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Can't use Torch with a Longsword


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17 minutes ago, Fox said:

Sounds suspiciously like a bot post to me (especially since I can't even identify the game it's talking about)... we'll know for sure if it posts ads or phishing links soon enough.


Baldurs Gate 3.


And tbh that would be a rather impressive bot, beeing vague about the game itself as if it was posted in the right place. But who knows.

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I just thought it might have been an automated message to a bunch of game forums and then the phishing scam message comes later... (I've seen it happen here at least a dozen times over the years) but given how long it's been so far, it appears I'm probably wrong. They usually send out all their scam messages within the first hour or 2.

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On 1/8/2023 at 9:06 AM, mekrli said:

Title, basically. This is the first time I've brought Lae'zel, and I need a torch to offset her lack of Darkvision, but she seems to only be able to weild the torch or her Longsword, despite the weapon being versitile.


Easy. Install the Burning shaft mod on the Longsword....

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