Which is kinda pathetic since it is just a Unity game. What are they doing wrong with their code if it can't run on modern gen systems." "It has nothing to do with their code, it's the hardware itself. It's the same reason why Space Engineers on PC has 16 to 124 player servers, but on Xbox, it's only capable of 2 player co-op, 4 if you use split screen on two Xbox One X's, the souped up version of the console. This also took them 7 years to achieve. The hardware simply isn't capable of handling an entire dynamic world. It simply doesn't have enough RAM or a CPU to keep up. 8GB is the absolute bare minimum to run this game, on top of that, Microsoft uses an archaic offshoot of FAT32 (2001) for its modern memory in the Xbox, which is a huge reason for all the MD5 errors still present on that system. That file allocation system is just not capable of running 7 Days. "But CoD runs at 60FPS on Ultra on Xbox!" Yes, and CoD is a game that is 99% static, with the only things being computed are player models moving, and some particle effects from explosions and stuff. Deformation are just scripted animations, like a car exploding and being replaced with a dead car model. (hitscan is hitscan, no projectile calculations like Battlefield) Games lik 7 Days, SE, are dynamic, real-time, physics calculations, going on, at all times. The game is making sure the entire world is doing what it needs to be doing at any given time, even that dirt block below your feet. It's also not spaghetti code. This ain't no Yandere Simulator if else party." (This goes on for paragraphs and paragraphs, but at the end they added your quote about saves cause the person was arguing if the dev was competent the saves would work.)
  9. Should all the games from Sony, Microsoft, and Steam's libraries be purged because they're no longer supported but still sold? You answered your own question. Sony and Microsoft is digital distribution.
  10. "I'm so confused by the situation if tfp never wanted to port it why did they agree to it? There are theories as to why but if ports and updates are so expensive as some here claim why bother?" See, I think the end goal was exposure, (and thus money.) Console market is *way* bigger than the PC market. People may not want to believe that, but even on a fully dead game vs one that gets updated weekly, console often has several volumes more players. 20,000 people are willing to play a dead, outdated version of a game. Simply because most can't afford a PC. The masses get consoles because they're 200 dollars, and not 1,200 dollars. So everyone goes to console. That's where the real money is. It's just that consoles are often really weak because of their price point, so you can't always do what you actually want to do, not only that, everything you do, has to go through overlords first, who often charge you out of the @%$*#!. Now Microsoft no longer charges 40,000$ per patch, (yes they used to do that, every patch, no matter the size, it was a flat fee, which is horrendous for games like 7 Days that get micro-releases and bugfixes constantly) they do still charge quite a bit to deal with them, and they love to go over every inch of your updates before allowing them to go live. I remember one time Microsoft denied a Minecraft updated for *8 months* on Xbox 360.
  11. I believe you're missing the point. This is not an example that pokes a hole in my statement, as the two are nothing alike. A PC developer allowing publishing rights to be held by another company who hired a third party team to create a console version of their PC game as they are not console developers, and then said publisher going bankrupt and forcing them to re-buy the rights is not the same thing as a game that was never on console, deciding that after their publisher folded who was promising to pay them, to make a console port of their game for a huge payday. The game wasn't released on console, and thus they hadn't made any money off of it yet from the masses. It seems according to Google it was still in the deal making phases when Telltale folded. So if anything he came out of that arrangement richer, as Telltale was probably negotiating price points and paying for work beforehand. Clearly the company was not strictly a PC only dev, either. Otherwise they wouldn't have been able to port it to console themselves. There's just no way. It also appears that it's not just one man, but a team from around the world who comprise the company. Even from the start it was co-founded by two people working together, one of which has a very wide range of skills. He knows every major coding language and knows how to work with PS4, Xbox, Linux, Mac, and Windows. (It's obvious why he's the lead programmer, if you push aside the fact he co-founded the company with Ben Massey. ) Their team looks to be around the size of TFP atm. To give you an idea. A windows 10 user, make me a Linux technician, it does not. (I can't even open files on that bloody thing, lol) Knowing how to create a C# Unity game for Windows 10, doesn't even mean I know how to make a game in Python or Java for Windows, let alone Mac. They're completely different systems with only loose links to being the same. Sometimes it's as simple as "close, window, and minimize are slightly different and and on the left and different colors and shapes than Windows." But the very filing system is drastically different. I mean take a look at Xbox. It uses some archaic 2001 derivative of FAT32 for storage... That's,... hard to work with. Even when you have someone who knows what they're doing, like IG. This is why 7 Days still has MD5 errors on Xbox. As Laz Man said, seems it's steeped in controversy as they decided port first, then finish the game on PC. Looks like they rushed the game out as fast as they could onto console while Telltale could still pay them for their time. So now they're basically swimming in money as the game is being sold to the masses, they got paid to make it, and the company that would be taking a large portion of the cut to publish and advertise, are now gone. Basically a win-win all around for the company. Save for the horror story of backlash they received. And, once again... 7 Days Console Edition is *not* an alpha. Microsoft and Sony have rigorous testing that must be done, and they deemed it was in a complete enough state to be sold as a complete product using one of alpha 14's builds. 14.5, if I recall correctly. This is why the game never entered early access on consoles. Telltale bought the publishing rights, decided they were going to try and sell it as a full product, and Sony and Microsoft agreed that it was stable enough, and had enough content in that build to be considered a complete stand alone package. As such, no update can break save games, as it is NOT an early access, in development, alpha-state game. Console was full release, 1.0, and as such, could not have such hindrances on players. Full release games do not wipe saves. This is one thing that made it hard to want to port over any features, as each new build tends to break the last one. Not only that, but PS4 and Xbox hardware were at their breaking point limits with alpha 14, anyways, even with the performance improvements they added. The game still ran on almost the lowest possible settings with 25-30 FPS, (just stable enough for Sony and Microsoft to give it the green light) and with no distant buildings, and an abysmal view range with blinding fog ever present to mask objects so that the game wouldn't die any time you moved faster than a walk. Those consoles are physically incapable of running the new engine, on a very hardware-based limit. The most they could even do, is provide a little more of alpha 15 and 16 at the absolute max. But not the whole of 16, as some of that just could not function on current gen. Not even on the pro or the One X. It is the same issues Space Engineers currently has on console. Took 6 years to port the game, and on the One X you can have 2 players in a MP game, (PC is 16-64) with an incredibly tiny PCU limit... (the limit each player can build. As in blocks, just like 7 Days) Those consoles just aren't built for voxel-based games like this. The sim speed, (simulation speed) often tanks in SE Xbox just from having one small grid ship. (An incredibly CPU and RAM heavy game. 32GBs of DDR4 3200MHz RAM running an XMP profile can run out of memory, lol. No memory leaks, either. It just requires that much memory sometimes.) Just one. My SE server has 70 small and large grid at any given time, and 32 players, lol. Correction: With latest builds, you're now able to play 2 player split-screen with 2 more on Xbox live. So 4 in total with two split screen consoles on the One X. Oof, with a tether, no less. Just like Ark.
  12. I always disable that setting, as well. No magic loot fairy here, lol. Now if I could just find the one wedging all these stones into gun safes in spite... xD
  13. Exactly this. With no one around, the bears are wondering right down mainstreet of my town and raiding the bar's dumpster in broad daylight, lol. What I will say on this topic, is it does make the early game tedious, and un-rewarding feeling. Safes, used to be that big "oh wow what an amazing find!" moment, that'd you happily wack away at for 6 in-game hours with tier 1 stone hatchets as there was likely a reward to be found. Now after you go through 4 stone hatches, you open the safe to find....... a stone hatchet! : D Playing it, I've completely lost interest in safes and other such things, and have wondered off, returning on like day 50 when I'm already buried in self-crafted gear, just scrapping the contents for repair parts. I would like to back this up in one regard, as well. While players can "accept" that this is "just how games like this be" a lot will complain and find it hard to suspend their disbelief. (I can hear my father @%$*#!ing already, lol, a 57 year old man) It's pretty nonsensical, even in a zombie situation, to think that someone stored a self-made stone hatchet and some sticks in a gun safe, and then locked the thing, lol. Like who's gonna steal your flint rod when there's tools strewn about every house?
  14. But the game wasn't on Xbox until like last month. They made an Xbox port after the fact.
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